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Savia Strength and Rebirth   
Savia, symbol of vitality, energy and strength. The inspiring force of nature, present in this new collection from Carrera y Carrera, is capable of changing our emotions and feelings in an almost magical way.  

Jewel amulets, fetish objects, balance, imagination, joy, and optimism.  

Yellow gold, white gold, smoky quartz, and diamonds are worked with the expertise and know-how that only the master artisans of Carrera y Carrera possess.  

The result:  truly unique pieces.  The natural shapes and animal figures are full of detail and symbolism, imbuing each work of art with life and emotion.  

Carrera y Carrera presents a collection with great personality aligned with the latest trends. 

To wear any of the Savia pieces is to enjoy the essence of nature.  Figurative jewels full of realism.  

The ring in yellow gold, diamonds, and smoky quartz represents the power of Mother Nature. 

Two symmetrical squirrels are featured on both sides of the arm.  One of them grabs with its hands the tail of the other playing with a diamond that symbolizes infinity.  

The intense eyes of the squirrels are represented by two black diamonds set with great care and authenticity.  

On the ears and tail rests a perfectly-set smoky quartz as if it were the shadow of a tree.  

As a representative piece of the line, the medium Savia necklace dominates.  

A romantic piece where two squirrels caress and kiss each other.  The two surround in their embrace a round smoky quartz symbolizing union, the absolute, perfection.  A love that lasts forever.  

Exclusive to Carrera y Carrera, thorough work in mini sculpture stands out with its meticulously carved details.  

The ring in yellow and white gold with diamonds personifies the figure of “you and I” represented by two pineapples. From the arm in form of a branch the pineapples rise symmetrically in opposite directions.  

In the decoration one can appreciate a texture in relief that provides greater realism to the piece, along with the matte-gloss effect that highlights each detail of the jewel, a defining characteristic of Carrera y Carrera.  

Meticulous figurative and miniaturist work where the roots of the firm in harmony with nature are visible.  

Savia or pure energy. Delicacy, magic, and vitality.   

About Carrera y Carrera  
Carrera y Carrera is an international Spanish jewelry firm considered one of the most prestigious in the world. Present in over 40 countries, the company has subsidiaries in the United States, Japan, and Russia, and boutiques in Madrid, Barcelona, Tokyo, Moscow, Dubai, Bangkok, Macau, and Kuala Lumpur, among other cities.  

This iconic brand is characterized by a unique style and precise designs where the combination of matte-gloss gold and work in volumes and carving yield exceptional jewelry pieces, where gold and precious stones come to life.  

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