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  Bet On Bubble at Basel  

Abstract and psychedelic nudes  
Corum has reproduced the striking, artistic nude portraits by French photographer Dani Olivier on its iconic Bubble wristwatch in a pair of limited editions that bring photographic art to the wrist.  

An acclaimed, Paris-based photographer, Dani Olivier specializes in “abstract and psychedelic nudes”, human bodies covered in striations of coloured light. 

In a collaboration that began in 2015, Corum has miniaturized Olivier’s art, transferring two of his most distinctive photographs onto a watch dial.  

Incredible as they are, Olivier’s portraits are real photographs - not the result of digital manipulation. Olivier accomplishes the effects by projecting light patterns onto nude bodies set against a jet-black background, creating completely surreal forms.  

Using high resolution printing, Corum has exactly reproduced two of Olivier’s photographs on the dials of its Bubble wristwatch. Like the original, full-size portraits, these miniaturized, wrist-borne works of art seem dreamlike, akin to a scene from a science fiction movie. 

But up close the details of the human body are visible, a reminder of the corporeal foundations of Olivier’s work.  

Care has been taken to ensure that the Bubble is a fitting canvas for Olivier’s art, with even the Corum key logo at three o’clock being applied in the same vivid colours as the portraits. 

And the rhodium-plated hands have been filled with matte black lacquer, allowing them to stand out enough to be legible, while not distracting from the artwork behind. And to match the deep black background of Olivier’s portraits, the signature, 47 mm Bubble watch case has been coated in black PVD.   

Both of the Bubble Dani Olivier editions are limited to just 88 watches each, with the final, 88th timepiece in each edition being a one-off, unique piece. The 88th wristwatch features the same artwork on the dial, but is distinguished by a striking red gold bezel that serves as a frame for Olivier’s photographs.   


Corum has a full house with the Bubble Gaming limited editions, a series of five timepieces dedicated to games of chance. Each limited to just 88 pieces – with the final, 88th wristwatch a pièce unique – the Bubble Gaming brings the excitement of gaming to the wrist. 

Lady Luck smiled on Corum when it first introduced the iconic Bubble in the year 2000. 

A runaway bestseller, the Bubble made its surprising return last year. Corum continues to celebrate its emblematic timepiece with Bubble Gaming, a series that is a nod to the first Bubble, reviving themes that became a signature of the original, like the roulette wheel and joker. 

The Bubble Gaming series is made up of five limited edition timepieces: Bubble 8 Ball, Bubble Casino Chip, Bubble Dice, Bubble Joker and Bubble Roulette. Each is limited to just 88 pieces – “8” is phonetically similar to “luck” in many Chinese dialects – in a 47 mm stainless steel case topped by a massive, domed sapphire crystal. 

But the very last watch of each edition – the 88th timepiece and perhaps the luckiest – is a one-of-a-kind creation in steel complemented by red gold bezel.  

Both the Bubble 8 Ball and Roulette are distinguished by their specially constructed, three-dimensional dials. The Bubble 8 Ball features a relief eight-ball, rising from the surface of the dial and echoing the curve of the sapphire crystal. 

Even more intricate is the dial of the Bubble Roulette, which takes the form of a roulette table, complete with tiny frets and a ball at the tip of the seconds hand.

The Bubble Dice, on the other hand, is a gambler’s fantasy, featuring twin dice on the dial, each covered with sixes on every face – meaning losing is impossible. 

And just for reassurance: an oversized “6” is found at its usual position on the dial, but also repeated at three o’clock. 

More artistic is the Bubble Joker, which features a black PVD coated steel case. It depicts a soulful and slightly menacing jester inspired by some of pop culture’s most famous villains. 

On the dial of the Bubble Joker, an oversized “8” replaces the conventional three o’clock marker for a little bit more luck.   

And rounding up the series is the Bubble Casino, similarly treated with black PVD. The dial takes the form of a high-stakes gaming chip that’s a gambler’s fantasy. On the wrist, it feels like a million dollars.  





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