Wednesday, July 5, 2017



An Unforgettable Odyssey with Samadhi Trails

Whisking you away on a seven-day journey, the Samadhi Trails is an utterly unique itinerary that showcases the very best of our properties.
Taking you from an island paradise at Japamala Resort, to our urban retreats in the heart of the city at Villa Samadhi, rejuvenate at our rustic-luxe properties as we pamper you with an array of gourmet dinners, wellness experiences, and exciting daytrips.

Authentic Thai Street Food

This July, Tamarind Hill Kuala Lumpur unveils over 40 of Thailand's best street food, elevating the humble dishes into truly gratifying and refined creations.

Breakfast in the Park

Brighten your mornings at Tamarind Hill Singapore with the new weekend breakfast menu. Enjoy a myriad of dishes prepared a la minute, or feast on the hearty buffet with smoothies and more.

Keeping Traditions Alive

From juicing kilograms of green limes via a hand press, to blending 11 ingredients to create traditional curry pastes, utmost care goes into the preparation of each dish.
To deliver the most authentic experience possible, Tamarind Restaurants' community of Thai chefs navigate an intricate culinary labyrinth daily, preparing each dish from scratch with fresh ingredients.

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