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Kee Hua Chee pointing to Newtide, one of the 2 presenters
Kee Hua Chee pointing to Newicon for Him, the iconic magazine for men
The top 12 winners (except for the 2 emcees in the middle)

pic (43).JPG
The winner! Jordan Yeoh won Best Hunk of the Year 2011 as well as Best Talent Award! A multiple winner! Congratulations, he really deserved to win!
pic (43).JPG
Look at his biceps!
pic (43).JPG
With a winning smile and the hottest body plus talent, Jordan Yeoh wins on all rounds!
pic (43).JPG
Jordan Yeoh, standing in middle, with the other 11 winners. All will appear in the Hottest Hunks calendar for 2012 so book yours now!
First row from left; Jack Goh, Low Thien Yien, Cheng Kok Kit and Marcus Chee
2nd row from left; Chris Chan, Kenji Yew, Damien Chee and Sean Wong
3rd row from left; Venesly Kok, Jordan Yeoh, Alex Choong and Lim Joo Khai
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I know you cannot get enough of them so here is another chance to oogle and drool
pic (43).JPG
The winners posing with the judges. First row from left; Alex Choog, Leng Yein, Gan Mei Yan, Chui Ling, Ngai Yuen, Carrie Lee, winner Jordan Yeoh, E Teng, Joanne Kam Po Po, Low Thien Yien, Damien Chee, Marcus Chee, Lim Joo Khai, Sean Wong and Cheng Kok Kit
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Cheerleaders and dancers celebrating the results
pic (43).JPG
These boys and girls were more excited than the winners. Wonder why as they were not contesting...
pic (43).JPG
The Divine Dozen! Mr Lau Beng Chee, CEO of Life Magazines of Nanyang Press Holdings
pic (43).JPG
Mr Lau Beng Chee, CEO and director of Life Magazines, Nanyang Press Holdings Bhd, presenting Best Hunk Award to Jordan Yeoh
pic (43).JPG
Romeo Joss, who looks like a contestant himself, Brand & Business Development Manager of L'Oreal Malaysia, presenting Most Stylish Hunk by Redken Award to winner Low Thien Yien
pic (43).JPG
Irene Leong of Men's Skin Centre presenting Best Tummy Sculpted Hunk by Men's Skin Centre Award to winner Chris Chan
pic (43).JPG
Eric Lim was not a finalist but at least he has some biceps to show off. He was a singer who entertained the crowd when the marks were being tabulated
pic (43).JPG
Verhyn Siau presented a Spanish style dance which rocked the crowd. I thought he deserved to win Best Talent and many agreed with me as the Best Hunk award winner Jordan Yeoh should be satisfied with the ultimate title but the judges voted for Jordan Yeoh
pic (43).JPG
Verhyn Siau on stage. I think he needs to change his name as Verhyn is so bizarre and has not brought him luck as he deserved to win Best Talent. Why not Vernon or Vernis?
pic (43).JPG
If you have abs like these, the least you should do is remove your shirt and let the world enjoy your hot bod a bit
pic (43).JPG
No wonder Jordan Yeoh won!
pic (23).JPG
Chris Chan showing off his assets
pic (23).JPG
One of 12 winners Venesly Kok removing his pants to show off HIS assets! Ok so in the end he did not, to the great sorrow of everyone
pic (23).JPG
Venesly Kok performed superbly but did no win win Best Talent. I never knew he was such a great dancer and showman
pic (23).JPG
Emcee KK Wong performing the hula hoop, using finalist Kenji Yew's hoop. The audience was impressed the emcee could swing the hula hoop so professionally
pic (23).JPG
Contestant #17 Ng Boom Tuck performed on drums made from recycled materials. He had many supporters who wore '17' stickers on their yellow shirts and carried placards and banners in his honour but alas, Ng did not make it to the Top 12
pic (23).JPG
Casper Chong's slicked back hair and dreamy countenance reminded me of the sultry men during the 1930s in Shanghai
pic (23).JPG
Cedric Woon performing the robot dance to wild applause
pic (23).JPG
All he needed was remove these braces!
pic (23).JPG
Alvin Tiu...I love his surname as 'tiu' means something very naughty in Cantonese so definitely he cannot be Cantonese!
pic (23).JPG
David Yap performing his dance
pic (23).JPG
Lawrence Loke with emcees KK Wong and TP Lim. Guess which guy is Lawrence?
pic (23).JPG
Aaron Lai sang a song he composed himself
pic (23).JPG
Kan Weng Honn's talent was flexing his muscles
pic (23).JPG
Aaron Lai and Kan Weng Honn on stage
pic (23).JPG
Michael Tan performing a rap number
pic (23).JPG
Michael Tan rapping away
pic (23).JPG
This pose alone by Damien Chee could have won him the Best Hunk award!
pic (23).JPG
Chong Kok Peng's talent was playing the erhu, a traditional Chinese instrument
pic (23).JPG
Chong Kok Peng and Wesley Yap
pic (23).JPG
All dressed up at the start of the contest
pic (23).JPG
Opening show


Hottest Hunks is actually a calendar contest as 12 winners were selected, one for each month of the year. Those who missed the contest can buy the calendar end of December and drool over the biceps, triceps and abs! All is not lost!

