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When I heard about this musical celebration inspired by Adele, at first I thought she had died as such tributes are held in memory of a deceased. Look at me, I am alive and kicking but has anyone or any organisation bother to hold a retrospective about my glamslam life and interstellar achievements that reach the furthest ends of observable universe? Nada.

So Adele is very special and influential to have a musical in her honour though I wonder if she has seen it. Probably she has but on video. And since no lawsuits are flying, the show must have her tacit approval! 
Adele fans get ready to set fire to the rain!!! The international award winning musical celebration Rumour Has It Adele – Her Life And Songs is coming to KLPAC this 21st – 25th September for their Asia Premiere! 

Inspired by Adele, this musical celebration takes you on an inspirational journey of young ordinary Adele Adkins rise to stardom with her self-taught talent and following the footsteps of her idol ‘Spice Girls’ , she continues to inspire the world with her soulful voice through her heartfelt songs till this date.   

Debuting at Brisbane in 2013, Rumour Has It Adele has toured more than a dozen of major cities in Australia and has earned critical reviews as a whole for its humor, musical prowess and the thoughtful and poignant celebration of a woman who is not afraid to expose her deepest emotions to the world. 

Unabashed to admit that a ‘rubbish relationship’ was what that inspired her successful sophomore album 21, Adele’s life story is the inspiration behind Rumour Has It Adele. 

“The idea for the show started with a simple question: who is this man who shattered Adele’s heart and inspired her mega-platinum album 21? Our research returned quite satirical material, and while the show is absolutely full of profanities and provocative quips, we’ve uncovered much more poignancy journeying behind the glossy veneer of the ‘popstar’. 

There is a wealth of information about Adele out there; in news articles, biographies, videos, interview snippets. We used this material as a 
starting point and set out to fill in some of the blanks,” says the force behind Rumour Has It Adele Naomi Price about the origins of the production.  

Having carved a name for herself in Australia for her appearance in the fourth season of The Voice, Naomi is also the leading lady for this performance. She is transformed physically into Adele for Rumour Has It Adele through a body suit, wigs and the use of black-lace dresses and other costumes. 

Her past experience onstage and offstage in producing, managing and directing a myriad of theatre projects prior to achieving fame through The Voice and then Rumour Has It Adele enabled Price to really go deep into Adele’s life story and translate that into her performance. 

Appearance aside, when 
it comes to her musical chops, Price delivers. Critics and Adele fans alike have also commented upon her impeccable comic timing, ability to control her band and audience as well as her arresting stage presence. 

Interestingly, the Asia premiere of Rumour Has It will also see three Malaysian professional musical backing vocalists join the stage to celebrate the life and songs of Adele alongside Price. These vocalists were handpicked by a panel of judges consisting of Price herself, Malaysian and West End London 
singing sensation Sean Ghazi and experienced music director Ching Eng Shen. 

“It was encouraging to get such a huge response from the audition call. Everyone did their best and it was nice to see young 
Malaysian singers getting dressed up and putting themselves ‘on the line' for a chance to work in an international production,” says Sean Ghazi about this trio of Malaysian vocal ensemble that will support Naomi in her five-day performance. 

The show will also be supported by live bands with strings session to give it a full live sound impact to the audience.   

During the show, Naomi also invites her audience to look out for the minor differences between her onstage interpretations of Adele with the real Adele Adkins.

“We have obviously taken some creative license with certain aspects of her life. I suppose my Adele is sharper-tongued than the real life Adele comes across. It’s more about blurring the lines between reality and fiction. I like to play with giving people what they want from an Adele show, but also delivering things they would never have expected. I like to think of it as an examination of her life - factual and fictional,” she says in teasing 
what Malaysian fans what to expect.    

Proudly organized by Milestone Production, tickets for this international performance are now open for sale. Tickets for Rumour Has It are priced at RM450 (VVIP), RM350 (VIP), RM250 (CAT A) and RM150 (CAT B). Ticket prices are not inclusive of 6% GST and RM3 ticketing fee. 

