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Top performer Jennifer Ong and husband Christopher Lim at the gala opening of Majestic Hotel

Many are understandably nervous and uncomfortable when someone they just met or is being introduced says he or she is an insurance agent.

Usually a defensive barrier springs up as they fear the inevitable question "Are you insured? Can I propose a plan for you?"!

But sweet, pleasant and charming Jennifer Ong does the soft-sell and thus puts potential clients at ease. After 10 years selling Great Eastern insurance and being married to a chartered accountant, she is not desperate for business and is usually seen swanning around KL in her chauffeured Mercedes-Benz!

Still, she is an enterprising business woman who owns residential and commercial properties and has an acute sense in sniffing out properties that escalate in value. But insurance remains her first love  (after her husband Christopher Lim of course) and she says she feels it is her mission to help others help themselves as she knows how it is like when adversity strikes!

This is her story...and if you are inspired, contact her at or 012-3968 478
Jennifer Ong enjoying Afternoon Tea at the new Majestic Hotel
Jennifer Ong in the Orchid Room at Majestic Hotel
Jennifer Ong beneath a cascade of moth orchids which form a protective umbrella over her, similar to Great Eastern Life Assurance!

Great Eastern Life Insurance Consultant Jennifer Ong has been in the insurance industry for close to ten years and from her humble beginnings as an ordinary agent has worked her way to achieve numerous awards from Great Eastern including several Great Eastern Supremacy Awards over the years. She is also a certified Great Eastern Life Planning Adviser.

She attributes her success to being willing to assist her clients in determining their insurance needs and making every effort to tailor a suitable plan. She believes hard work, honesty and sincerity in dealing with clients is the key to her success. These are values inculcated in her since young by her parents.  These were the foundations to her father’s seafood trading business and are now replicated by Jennifer to great effect.

She developed a sense of determination to reach for the stars with her feet firmly planted on the ground when she was studying overseas in United States and Australia. That was in the 90s when an economic downturn hit her fathers’ business adversely and she had to move from USA to Australia to save costs!

“I was the eldest child and have 3 younger brothers so I had to make sure my father was not suffering to support my tertiary education. I learned how to juggle my time and schedule by working part time to earn extra money to pay my university fees and living expenses.” says this impeccably groomed and classy lady.

She rose to the challenge by working part time and burning the midnight oil to finally graduate with a Hospitality Management degree from Australia.

Prior to her insurance job, she entered the hospitality industry after graduating from Australia. She worked in marketing and sales  with YTL Hotels and she honed her people skills. “I learned self-confidence, patience and integrity as I had to deal with people from all walks of life from waiters to the VIP guests of the YTL hotels.” she recalls.  

Jennifer Ong is bright, bubbly and vivacious, blessed with a personality that makes people feel at ease while her innate sense of trustworthiness builds bridges between clients and herself, with most ending up as friends. “Looking after their needs is paramount as I offer proper advice based on my client’s age, disposition (whether they have a high or low threshold of pain!) and goals in life. Some just want a nest egg, some like to take some risk to increase profits while others are concerned about their family’s needs should anything untoward happen to them.”

Many of Jennifer’s previous colleagues from her YTL days were among her first clients who bought insurance plans from her. Her efficiency and professional attitude impressed them so much they recommend her to their relatives, friends and colleagues! And so Jennifer’s juggernaut began and is still rolling on!

While being a successful insurance agent is important to Jennifer, she also values her husband and children as motivators to her success. She spends most of her little free time with her family as she believes that a fruitful business is built on the support of a family.

Her success has allowed her to indulge in some of the finer things in life and she is frequently seen at various social events in Kuala Lumpur.

“Selling insurance is my second job after YTL Hotels. I knew I wanted to do this due to a personal experience. My father suffered a stroke and we rushed him to the Emergency Ward in a private hospital as we wanted the best care. However, we were told we needed to go home to raise RM 25,000 cash as deposit for his operation!” recalls Jennifer Ong. “We were stunned as this was urgent and my father had to be operated upon instantly to save his life. But I understand private hospitals need to look after their bottom line as they are not charity organisations. We were panicking wondering how to get so much cash when my mother said, “My husband has a medicard,”. The doctor said ‘Perfect’ and accepted the card immediately!

“Luckily my father had medical insurance! Otherwise we would have to rush him to a Government hospital and time was running out. It was there and then when I saw the look of relief on my mum’s face and my own sense of gratitude to Great Eastern that I decided I wanted to enter the insurance industry. I now know from experience how it feels like when the unexpected happens and how frantic and desperate a situation can be. I want to help others in the same situation to enjoy peace of mind and sense of security knowing their loved ones are taken care of. A little outlay goes such a long way!”

In the end, the surgical and rehabilitation bills came to RM 48,000 but it cost Jennifer Ong’s family nothing as Great Eastern paid every sen!

“Of course selling insurance on my part is easier due to the excellent reputation of Great Eastern which has been in Malaysia for around 5 decades! Many Malaysians are familiar with the name Great Eastern and know how solid this insurance giant is. So when I propose an insurance plan tailored to their requirements, I don’t have to waste time reassuring them their money would be safe with Great Eastern! You don’t get this sense of security with smaller companies. As it is, many KL-ites do their shopping at Great Eastern Mall which is part of their Malaysian headquarters on Jalan Ampang and they certainly feel secure when they see the huge building!”

Looking pristine and fresh, Jennifer Ong matches the moth orchids wonderfully
The brilliantly hued exotic orchids are a sight to behold at Majestic Hotel's Orchid Room
Every house should flaunt such beautiful orchids which enrapture the spirit just as Great Eastern provides sense of security and peace of mind!
Jennifer Ong leads a gilded life but life was not a bed of roses in her younger days as she had to switch from USA to Australia and work part time when the Asian crisis adversely affected her father's business!
Tinkling at the keys at Colonial Cafe at Majestic Hotel though Jennifer Ong does not plan a career shift! L1300462.JPG
Jennifer Ong at the Macau Government Tourist Office's appreciation dinner at Grand Hyatt KL

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