October 23rd marks the day of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. It is a National Holiday when commemorations take place in Budapest and Hungary. Since the 1956 Revolution, it has already been the 60th year in which Hungary is celebrating its freedom or rather known as its independence. It is also declared as the Day of the Republic in 1989, after the fall of communism. 

This celebration was hosted on the 20th October 2016 by the Ambassador of Hungary to Kuala Lumpur, His Excellency, Attila Kali at the Renaissance Hotel KL. There were at least 200 guests who attended this honourable event in which it included diplomats, local partners and many more. 

The Hungarian national food and wine left a strong impression on most of our guest because of its uniqueness and creativity. Besides it is also made similar to the taste of Hungary itself. The exhibition on Hungary attracted many attention as well as it portrayed more in depth as to how beautiful and advanced the country is. 

As no celebration is ever complete without music, we had none other than our own Helga Sedli with the electronic violin who performed a few pieces of Hungarian music. It was indeed a successful event as the purpose of it was achieved and that was to make known and remind ourselves of the heroism and sacrifices made for freedom.