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Soleil’s French Week



“A Modern Twist On French Classics”

Since the late 18th century, France has been celebrating its national day on July 14th, the day when a group of revolutionaries and troops stormed the medieval Bastille fortress in Paris that was being used as a prison for political prisoners. 

While there were not many prisoners being held at the Bastille at that time, the prison symbolised the stringent and oppressive rule of the Bourbon monarchy. Food shortages coupled with the anger over attempts to assemble and draft a constitution mounted and the storming of the Bastille marked the start of the French Revolution that would see the overthrow of King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette.

Hence, July 14th or “Le Quatorze Juillet”, became the date for “la fete nationale” or national day for the French. Ironically, outside of France, the day is referred to as Bastille Day but if you were to talk about Bastille Day in France, you may find the French being dumbfounded by this terminology.

Feasts and military parades became the order of the day to honour the French Republic on July 14th since 1879 although it would be almost a year later before the French Assembly voted that it would be a national holiday. Needless to say, the celebrations that have taken place for more than 135 years have always had food as its centre piece.

French cuisine is well known all over the world and was fully developed in the late nineteenth century by Georges Auguste Escoffier, who is acknowledged as the main figure in developing the national cuisine of France. The national cuisine which developed primarily in the city of Paris with chefs to the French royalty, eventually spread throughout the country and was ultimately exported overseas. 

Today it’s all about globalization and innovation, and French cuisine is now no longer the preserve of the few selected but is available to all and sundry who appreciates good food.

As part of France’s “le fete nationale”, Soleil, under the stewardship of its award-winning Belgium Chef, Evert Ondereke, is excited to announce that commencing from July 14th to the 31st, a tempting array of “A Modern Twist on French Classics” will be on offer, comprising an assembly of multiple and concise haute menus with authentic French flavours which will be exquisitely served and matched with wine pairings from SW Wine Depot, one of the finest French cellars in Malaysia to complement Chef Evert’s creations. 

The experience will excite and stimulate the palette of any diner and will create an everlasting memory of France’s “Le Quartoze Juillet”.

Join this unique celebration with Soleil

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1.      Gratineed Coquilles St Jacques
Sauteed baby spinach, Gruyere cheese

Main Course
2.      Sole Meuniere
Pan fried Dover sole, Endive and moutarde de meaux salad, pommes de terre persillees

3.      Deconstructed Millefeuille

Vanilla cream, Pistachio mousse, Strawberry gel, Berries and Mascarpone ice-crea

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