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Planet J Kicks-off 2015 with the Mascot Debut & Exciting Characters
The world’s first Live-Action-Role-Play Theme Park Launches Key Story Figures

Planet J, the world’s first player-centric ‘Live-Action-Role-Play’ theme park, welcomes the new year with the launch of its mascot and key characters. 

Opening at Sands Cotai Central in Macau this summer, the much-awaited theme park is set against the fantasy backdrop of the Magic Stone Kingdom. Inspired by childhood imagination, Planet J creates an adventure land that engages its players in both vision and senses.

Who wouldn’t harbour the desire to be the swashbuckling hero and be face-to-face with the world's great challenges? With this in mind, Planet J has designed the fantasy place to bring our dreams alive! 

Set in the western world of the middle age, adventurers to the Magic Stone Kingdom will have the experience of becoming a character in the story and engage 360 degrees within the exciting narrative. Central to the theme park experience for its visitors is Magic Stone Bobo, guardian of the Kingdom and mascot of Planet J. 

The lovable blue ‘flame-shaped’ Magic Stone Bobo is the friendly guide to adventurers of the Kingdom. Other key characters includes the kind-hearted Princess Belle, who demonstrates her faith and love in wars and battles, and the dashing Odin- the Acting Chief Royal Wizard- who has the task of setting right the chaos in the Kingdom. 

With help from adventurers of Planet J, their missions are to save the kingdom from imminent doom.

Redefining the genre of RPG (Role-playing Games), the experience at Planet J combines technology with creativity, bringing the platform of virtual adventure into physical reality. Planet J is where you can act out the actions, propel the story and pursue the goal of saving the Magic Stone Kingdom by interacting with its characters, whether on screen or in ‘reality.’

Key Planet J Characters       
                            Magic Stone Bobo
Mascot of the Magic Stone Kingdom, Magic Stone Bobo is cheery, generous and expressive; even when it shows you a frown he is still totally lovable. 

On Magic Stone Bobo’s forehead is the sparkling pink-purple magic stone, and with the power of the stone, it assists the advanturer of the Kingdom to cast magic in order to maintain the balance of right and evil on Planet J. 

Magic Stone Bobo also helps adventurers on using their strength and tactics, as well as manipulating weapons.

Princess Belle
The beautiful and elegant Princess Belle belongs to the Royal Family, but she is down-to-earth and kind-hearted. 

Her bright purple hair symbolizes kindness, while her big brown eyes spell hope for the Kingdom. A role model to all, she spends much time with her people, from story-telling to children to rescuing the injured in wars.

Odin, Acting Chief Royal Wizard
Odin, the Acting Chief Royal Wizard of the Magic Stone Kingdom, is the young and talented magician who always dresses to perfection in a strict and tidy manner. 

Responsible for protecting the Kingdom and its people with his magic power, Odin’s has to rid of the Evil Magic Stone Creatures, and from time to time, he needs help from adventurers to achieve the goal.

State-of-the-art Mobile Technology Connects Adventurers with Magic Stone Kingdom
Planet J, the first theme park in Macau will transform visitors- be they parents, children, or kidults- into full-fledged adventurers. 

It is a first-of-its-kind family entertainment that combines all-round physical activities and mental challenges. Behind the creativity of Planet J is a stellar team of professionals from the entertainment industry in Hong Kong and Macau who are well experienced in game and character designs. 

This staggering pool of home-grown talent, who are recognised internationally in the field, demonstrates the quality and innovation behind Planet J.

Central to the adventurers’ participation of Planet J is the ‘Magic Scroll.’ This personalised mobile gear connects adventurers with Magic Stone Bobo, the story’s NPCs (Non-Player Characters) and over 200 whimsical games. 

It assigns specific paths for the adventurers, taking them to different games, and locations. With this set-up, every player at Planet J will have their unique adventure story and challenges.

The ‘Magic Scroll is also equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System) function. With the technology, the location of magic scroll holders can be tracked to ensure the players’ safety at the park. Additionally, it helps to avoid the over-crowding of players at specific games areas by diverting them to other routes.

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About Planet J
Located at Sands Cotai Central in Macau, Planet J is the world’s first ‘Live-Action-Role-Play’ theme park, covering over 100,000 square feet. Developed by Planet J (Macau) Limited, a member of Jumpin Gym Digital Entertainment Limited under Jumpin Gym USA Limited, Planet J is dedicated to be the leading global chain of interactive themed destinations for children, families and kidults. For more information, please visit:

Planet J on social media platforms

Picture 1: The ‘Live-Action-Role-Play’ adventure will be carried out in 8 exquisite featured zones at Planet J
Picture 2: Magic Stone Bobo, the guardian of the Magic Stone Kingdom
Picture 3: Princess Belle

Picture 4: Odin, Acting Chief Royal Wizard 

Picture 5: The “Magic Scroll” highlights the GPS technology that connects players with over 200 whimsical games at the park
Introduction of Main Characters  
Magic Stone Bobo  

Appearance From a rare and magical race, with a sparkling magic stone on its forehead. 

