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Of course such a resort is expensive and the average rate is around RM 1,200 a night depending on high, low or mid season but this is the normal price of a hotel of this class.

Intercontinental Danang is 30 minutes drive from Danang city on Sun peninsula and is really a retreat as you can stay here for a few days and not step out of the expansive gardens and facilities like the famous spa.

The last time Nadia Abdullah stayed here, she paid RM 1,700 a night but swears it was worth every sen.

In fact, Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort is so exclusive outsiders cannot just drive in for a look-see! You need to phone in advance and make a booking to dine at the  restaurant or bar or enjoy some of the facilities. Once approved, your name will be on the check list of the security guards manning the entrance! Then only are you allowed to drive in.

Stone monkeys lining road lead the way to Vietnam's best resort!

The drive is not very huge nor magnificent and seems quite narrow but cosy
This openair seating greets me upon arrival
This facade or folly faces the hotel lobby
Couple sitting in annexe at top
Dato Wenddi-Ann Chong
Opposite the red seats is this cosy corner overlooking the sea and mountains
Sleek and stylish lobby
Stunning as you can see Dato Kee Hua Chee

What a view
The resort stretches from lobby down to the beach which seems like an awfully long trek!
The porcelain qilin looks out to Danang beach
Overlooks Monkey Bay
Languid waters
Pool complex
Staircase to heaven
Qilin looking in
One qilin looks out, another looks in!
Million dollar view
Beach area
Grand pool complex

Nadia Abdullah, Dato Wenddi-Ann Chong, Jasmine Raj and Michelle Kwok
Kim Goo and Dato Kee Hua Chee join in
These 2 guys are from Kelantan but Dato Kee Hua Chee got his Datoship from HRH Sultan of Pahang
Kayla, Nadia's daughter, joins in
Sit here for a magnificent view

Yes, I was in heaven!
Raise the red lantern!
Looks like a railway...
Or a boat
Pagoda? Not really
 You can take the train as often as you like gratis

 GM of resort

 Nadia Abdullah and GM
 More monkey balustrades
Malaysian contingent
 The funicular train is shaped like Vietnamese boat
Archway to beach
Shell deisgn

 Kim Goo in action
First time Kim is hamming it up
One leg show
 The 2 trains

Having a swinging time

Ivan Wong and Alvin Cheah

 Jasmine Raj wears black and white to blend with decor
 Now you see her, now you don't

 Barefoot Cafe
 Giant fans move slowly and gracefully

So nice
 Nadia, Michelle and Jasmine
 Sexy gals

Kim Goo relaxing
 and Dato Wenddi-Ann his lover
 Nadia and daughter Kayla
Mother and daughter bonding
 Suspended chairs!

 Good life!

So creative
Fantastic decor at Barefoot Cafe
 Jasmine Raj in action again
 B/W is so stylish
 Leg show
Need water to recover from Jasmine Raj

 Bronze monkey

 Some thought it was real
3 hamsters and 1 monkey
 Back to Heaven!
 Monkey at Citron restaurant
So cute this sitting monkey wearing sarong
Table with view
of Monkey Bay

 Suspended tables over water!

Love these 2 monkeys
Own railway

Stay here and enjoy life to the max!

 Peeing monkey
Big wee-wee!

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