A total of 30 finalists participated so the chances of winning were quite good at nearly 30%.

Of course I would have been asked to be a judge since I am an expert on male and physical beauty but alas and alack, the sexist organisers only wanted females and said I was of the wrong sex despite my pleas I am as good if not better than any member of the female species.

So all the 7 judges were sexy slim ladies except for Joanne Kam Po Po who has lost some weight but is still grandly voluptuous. Others included Miss Chinese Cosmos Carrie Lee who is getting married on 11/11/11 and Chui Ling.

Nellie the editor of New Icon kindly invited me to join her big boss Low Beng Chee, CEO of Life Magazines from Nanyang Press Holdings. Of course such VIP seats are next to the stage and any closer I would be on the catwalk. So I got a fabulous view of the semi-naked bodies to the envy of all the boys and girls standing behind.

Even better, Low Beng Chee invited me to join him for dinner as the food and drinks were temptingly laid out before me on the low table. As I didn't have dinner since I was rushing to be on time, I gladly feasted on the plates of local food before feasting my eyes on the men later.

The contest opened with casual wear sponsored by one of Malaysia's most successful designers Key Ng. All 30 finalists strutted on stage as the audience clapped. Mind you, the audience had plenty of men so I think they must have come to support their friends or else to admire the contestants' bodies.

All the 30 guys were Chinese since New Icon for Him and Newtide are top Chinese magazines. Each had to answer questions from both the 2 emcees and the judges in Mandarin, Cantonese or English as a last resort but being able to speak Cantonese was a must.

Behind me was a group of at least a dozen people, each wearing a sticker on yellow shorts that read '17'. I was consumed with curiosity so I asked what was the meaning of the number 17. "We are here to support contestant 17!" they chorused. When #17 appeared on stage, they went wild and even carried banners with the word 'Hunk #17' but alas, number 17 was not one of the divine dozen. However he was one of the 5 subsidiary title winners. Many thought he would be one of the twelve guys. Perhaps the judges were put off by such overt display of support. You never know what lurks in the mind of women! This is why I never married and stick to men!

When the first batch of contestants strutted out, I was impressed, not by their height but the lack of it! Contestant #1 Wesley Yap was all of 162 cm while Cheng Kok Kt and Marcus Chee were only 167 cm. The height improved and grew taller as the models came out later so it was a case of from short to tall! The last two, Wearne Chin and Verhyn Siau towered at 183cm! The winner Jordan Yeoh who won the ultimate title of 'Best Hunk Award 2011' stood at 178cm, my height exactly! So being 183 was no guarantee of victory.

There were no first or second runners-up as all 12 winners were deemed equal but of course one was more equal than the rest so Jordan Yeoh, who was one of my favourites, was selected the Hunkiest Hunk of all, like the One Ring to rule them all!

The Most Stylish Hunk sponsored by Redken was LowThien Yien.

The Best Sculpted Tummy Hunk sponsored by Men's Skin Care was Chris Chan. Considering he was 36, he certainly looked great and his tummy beat other guys who were a dozen years younger!

The Highest Voted Hunk via SMS was Ng Boon Tuck who was also 36 and looked great for his age as no one would think he was that old.

The Best Talent Award was Jordan Yeoh who also won Best Hunk Award and took home RM 5,000 cash. By chance Jordan Yeoh was contestant 24 and he was 24 years old!

Sixteen contestants participated in the non-compulsory talent contest and those who did not could not win the Best Talent contest but was still in the running to be one of the top 12 calender boys and Best Hunk awards.

It was a rarity for the winner of Best Hunk to also win Best Talent Award but Jordan Yeoh was that rara avis! I already placed him in the top 3 when he appeared on stage as he had that star quality.

The Divine Dozen are;
1; Alex Choong
2; Kenji Yew
3; Cheng Kok Kit
4; Sean Wong
5; Jordan Yeoh
6; Lim Joo Khai
7; Marcus Chee
8; Chris Chan
9; Damien Chee
10; Jack Goh
11; Low Thien Yien
12; Venesley Kok


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