Occupation Guardian of The Magic Stone Kingdom, Bobo maintains the balance of good and evil on Planet J. It also assists the magician in casting spells. Background Bobo lives in Bobo Village and received training from Bobo Senior when it was small. 

When it senses the arrival of the Adventurer, Bobo will go to The Magic Stone Kingdom to welcome him/her.  As the Kingdom is now facing distress, Bobo will join the Adventurer, assisting him/her to resolve the crisis in the Kingdom. 

Personality  Generous and reliable. Bobo trusts and assists the Adventurer, offering support through good and bad times.  Expressive and lively. Bobo is enthusiastic about Human tribe and Magic Stone Creatures, and can be friends with them.  Mischievous. Interesting things can easily excite Bobo and it won’t stop talking.  Cheery and optimistic. When facing troubles, Bobo faces them with positivity and encourages the Adventurer. 

Favorites  Always loves to say “Yo!”.  Looking forward to an Adventurer who admires it.  Loves human snacks, especially potato chips.  Has strong curiosity and likes to learn new things.  Loves to make new friends, no matter which races they are from.  Hopes the people in The Magic Stone Kingdom find peace and happiness. 

Relationship with others 
 As the partner of the magician, Bobo is respected and looked after by people in The Magic Stone Kingdom.  Bobo can make friends and communicate with many Magic Stone Creatures.    
Princess Belle  

Appearance Beautiful and elegant. 
Occupation The Princess of The Magic Stone Kingdom. 

Background; With the love and care from family, Belle developed a kind and considerate personality But she didn’t understand the responsibilities of being a Princess until she was attacked by the Evil Magic Stone Creatures while representing the King to visit the front line soldier years ago. 

All the soldiers and knights were hurt while protecting Belle. She started to realize her duties as a Princess, leading to her volunteering to rescue the injured in wars. 

Personality  Considerate. Always visit and comfort the injured citizens, sharing the responsibilities of the King and her brother.   Brave and tough. Does not give up when helping the injured soldiers and facing fierce fighting at the front line.  Nice and generous. Always stays with her people rather than at home. Easy to get along with but also maintains her elegance.  Sometimes willful. For example, Belle insists on rescuing the front line soldiers without listening to her grandfather’s advice. 

Favorites  Loves singing and Belle has a sweet voice.  Loves cute things. She once liked Pillow so much and held it for a long time, scaring Pillow.   Loves playing with children. She is always telling stories to children in Pumpkin Nursery.  Loves to explore and her brother Odin always blames her for this. 

Relationships with others 
 Princess Belle is the role model to her citizens; it is hard to find a person who is dissatisfied with her.  Belle learns medical knowledge from Michelle and they are like sisters to each other.  She respects her brother Gabriel and he loves her dearly.  She stays with Odin when they are small and they like each other.   


Appearance Young and handsome, always dresses to perfection in a strict and tidy manner.  

Occupation Acting Chief Royal Wizard Background The son of a businessman who lives in Blue Mountain Ridge. Odin’s magic talents were known once he was born. When he was five, Odin was sent to The Palace Affiliated Wizard School to train in wizardry. 

Due to his talents, he was chosen by Rudolph as his protégé, who directly trained Odin in wizardry. Odin already helped Aszakar to handle daily matters and after Aszakar’s disappearance, Odin naturally became the Acting Chief Royal Wizard, staying at Palace Grande to manage various issues, and also conducting researches on magic in the Magic Quarters. 

In order to investigate the truth of the Evil Magic Stone Creatures, Odin travels to different places, including the towns or the outlands. 

Personality  Helpful. Tries his best to help people in need and is proud of helping others.  Leadership. Good at managing people.  As the head of the Wizards, every decision he makes should be careful. Odin is a perfectionist, so he is always nervous and tense. He feels the need to be strong and heroic so he hides his worry.  Simple and honest. He becomes embarrassed when being teased.  

Favorites  Magic research, especially how the Magic Circle increases his magical powers.   Reading, especially books related to magic.  Listening to music, Odin is a loyal fan of Chunky Rats Orchestra. Relationship with others  Popular among young citizens, especially female.  Good relationship with royal members, Torqual and Lypas do not underestimate Odin even though he is young, rather, they show respect to him.  Odin respects Aszakar and Rudolph, who have rich knowledge in magic. He looks upon Aszakar as his brother and Rudolph as grandfather.  

 Odin like Princess Belle, but due to the statuses of each other, he refrains from telling her his true feelings.   
About Planet J  Located at Sands Cotai Central in Macau, Planet J is the world’s first ‘Live-Action-Role-Play’ theme park, covering over 100,000 square feet. Developed by Planet J (Macau) Limited, a member of Jumpin Gym Digital Entertainment Limited under Jumpin Gym USA Limited, Planet J is dedicated to become a leading global chain of interactive themed destinations for children, families and kidults. For more information, please visit:   
Planet J on social media platforms: Facebook –  Weibo –  

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