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This is the photo of Kate Middleton, now wife of Prince William, taken back in 2002 when she wore this fateful dress. She looked fabulous back 9 years ago and she looks divine now!

Kate Middleton wore this dress that caught the eye of the future King of England and captured his heart as well. Some philistines observe she might as well have been parading in bra and panty as the future Duchess of Cambridge was as naked as decency and the law had allowed. This fateful event was a St Andrews university fashion show in her first year. Kate Middleton had enrolled in Glasgow University but her mother persuaded her to switch to St Andrews University when it was learned Prince William would be studying there. Mrs Middleton may have thought her pretty daughter might become a friend of the Queen's grandson and perhaps get invited to his wedding but I am sure even in her wildest dream she did not expect Kate would end as bride and she as mother-in-law to the future King of United Kingdom!

Camilla nee Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall, will be called Princess Consort upon Prince Charles's ascension to the throne although technically she will be Queen since a woman who marries a King will be a Queen. Ironically, in this day of sexual freedom, a man who marries a Queen is NOT King! Prince Philip remains and retains his name Prince Philip aka Duke of Edinburgh but a Duke is not exactly a king is it?

Some predict Camilla will eventually be called Queen Camilla as it will appear a little ridiculous for the King of England to have a wife called a Princess as the title might provoke derision as it might appear King Charles is married to his sister or daughter as a Princess is the daughter of a King. So whether the wife of King Charles will be a Queen or Princess Consort (in the style of Prince Albert the Prince Consort to Queen Victoria) remains to be seen.

In Kate Middleton's case, there is no such dilemma. When Prince William becomes King William, she automatically becomes Queen Katherine, the only problem being whether it is spelled with a K or C as even now there seems to be some ambiguity. It seems the Duchess of Cambridge's name is Kate when shortened or Catherine when fully spelled.

I am also reminded of the even more famous photo of Princess Diana photographed holding a young child in her care and her diaphanous skirt exposing her legs as she was photographed against the light. It was a wee bit revealing but nothing as scandalous as the Kate version. More so when she was already engaged to Prince Charles when this picture was taken so she could not be accused to shamelessly and blatantly trying to seduce the heir to the throne. In Kate Middleton's case, she was unknown to Prince William when she appeared on the catwalk wearing a sexy, revealing skirt as dress which she knew would elicit catcalls, wolf whistles and cheering from the guys. Well, it worked like a charm as once again, miracles do occur and more frequently than we might assume!

This gossamer light skirt-dress must have been laced with fairy dust on a midsummer's night as not only did the wearer realise her dream, it sold for RM 390,000 and now it is on display for the world and his wife to admire and fantasise at Bath Museum.

The Dress that Caught the Prince’s Eye Goes on View to the Public

As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge embarked on their first royal visit as a married couple to Canada and the United States in July, the dress that sparked their romance goes on view at the American Museum in Britain in Bath. By catching the eye of Prince William in this dress, Kate Middleton went on to capture his heart. The diaphanous sheath-dress she wore on the catwalk of the University of St Andrews’ charity fashion show in 2002 will be on view from 1 July to 4 September as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations at the American Museum in Britain at Claverton Manor, Bath.

Now part of royal history, this garment – originally intended as a skirt – was designed by Charlotte Todd of Bristol while she was studying at the University of the West of England for a project prophetically titled ‘The Art of Seduction’. Todd always intended that the sheath, knitted in black and gold silk yarns with turquoise bands at top and bottom, be worn with a slip – certainly not the way the dress was worn by Kate Middleton at St Andrews.

This unique dress was recently in the headlines again when it sold at auction for £78,000 to Nicholas Roberts, the nephew of collector David Gainsborough Roberts, whose comprehensive collection of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia including iconic gowns is also on show at the American Museum in the acclaimed exhibition Marilyn – Hollywood Icon until 30 October 2011.

Location: The American Museum in Britain, Claverton Manor, Bath, BA2 7BD

Tel. +44 (0)1225 460503, fax. +44 (0)1225 469160,

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 12 noon to 5 pm, last admission 4 pm. Closed Mondays

Open Monday 4 July, Bank Holiday Mondays and every day during August

Admission: Adult: £9.00, concessions £8.00, child (5-16) £5.00, family ticket £24.00, groups 15+ £7.00 each. Admission includes museum, exhibition and the grounds.

Free admission for all on Monday 4 July 2011

How to get there: The Museum is close to the University of Bath and is signposted from Bath City Centre and from the A36 Warminster Road. Car parking is free. Buses No.18 and 418 run from the City Centre to the University; alight at The Avenue just inside the University entrance (10-15 minute, downhill walk to Museum).

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