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A breath-taking bite of a bumper new year  
Immerse yourselves in pure lingering happiness and glorious love to remember 

 Known for its exceptional craftsmanship and subtle blend of taste and texture, La Maison du Chocolat and its master chef, Nicolas Cloiseau, invite chocolate lovers to enjoy the taste of authentic French chocolate with their loved ones in celebration of Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.

 This year La Maison du Chocolat launches a stunning gold and red Auspicious Gift Box with a glorious mix of chocolates to make your Year of the Monkey unforgettable and surprising. Meanwhile Valentine's Day will be marked by the elegant and exclusive creations of our four new chocolate recipes. 

Whether it be Orange Passion, Dashing Blue, Striking Red or Yellow Fusion with a hint of fruity aroma, these romantic recipes promise to leave everyone surprised and fulfilled.    

Auspicious Collections for Chinese New Year 
Giving gifts is a traditional part of Chinese culture and party etiquette, which people regard as an act demonstrating love and reinforcing relationships. 

When it comes to Chinese New Year, this culture of gift-giving relies heavily on the presence of red, which symbolises prosperity and luck. The prestige of the gift then reflects the relationship between giver and recipient.  

The classic and luxurious delicate chocolate tastes created by La Maison du Chocolat have proven it to be the perfect option for premium artisan chocolate. Over the past three decades the French chocolatier has been clinging to the idea of creating every piece of hand-made chocolate in an artistic fashion designed to indulge chocolate lovers.  

The Auspicious Collection offers special gift boxes for chocolate lovers to spread blessings of good fortune and prosperity in the Year of the Monkey. With its catchy gold and red theme colour the Chinese New Year collection presents the traditional festive season in an energetic way: a specially designed candy box with strong artistic sense of redness and an iconic 'golden' monkey figure. 

The gift box is sealed with a red signature ribbon to symbolise perfect Chinese New Year blessings.    
Product description  
Auspicious Gift Box  (211g) HKD 620 This exclusive bonbons de chocolat box is a warm and loving hamper to celebrate a bumper new year ahead with La Maison du Chocolat's recipe creations. 

Made entirely by hand, the four chocolate assortments includes:  Three dellcate mix of chocolates:  Akosombo: Dark chocolate with a hint of spice made with cacao beans from Ghana.  Traviata: Almond and hazelnut praline with bursts of roasted and caramelised almonds.  Orangettes: candled orange peel coated with dark chocolate.  Avelinas: Caramelised hazelnuts coated with milk and dark chocolate  Three delicate Twigs featuring silvers of caramelized biscuit, roasted coconut and bursts of crepe dentelle   Tobago in dark (60% cocoa) and milk (37% cocoa) chocolate squares
Auspicious Macaron Gift Box (12 pcs) HKD 370 Enjoy the Year of the Monkey with a dozen colourful French macarons entirely made by hand.  
Four luxurious Hatboxes also feature in the Auspicious New Year Collection:   Auspicious Hatbox (HKD 2,595)  Year of the Monkey Hatbox (HKD 1,990)  Fruit Hatbox (HKD 1,565)   Fortune Hatbox (HKD 993)   
The Auspicious Collections for Chinese New Year will be available from 30 December 2015 at all La Maison du Chocolat boutiques in Hong Kong. 
Valentine Collections   
Valentine's Day would hardly be complete or perfect without a box of chocolates. This year La Maison du Chocolat brings love-birds to discover the luscious tastes by launching four new chocolate flavours, and these four impeccable creations present Nicolas Cloiseau’s design to nourish the senses with the captivating colour of frisson and fusion. 

These colours coincide with subtle romantic encounters of passion, pleasure and promise to give love-birds a celebrated memory of their valentine. 
Orange Passion 
This milk chocolate imparts a refreshing taste of passion fruit with a blend of lime and vanilla-scented creamy mango to fulfil every milk chocolate lover's longings.  

Dashing Blue 
Dark ganache surprises chocolate lovers' taste buds with spicy notes of Persian blue salt followed by an almond-hazelnut praline with blue poppy seeds. This dual texture offers you a great sense of delight with a slight element of surprise.  
Striking Red 
This dark chocolate awakens chocolate lovers with the floral sweetness of strawberry, raspberry and a sharp punch of red currant. The perfect blend of sweet and sour will leave customers a strikingly intriguing sweetness.  
Yellow Fusion 
Mixed with silvers of caramel and nuts, this milk almond-hazelnut praline introduces chocolate lovers to a new chocolate recipe with refreshing floral lemongrass and crisp notes of lemon   

Our heart-shaped gift box is exclusive to our Valentine collection. Sealed with a red signature ribbon, the gift box represents a passionate heart with enduring commitment.  

The Valentine Collections will be available from 2 February 2016 at all La Maison du Chocolat boutiques in Hong Kong. 
For more information, please call +852 2343 3331, or email 

About La Maison du Chocolat 
For over three decades, passion, rigour and savoir-faire have been the driving force of the work, creation and excellence that is the taste of La Maison du Chocolat, founded in 1977 by Robert Linxe. Nicolas Cloiseau, Master Chef and award winner of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier 2007, creates an evolving collection each season, adding to the tradition of its grand signature classics. 

La Maison du Chocolat demonstrates exceptional savoir-faire and artisanship in the realm of chocolate making, imbuing the craft with an elegance and finesse. The brand consistently pushes the limits in search of new tastes, yet always mindful of the materiality and subtlety of its central ingredient. 

La Maison du Chocolat delivers the science of harmonious perfection on the palate into an art form. It has now more than 42 boutiques across France, Hong Kong, United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Dubai and Kuwait.  

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