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A Heavenly Treat
Ten Japanese Fine Dining

A zen approach to decor
The MIGF 2013 publicity dinners swung into action recently with a sublime meal at the high-end Far East restaurant, Ten Japanese Fine Dining. Located in the heart of the KLCC enclave, in the plush Marc Residence, the interior of the eatery is a study in understated elegance, influenced by Zen Buddhist and Japanese Shintoism. A sense of calm washes over one upon entering, instantly transported to a more tranquil place, in stark contrast to the busy neighborhood outside. Indeed, the literal translation of “Ten” from the Japanese is “Heaven”, and this word epitomised the dining experience of the lucky guests who were invited for a special preview of the MIGF Festival menu recently.

From L-R: Ms Soon Poh Lin, Mrs Anna Nakamura, H E Shigeru Nakamura, Dr Beh Chor Khim
The guest list was headed by Festival Royal Patron, Tunku Naquiyuddin ibni Tuanku Ja'afar and his wife Tunku Nurul Hayati binti Tunku Bahador; Japanese Ambassador, H E Shigeru Nakamura; Australian High Commissioner, H E Miles Kupa; Director/Consultant Cardiologist HeartScan International, Dr Beh Chor Khim.

From L-R: H E Miles Kupa, Ms Soon Poh Lin, Mrs Patricia Thomas, Dr Beh Chor Khim
The Festival Advisory Committee was also well represented, with members including Che’Puan Winnie Sophia Low, Dato’ Kok Wee Kiat, Dato’ Farah Khan and Mrs Joan Foo Mahony. A more discerning group of diners could scarcely have been found in the city.
A delicious pre-dinner drink of sparkling wine and Yuzu sorbet kicked off the evening in fine fashion, complemented by choice canapés of Boston lobster with salsa, simmered wagyu beef with potato chips and decadent foie gras wrapped in duck breast. Master Chef Daisuke Miyaki personally greeted diners as they arrived, mingling with the group as they awaited the final guests. The group complete, MIGF Organising Chairman Dato’ Steve Day began his welcome and introductions, after which inviting everyone for the traditional group photo, taken at the entrance of the restaurant. With the formality over, dinner was called.

Dato' Steve makes his welcome remarks before dinner

The group poses before the entrance to Ten Japanese Fine Dining
A long table, elegantly dressed with a simple set of chopsticks, napkin and champagne glass, greeted diners. Before the first course was served however, Chef Daisuke and his team presented, on silver platters, all the raw ingredients they would use in the Festival Menu, offering each guest a close look at the variety of seafood, vegetables and meat that would later appear on their plates. The marble score 9+ wagyu beef cheek in particular proved a magnificent sight, with each guest marveling the impressive cut of meat.

Guests had the chance to view the raw ingredients before cooking
Dinner was then served, starting with an appetiser that included Myouga sushi, Japanese omelette, Daikon pickle and Ginkgo nuts. This was followed by a starter of miniature season sashimi, an entre of teppan grilled seafood, a grilled course of eel and salmon sushi and the crowning main course, wagyu beef cheek with grilled French foie gras, red wine sauce and red miso. Chef Daisuke explained each dish in detail as they were served, answering any questions eagerly and divulging secrets about its preparation.

Chef Daisuke explains each of the ingredients

The spectacular 11-piece Appetiser       Miniature Season Sashimi served with Soy Pearl and Wasabi Cloud
The meal ended with a spectacular presentation of Ten’s style Crepe Suzette, whereby Chef Daisuke created ice-cream using dry ice and his Sous Chef, Chef Ryo, elevated proceedings by lighting up a brandy saturated orange peel, dangling from a height, with flames slowly running down the peel and into the pan. The highly entertaining duo drew diners to the front of the table where they gazed in awe at the display. This remarkable ending was the perfect way to finish an exceptional meal, each guest offering Chef Daisuke and his team heartiest congratulations for a flawless experience.

Chef Daisuke creates instant ice-cream using dry ice

Ten's style Crepe Suzette                       Chef Ryo putting on a show for the guests
H E Shigeru Nakamura was taken aback by the comprehensive appetiser, noting that he was “surprised when it arrived, consisting of no less than 12 different dishes….this is quite exceptional”.

The guests applaud the kitchen and service teams for an oustanding job
Festival Advisory Committee member Dr Beh was suitably impressed by the evening, stating that it was “beyond expectations. Food has been great, company has been great, ambiance has been great, wine pairing was fantastic and the chef’s creations unimaginable.”
Dato’ Kok was charmed by the Soy Pearls served with the miniature season sashimi (a replacement to the traditional soy/wasabi mixture accompanying sushi and sashimi dishes), believing this culinary invention to be an example of “international cross fertilisation…a very exciting and unique element of the entire meal.”
Finally, H E Miles Kupa thought the meal was exquisite from beginning to end, “…this was quite an extraordinary and creative meal, showing the development of Japanese cuisine in various novel ways. I found that very stimulating and refreshing. This was something different, but still grounded in Japanese traditions. I think every dish was something special”.

Tunku Naquiyuddin was delighted with the evening, saying as much in his closing remarks
The evening ended with an eloquent closing speech from Tunku Naquiyuddin, who professed the food on the night as heavenly from start to finish and gave his heartfelt thanks to the kitchen and front of house teams for a wonderful experience.

From L-R: Tunku Naquiyudding, Tunku Nurul Hayati, Ms Joan Foo Mahoney and Dato' Steve

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