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ALTHOUGH BeED provides beds, it is not in the bed business nor does it sell mattresses. It offers only hotel beds when you go through them for package travel deals which includes air travel, ground transport, guide, tours and accommodation. 

BeED stands for Beyond Education the same way British Petroleum (BP) is now Beyond Petroleum! 

Even a super genius like me dunno how to pronounce BeED so i think the name should be 'Beyond Education' which is more self-explanatory, Jimmy Koay! Some noti readers might think this is one of the dubious sex sites like 'who wants to go to BeEd with me?' or 'BeED me!" and on that note, and so to bed! 


What We Do
BeED is a technological business that integrates the travel and education industries by making trips more enriching, educational and rewarding.

What We offer

1.Unique Learning Experiences

      Learners explore and connect school syllabi to actual points of interest around the world
      Learners choose what they want to learn, where they want to learn and to do it at their own pace, on-demand
      These Learning Experiences successfully bridge the gap between textbook learning and an on-site application of academic knowledge
      Global educators continuously contribute Learning Experiences via BeED’s online platform

2.Integrated Travel Services
      Book a complete travel package through BeED’s all-in-one booking platform inclusive of flight, accommodation, ground arrangements and travel insurance.
      Utilize the itinerary planner to organize travel plans and Learning Experiences (available in soft and hard copy)
      Ensuring the mitigation of risks associated with travel through BeED’s Risk Assessment service

3.Group Travel Concierge Services
      Through research that gives you Competitive Pricing.
      Experienced team that is dedicated to suit your group travel needs.
      All in one platform, pledging flexibility & convenience
      Cater to any group travel (School excursions, corporate travel, incentive travel etc.)

The BeED Platform Comes with Unique Features

1.Location Based Search Engine For Learning
A flexible location display and search engine that provide the best user experience possible. From the BeED menu, you can:
      Filter the location search results by country or city
      Select from a List of available Learning Experiences according to syllabus
      Select a single or multiple Subject and/or School Level

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2.Itinerary Builder
Our Itinerary Builder makes it easy to put together a comprehensive travel plan. It is fully customisable and includes travel distance and time estimates between travel points.
Create itineraries with an easy to use, point and click Itinerary Builder. Everything is fast and intuitive, and the system does most of the work for you.
The itinerary is available in both mobile or printed version.

3.User Review Features
Customers can review Learning Experiences through the Customer Review section

Our Mission
The goal of BeED is to break all barriers to learning. By making travel easier and seamlessly connecting Learners to Educators through our app, we inspire our users to go on adventures and to enrich themselves with knowledge.

Our Vision
We believe in a world where education is free of physical boundaries, and is driven by our desire to learn. We aim to give back to the world we live in by supporting schools and empowering people with opportunities to improve themselves and their quality of life through the power of education.

Our Commitment
We see ourselves as a pioneer provider in Travel Learning Mobile application, where we are currently engaged in activities as developers of core products and services for the travel education industry.

We will continue to strengthen our research & development activities in the travel education sector and to provide superior service to our clients.

BeED Education Travel App to promote experiential learning launched
BeED (Beyond Education), a Malaysian technology start-up that aims to revolutionise the education and travel industries with its location-enabled mobile application today launched the BeED Education Travel App that provides an experiential learning experience to learners and adults of all ages on 4 May 2017.
As a location-enabled interactive application for on-demand learning students who are travelling, whether abroad or within Malaysia, can select a host of subjects from their syllabi and be guided through an interactive learning experience about particular places of interest through their mobile devices. The App also features an all-in-one travel booking platform for flight, accommodation, ground transport and travel insurance as well as an itinerary planner that organises travel plans and learning experiences with real-time traffic conditions.
The BeED Education Travel App also provides an on-line platform where learners and educators can seek or contribute educational travel experiences that enhance learning through Knowledge, Action and Reflection phases. These learning experiences can be saved as travel journals together with voice, photo and video at- tachment that can be shared through social networking channels such as Facebook etc.
The location display and search engine of the application have been designed to offer optimum user experience where location search results can be filtered by country or city, selection can be made from a list of available learning experiences according to syllabi, subjects and education level. The Itinerary Builder feature can assemble a customisable comprehensive travel plan that includes distance and time estimates between travel points. There is also a User Review feature where testimonials will be in Microdata/Microformat and customer reviews will be displayed as star ratings in the search results.
For educators, the BeED Education Travel App will be a market-place for entrepre- neurship where they can create and sell their learning experiences and training of- fers on the BeED platform. Where educators can display their profile pages with relevant information about their background; syllabi; subjects and countries that they write for, learners can interact with these educators to enrich their learning experience.
According to Managing Director of BeED, Jimmy Koay who officiated the launch of the BeED App, BeEDs location-enabled interactive application serves to empower students and learners to a greater level as it has succeeded in bringing flexible, fresh ways that transcend multiple disciplines and geographical borders by deliver- ing innovation to the learning process. This statement underscores the BeED cor- porate mission to break down barriers to learning by facilitating seamless connec- tion between learners and educators towards enhancement of knowledge and understanding.
About BeED
BeED is a Malaysian technology start-up that is a pioneer provider in Travel Learning Mobile application. The company is a developer of core products and services for the travel education industry and it is currently located in a MSC-designated building. BeED is in the midst of obtaining its MSC status.
For further information please contact:
Jimmy Koay
Mobile: + 6012 314 1813, Email:

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