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LTITUDE Restaurant, Bar & Lounge and Imperial Rama
Food Heaven in the Clouds

Festival Master Chefs: Chef Eric Lee Mun Chun, Chef Angel Jimenez Mendez and Chef Ikuo Umeda
One of the best things about staying in Genting for a short break is the plethora of fantastic restaurants they have up there. From easy going Western and Asian cuisine to some of the best premium dining you will find in the country, Resort World Genting caters to your every whim. 

LTITUDE is one of the hottest new restaurants in Malaysia, with a breath taking ambience
Joining this fine stable of restaurants is LTITUDE, and part of the exclusive Genting Club, the concept revolves around you dining ‘in the kitchen’. The restaurant itself is a luxurious modern open-concept, very newly renovated and stylish, with three open-air kitchens surrounding diners and one can really sit back and enjoy the show put on by Chef Umeda and Chef Angel Jimenez and their accomplished teams. 

Mrs Andrea Ahrens, Mr Uwe Ahrens, Dato' Robert Teo, Datin Anita Teo
Situated next to the very impressive state-of-the-art 360 Degree bar  exclusively open to Genting Club members, the sounds of the live jazz band waft over while you dine (and some very chilled out lounge music when they are not). Adjacent is the Genting Club lounge, a very masculine affair full of leather, faux hunting trophies and a rather splendid roaring fireplace. In the cool and clouds of Genting, it’s a very welcome addition when you are drinking one the signature cocktails from award-winning Mixologist Amanda Wan. 

The group pose in front of the stunning 360 Degree Bar
As with all Restaurants at Genting during MIGF, they are very generous with the added extras. Before dinner offerings included delicious canapés and unique oolong tea based cocktails that were light and a great way to warm up the appetite. The Club Lounge is a highly recommended way to warm up for a meal! 
Canapes Canapes
The dinner tonight was to be something special: as Genting were putting together a selection of the MIGF menus from both the Imperial Rama and LTITUDE Restaurant, it was the chance to sample some of the best dishes from both menus. 

Master Chefs of the evening welcoming diners

The chef's line in work is number 1 in a busy kitchen
First up, Chef Eric Lee from the Imperial Rama presented his bright and colourful starter of Mantis Prawn with Passion Fruit Salad. Chef Eric is a veteran of Chinese cuisine and renowned for his wonderful oriental food. He is the go-to-guy for the chefs association of Malaysia, the social elite and celebrities alike. Presented beautifully on a scooped out Dragon Fruit, this dish was a highlight for many guests. 

Mantin Prawn with Passion Fruit Salad
Staying with the seafood theme, Chef Eric’s starter was a Stewed Fish Maw with Yellow Fungus Soup. A prized Chinese speciality, the Fish Maw was cooked skilfully and presented with panache on a bed of coffee beans. 
 Stewed Fish Maw with Yellow Fungus Soup Braised Abalone with Morels in Superior Brown Sauce
Next came the LTITUDE Festival menu, with their highly anticipated entrée of Wagyu Beef with Herb Jelly and Quinoa Risotto. Cooked in a special Josper Oven, the beef was grilled over a bed of smoky charcoal giving it a unique flavour, very difficult to find in Malaysia. 
 Josper Grilled Wagyu Beef with Herb Jelly, Quinoa Risotto and Cream Stone Grilled Seafood Volcano
The main course was a food showpiece - a volcano comprised of dried seaweed with lava and smoke billowing out , much to the delight of all the diners. The seaweed volcano was quickly devoured with the stone baked seafood hidden underneath - a very unique way of presenting Japanese food. 

Senior VP Hotel Operation, Genting Malaysia Berhad, Edward Arthur Holloway 
Following this creative masterpiece, the proverbial ball was smashed out of the park with the dessert course. Enclosed in a glass container, dry ice created a fog that hid the dessert from the eyes until waiters whipped it off, leaving wisps of smoke curling round the Chocolate Sphere and Mascarpone Mousse. Pouring on warm chocolate sauce into the sphere made the dish a simply divine dessert that is a must-try for any chocolate lover. 

Chocolate Sphere with Mascarpone Mousse, Baileys Coffee Ice-Cream and Warm Chocolate Sauce
After the feast guests retired to the Genting Club Lounge, to indulge in some more of the delicious cocktails before guests bid adieu and made their way down the winding road to KL. 

An exceptional evening among the clouds was had by all
The Imperial Rama Festival Menu is RM498 per person with wine and RM348 without wine. 
The LTITUDE Full Festival Menu comes in at a RM448 per person with wine and RM338 per person without wine. 
Where: Resort World Genting, Genting highlands
When: 1-31 October 2013
Tel: 03 6105 9663 / 03 6101 1118 ext 7877
Email: /

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