Discounts up to 15% off regular ticket prices are available for ticket buyers. For ticket purchase, log on  to www.milestone-  

NOTE---Rumour Has It Adele  - Her Life And Songs is a musical celebration inspired by Adele. This is not a tribute show or an impersonator act. 

The show is organized by Milestone Production. Vistana Kuala Lumpur Titiwangsa is the Official Hotel, Lite FM and Mix FM (Official Radio Stations) , Time Out KL (Official Lifestyle Magazine) and Netccentric is the Official Social Media.  

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Hailing from a working class family from Tottenham, Adele Adkins had a big voice and even larger dreams. While there was no musical lineage in her family, a passion for singing and music led her to pursue her studies in the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology, where it was said she was a classmate of her peers, Jessie J and Leona Lewis. 

After she posted a demo from a class project on her Myspace account, little did she dreamed that her life would change forever. A record deal from XL Recordings launched her into stardom as she is about to enter her twenties with the album, 19, pioneered by her debut single, Chasing Pavements. 

Since then, she has released hits after hits from a mega-platinum catalogue of songs such as Someone Like You, Rolling in the Deep and the award- winning Skyfall.  

Inspired by Adele’s meteoric rise to fame and how her life has shaped her music and songs, Rumour Has It is an international production that celebrates this British musical sensation’s journey from a working class girl from 
Tottenham to a first-class musical diva. 

Debuting at Brisbane in 2013, Rumour Has It Adele has toured more than a dozen of major cities in Australia, sweeping 3 international awards in its wake. This international performance has earned critical reviews as a whole for its humour, musical prowess and the thoughtful and poignant celebration of a woman who is not afraid to expose her deepest emotions to the world.  

Adele’s appeal to the masses transcends her innate musical talents, as those who have seen live concerts can attest to—especially at her sold-out show at the Royal Albert Hall. She is a masterful storyteller—witty, expressive and above all, open to bare her heart and soul to connect with her audience. 

Unabashed to admit that a ‘rubbish relationship’ she suffered through was the inspiration behind her successful sophomore album 21, Adele’s life story is the real inspiration behind Rumour Has It Adele- Her Life And Songs.  

Arriving in Malaysia and in South East Asia for the first time, Rumour Has It Adele brings together a stellar production team and top notch band musicians for an unforgettable contemporary international show showcasing Adele’s latest and greatest hits from 21st to 25th September in KLPAC. 

Leading the talented crew is its heroine Naomi Price—whose performance as Adele has garnered her praise and critical acclaim. So go on and start practising your vocal chords in front of the mirror or in the shower to sing along with Adele’s chart-topping hits.  

Adele Adkins—The Story Everyone on this planet have heard of Adele Adkins one way or another; her music is always playing on loop in music channels and radio airwaves on a regular basis. At the age of 19, she has electrified the world with her soulful track, Chasing Pavements, that talk about the cyclical nature of relationships through her own trials and tribulations with a boy she was seeing. 

Her turbulent personal life would both be the fodder and inspiration behind her international success as she penned a string of heart- breaking songs that chronicles her feelings about love and loss.  

With 65 million fans and counting, Adele expanded her fan base further when she released her sophomore album, 21, where she showcased her incredible vocal prowess through belting out songs such as Turning Tables and Set Fire to the Rain. 

She won Grammy Awards in recognition of her vocal work and appeal as a female musician, as well as an Academy Award for Original Song through her work for Skyfall as featured in the eponymous 2012 instalment of the famous James Bond series. 

Having achieved stability in life recently through a new love and the birth of her son, Adele returned to the spotlight with her new album 25, after which its lead single’s music video Hello broke records in YouTube—signalling that the power of Adele has never waned in the passing of time.   

Creative Team  
Naomi Price, Co-director and heroine In its past shows, praise is heaped upon Rumour Has It Adele’s leading lady, the spectacular Naomi Price. Having carved a name for herself in Australia for her appearance in the fourth season of The Voice, Naomi has also provided vocals for artists and performed as a soloist with music theatre composer Scott Alan. 

