Monday, April 24, 2017




Matrix, the No 1 professional brand in Asia will organise its inaugural professional hair show in Malaysia – The Matrix Strobe Star Award 2016/2017 in EX 8 Subang Jaya on 25 April 2017.

This show was conceptualised from the term ‘strobing.’ Derived from the photography realm and extended to the world of make-up, ‘strobing’ is a highlighting technique widely used in make-up and having the look as if constantly being flashed with lights.

Due to high demand for ‘strobing’ and to anchor its position as an aspirational brand, in 2016 Matrix took an innovative lead to evolve this trend onto hair as one of its trend collections and named it Rock ‘N’ Strobe. Matrix is the 1st professional brand to own strobing technique. Strobing on hair is a highlighting technique meant to enhance particular facial features of the wearer 24/7.

The Matrix Strobe Star Award 2016/2017 is organised to showcase that hair strobing is a great way of expressing one’s individuality and style and to enhance our partner salons’ professionalism, skills and creativity. In order to join this competition, it is mandatory for all hair stylists to be equipped with the essence of strobing techniques and at the same time improve their respective crafts. 

The award kicked off with a call for action in September 2016 for submissions of strobing creations from Matrix partner salons. An overwhelming response of 300 submissions was received but only 30 made it to the semi-finals.

During the semi-finals, the contestants were required to recreate the work they have submitted and were judged at the L’OrĂ©al Academy. 70% of contestants’ work will be judged on their technical skills (colour, strobing technique and cutting) and the remaining 30% is evaluated on the overall outlook (hairstyle and overall). 

The esteemed panel judges comprise of L’Oreal Malaysia’s Professional Product Division General Manager -Mr. Aaron Littlewood, ASIA PACIFIC Professional Product Division, General Manager Education - Pauline Cairns, Matrix’s Global Colorist - Stevie English, Matrix Australian Design Team Cutting guru – Kobi Bokshish, Yang Mei Ling – Editor of Female Magazine and Beatrice Looi, a renowned fashion designer.

 The shortlisted 10 contestants with the highest results will be granted the opportunity of a lifetime to enter the competition finale. It will be a much challenging round as they will have to demonstrate more distinctive concept and top notch strobing techniques to walk away with prizes worth RM110,000. 

The competencies and skills of the top 10 finalist will be tested again and competition is stronger as the top 10 finalists have to recreate their creation again and their creations will only be revealed publicly for the first time and exclusively to all of us during the finale tomorrow night.

Rather than being just any competition, tomorrow night will be amazing as all our 4 Matrix Artistic Educators –Alan, Dr Ken, Roy and Stephan will be showcasing their skills and talents. They will be presenting their craft according to tonight’s theme – Punk Rock and Glam Rock respectively. 

On top of that, Matrix international guest artists from Australia, Matrix Global Colorist - Stevie English and Matrix Australian Design Team Cutting guru – Kobi Bokshish, both with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Stevie, a hair color aficionado is a hair expert for TV channel and the artistic director for The Voice of Australia. 

Whereas, Kobi is renowned for being an Avant-garde hairstylist and his edgy cutting skills has won numerous competition nationally and internationally. Both of them will collaborate seamlessly to inspire and excite the crowd with their Artistic Candy Rock.