Tuesday, March 29, 2011



What is grander than Miss Universe and Miss World than a combined Miss Diva Universe World? At the recent Miss Diva Universe World 2011, 6 titles were doled out to spectacularly endowed participants from 29 ‘nations’.


Princess Becky Leogardo who is main sponsor with the winners.


Princess Becky Leogardo is as beautiful as any winner.The 3 beauty queens below are previous winners. To say they are well endowed and magnificently stacked and top heavy and perfectly positioned for action are mere preambles. What Mother Nature failed to give, Father Nurture can always come to the rescue! Any less fabric and they would be wearing swimsuit.


Below are the finalists!



Ok so this was NOT a contestant...I was just testing if you had fallen asleep!

Back to the beauties..

L1150972.JPGNing Baizura sings her new single with previous winners.


At the world finals of Miss Diva Universe World 2011 at Federal Hotel Ballroom on 6 February, 29 beauty queens from 29 nations participated for the 6 titles. However, as all 29 contestants appeared to be living in Kuala Lumpur on a permanent basis, we could safely conclude they were locals in masquerade. Still, most looked the part as Miss South Africa bore a striking resemblance to Michelle Obama and Miss Zimbabwe could pass as a stunning African. Miss Vietnam and Miss China could not be faulted and Miss Netherlands was blonde and blue eyed. For some unfathomable reasons, most happened to be blue-eyed and sales of contact lenses must have boomed.

Organised by the indomitable Ika of Ika Fancy Entertainment Group, Miss Diva Universe World kwas a spoof pageant but impressively presented with enough celebrities and exotic guests to rival any Miss Malaysia contests. Judges were a formidable cast which included Datuk Shah Rezza, Datuk Dr Jalil, Jovian Mandagie, Michael Ong, Maznah Zuklifi and diva Ning Baizura who later sang her latest hit ‘Raksasa’ accompanied by 5 beauty queens. So this was not any wanna-be or also-ran event since the judges are so hi-fi and high-powered and surely their personal prestige and pulling power must have added clout and authority to the proceedings!

The main sponsor was founder and owner of BML Cosmetics and Skincare, Princess Dr Becky Leogardo who is renowned for her generosity and has donated around RM 3.6 million cash to charities during the last 16 years. She arrived in KL to start a ballroom dancing business but her flawless complexion attracted so many compliments and queries about the skincare she used. She was using her own formulations created by her chemist uncle in USA and started selling them under her initials BML.

Miss Diva Universe World 2011 opened with the traditional National Costume Parade which outclassed and out-flashed most Miss Malaysia pageants with enough feathers, fur, sequins, beads and capes worthy of Moulin Rouge. The audience, mostly supporters of the contestants, roared their approval as each paraded on the catwalk in magnificent costumes representative of their homelands. Miss Thailand brought the roof down when she announced, “I am from Thailand, the Land of Cosmetic Surgery!” as she wiggled her assets seductively. Did this mean she went under the scalpel or was she just promoting medical tourism?

As they changed into evening wear and cocktail wear and finally back into evening wear for the coronation, entertainment was provided by Ika Fancy Dancers. There was Hetty Koes Endang, Indonesia’s top singer who brought the house down when she dragged a hunk on stage and proceeded to tease him. Ok so it was our local version of Hetty as Ika’s budget could not pay Hetty’s fees but a recording was used featuring Hetty’s real voice so it was wildly hilarious and almost as good. There were also Saloma, dance, local singers and plenty of food.

Like all pageants in Malaysia, there was no swimsuit category but as most finalists appeared to be bursting at the seams, none complained when it came to the visuals. Most left little to the imagination as the contestants and past winners told me they assumed the audience had left their imagination back home so the girls had to maximise their physical assets with the minimum of fabrics.

The 29 were whittled to 15 and emcees Azwan Ali and Chef Zam grilled and tortured them exquisitely, making devilishly snide remarks but all in good fun and no offence was taken. The questions were shockingly merciless and tough. A few stumbled but most rose to the occasion and fired back powerful artillery that were amazingly sharp, witty and for the most part amusing.

By the weirdest coincidence, Miss Egypt picked this question; ‘If she were President of Egypt, what would she do to quell the turmoil?”! She replied, “Reduce food prices, reduce inflation and increase salary!” See, if ex Prez Mubarak had followed her advice, he might have remained president!

Miss Thailand was asked which Malaysian food had the best chance to go global? She said coyly, “Six months before coming to this contest, the Thai governent sent me here to learn Bahasa Malaysia and after 6 months eating Malaysian food, I can say it is nasi lemak. Every one from every race loves it as it is so delicious.” So was she as she graciously did the ‘wai’ gesture as the audience clapped rapturously.

Miss Indonesia was asked “Apart from condom to promote safe sex, what else can be done?’. Her answer shook Federal Hotel to its foundation, “I really cannot reply as I never had sex before.” This prompted the two emcees to suggest there should be a Miss Virgin Diva next year with each contestant producing medical certificates as proof.

There were 11 titles; Miss Diva Globe (won by Miss Thailand), Miss Diva Asia Pacific (Miss Netherlands), Miss Diva International (Miss USA), Miss Diva Trans International (Indonesia), Miss Diva World (Miss South Africa) and Miss Diva Universe which was the main title and was won by Miss Singapore. Miss Singapore also won RM 3,000 and hampers sponsored by BML Skincare.