She has prior experience onstage and offstage, having produced, managed and directed a myriad of theatre projects prior to achieving fame through The Voice and then Rumour Has It Adele. 

Through a body suit, wigs and the use of black-lace dresses and other costumes, Price is transformed physically to Adele’s iconic look. Appearance aside, when it comes to her musical chops, Price delivers. 

She has received praise for her world-class vocals uncanny to the British songstress she is emulating. Critics and Adele fans alike have also commented upon her impeccable comic timing, ability to control band and audience as well as her arresting stage presence.       

Adam Brunes, co-director A journalist by profession, Adam pursued his calling when he forayed into the world of theatre and cabaret production. Together with Naomi, Adam is the key force behind Rumour Has It Adele and another show entitled Wrecking Ball, which was inspired by teen pop sensation Miley Cyrus. 

Adam’s career highlights include being Digital Producer for Endemol Australia (Big Brother Australia 2013/2014), Marketing & PR Manager for La Boite Theatre Company, Communications Manager for Expressions Dance Company, Assistant Producer at the Gate Theatre Notting Hill, and so on.   

Michael Manikus, Music Director Michael is best known as the long-standing pianist and music coordinator for international singing sensation The Ten Tenors. He has toured with The Ten Tenors for a decade to almost every continent in the world. He has done extensive musical work across different platforms to his credit, from musical productions, award ceremonies, football tournaments, live shows, recordings and even for television shows.  

Awards and Accolades  
BEST MUSICAL , Matilda Award BEST MUSICL PRODUCTION, Groundling Award SUNDAY MAIL TOP TWO SHOW 2013, Critic’s Choice   

International Media Quotes  
“Giving an explosive impersonation of the British songbird, and looking every inch her double with flowing red hair, padding, and swagger, Price rips through the Adele songbook as though she were born to sing it... The next best thing to seeing Adele live.”  STAGE WHISPERS MAGAZINE  

“Cheeky, gutsy, quite stunningly good... It’s irreverent, deliciously wicked and funny, mouthy stuff as you might expect of Adele. A powerhouse performance that never flags for a second.”GREENROOM MAGAZINE  

“Sassy, hilarious, poignant and gob-smackingly good... A raucous and rollicking performance that would make Adele proud.”  SCENE MAGAZINE  

“Price is glorious fun and leaves the audience smiling as she smashes through Adele’s soundtrack with the respect and honesty you would expect from the cabaret scene’s crème de la crème of talent.”  AUSTRALIAN STAGE  
“Rumour Has It is world class and without a doubt the most entertaining evening of the year. Don’t miss it this time.”  XS ENTERTAINMENT (ONLINE MEDIA)   

Malaysian Tour Details  
Show Dates and Time: 21st Sept 2016 (Wednesday)  – 8:00pm 22nd Sept  2016 (Thursday) – 8:00pm 23rd Sept 2016 (Friday) – 8:00pm 24th Sept  2016 (Saturday) – 3:00pm, 8.00pm 25th Sept 2016 (Sunday) – 3:00pm 

Venue: Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)  
Show Information:  
Ticket Promotion: Up to 15% discounts available on all ticket purchases.   
Ticket Sales: Tickets for Rumour Has It Adele – Her Life And Songs are now available for sale at www.milestone- For further information/ticketing, please contact 03 4047 9000  
Operation Hours: Monday – Friday (9.00am – 6.00pm) Saturday (12.00noon – 6.00pm) Sunday & Public Holiday (Closed)  
Ticket Prices: Matinee and Night shows: VVIP  : RM450 VIP  : RM350 CAT A  : RM250 CAT B  : RM150 (Ticket prices are not inclusive of 6% GST and RM3 ticketing fee)  
 For more information, please contact: Cynthia Lim           -     - 012-515 3755 (m)   03-7932 1001 (o)      

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