Friday, January 31, 2014


In Kelantan, folks wink knowingly when some one (usually a group!) says he is going to Golok for the weekend--this Thai town across the Kelantanese border town of Rantau Panjang is notorious for sex! Prostitutes are a dime a dozen in Golok's famed redlight district which is lit with red lanterns, pink fairy lights and blazing neons. You cannot miss it as it looks exactly like what you expect---a nest of sex dens and terrace houses advertised as massage parlours and cafes with private rooms for you to have wild, wanton sex!

In fact, many Kelantanese boys of all races are known to have lost their virginity in Golok! Golok for many is the place where the rite of passage towards manhood occurs! It costs RM 100 for sex with a prostitute so don't get overcharged since you now know the going rate. This is for 'Wham Bam, Thank You Mam' for 1 hour though few if any man I know can last 60 minutes as most usually ejaculate within 20 minutes since why keep postponing the pleasure of cumming?

I don't go for prostitutes as I am a virgin but if I do, a straightforward session will do but some friends insist on spending a night with them. This costs RM 160 to RM 250 but you are also expected to pay for her meals, drinks and she may even persuade you to take her shopping! So you might as well pay RM 200 for 2 different girls on different occasions or have a 3some! But then, some guys do get sentimental! Foolish they are!

  But this applies to er, normal prostitutes. The more beautiful ones who are even models cost RM 400 to RM 500 for sex and tend to come from Bangkok, Chiangmai or Chiangrai as these ladies from the north are usually much fairer and of course the whiter the skin, the more highclass and desirable since skin whitening creams sell like mad in Asia! Notice all your Filipino and Indo maids are dark as hell! Or else she would not be slaving for you as a lowclass servant!

According to Golok King, it also depends on how you look. If you look like a fat slob with bad breath and possible body odour, then the price is much higher and no bargaining. Of course if you look like me, these lovely prostitutes will doubtless pay me so they can enjoy my body.

"These pretty gals are known as 'coyote' or 'dancing models' and are normally found in discos," says Golok King Ng Kun Tek. "You meet them at the bar or dancefloor and strike a conversation. If she likes you, then it is easy to invite her to your hotel room and she will tell you her price. I would say it is easy to pick up girls in Golok for sex in exchange for cash unless she is with a group of men already. Or if you shy type, just hang around and sooner or later some girls will approach you and ask if you can buy her a drink or beer which costs RM 15 for small Heineken but how she can drink! But this opens the door for you to flirt with her. If she is not your type you can point to the girl of your dream and ask her to intro her to you. She wouldn't mind as it is not personal as girls know men all have different tastes."

Those innocents or whose lan chiau cannot stand can opt only for massage and this costs RM 40 in your hotel room so it is dirt cheap compared to KL! And this is for 2 hours!

 The lights are pink but it is Golok's redlight district
 This joint is very well cultivated
 Hotbed of horticulture and sex culture?
 Rows of sex houses
 I never went inside, I swear!
 Seats for girls and clients
 Everyone fled as I came like a saint
 Except these 2 monkeys!
 Unusual pets
 Usual den of iniquity?
 Golden glow
 Some humans at last
 Lonesome but not for long
 The colour says it all
 Discreet or what
 All ready for customers
 Blue mood
 Blue mood
 Hot pink
All quiet until I left 
I can tell these skimpy garments are not geared for my Granny
A bit too short for my mum
 Popular shopping street
 Fun and funky shops
The clothes are chic and cheap
Typical Golok shops
The natives love birds and dogs
The latest fashions!
Chinky dresses
I love the one in middle with lovebirds
Oriental touches
Sweet samfoo blouses
Nice cheongsams and cheap
Burberry sumore!
Chinese dresses for the pregnant
Easy wear
The must-have of 2014!
Preggy look!
You cannot be sued as this is Chanet, not Chanel
So pretty
Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs' famous graffiti dress
Shops galore
Fab fakes
Offering to the presiding deity
I love this rose cup cake sweater
London souvenir
Sexy slippers
Ng Kun Tek the Golok King
James Ng Kun Tek is the Golok King!
Hot brolly
Malay style dangdut club!
It is very popular
Malays from Kelantan come here
Second hand goods
Choose your team
Choose your team
I love this plant!
The roots are amazing
And tipped in red
Fantastic dragons
And eagles
Nice tudungs
Nice tudungs
Mosque in Golok
This is the famous building that was bombed 2 years ago by terrorists
Under repair
Soon to finish
Louis  Vuitton clothes are sold here
Chanel chic
Perfect for Paris now
Dripping Chanel!
3-D effect
Men love these!
Hanging garden of Golok
Hanging garden of Golok
Kee Hua Chee and Golok King in back of truck after shopping spree
Cheers to Golok for great, fun shopping
This mosque near Rantau Panjang is called Masjid Jubilee Perak
It is also known as Beijing Mosque
Inspired by Beijing architecture
And supervised by the Menteri Besar of Kelantan himself
Looks like temple but is a mosque! Amazing!
I love this mosque, so exotic and proves Islam is for all
Entrance to Beijing Mosque or Silver Jubilee Mosque
From across the road
This mosque is near Rantau Panjang which is the town on the Malaysian side facing Golok across the river Golok
Great design