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BONIA is taking you to the enchanting Duduland Carnival- a place like nowhere else.

City life is just like the kaleidoscope- the vividness of patterns resembles the urbanites as well as their lifestyles. Sitting by the sidewalk café, I sipped the aromatic coffee as I set my eyes on the groups of passerby; and I realised that I’m not the only one who’s having my morning coffee which act as energy booster for hectic morning. 

Almost every of us try to freshen up our every day in various ways- a dose of caffeine in the aromatic liquid, a newspaper to catch up with the latest news from every corner of the world and also a set of smart and chic outfit.

When you spend your day in the boutiques, do you catch yourself darting your eyes on clothes and accessories that neatly display on the rack? You are aware that you’re looking for something new and suitable; yet still wondering what should you pick from the many varieties that fill your sights? 

We’ve always wanted to feel fresh. But, what is the definition of fresh new looks?

As we are always one step ahead in the fashion society, BONIA Spring/Summer 2015 unleashed NUOVO. Nuovo is an Italian noun that brings the meaning of NEW and FRESH. 

BONIA’s designers introduce you the brand new concept for this brand new season of 2015, deciding to fresh you up with the new designs that painted with new colours, reminding you of the winsomeness and freshness of awaken warm seasons- spring and summer.

Travel with Your Inner Child
As its name implies, Duduland Carnival is a special edition of BONIA. Inspired by the inner child and joy of one’s childhood, BONIA’s designers encase the fun and loving characters into your mirror cases. Hang the adorable mirror case on your favourite handbag and carry it everywhere you go to ‘jazz’ up your pizzazz fashion.

Let’s meet the adorable and amiable citizens of Duduland Carnival!

Dudu, the wise panda
“Welcome to the Duduland. I’m Dudu, one of the citizens in Duduland Carnival. Do you know the importance of life and family? In my opinion, what’s more important is to know the balance between both of these essentials of life. Citizens in the town called me the wise man of Duduland, because I’m a good advisor. They said I’m strong and independent panda. Well, that’s also the important characteristics to know the importance of life journey. Don’t you think so?”

BB, the faithful dog
“Hey! What do you think about Duduland’s safety? Why am I asking? Ah, my bad for not introducing myself. I’m BB, the policeman in town. I respect my work very well as the policeman; I can keep my homeland- Duduland Carnival the most peaceful town in the world. So, if you find any suspicious persons, crimes or injustices, report to me. I’ll arrest the bad villain immediately.”

Lily, the brilliant chicken
“Hello! It’s nice to meet you. I’m Lily. Say, would you like to participate in our upcoming event? It’s fun and exciting! I’ll be singing my favourite song on the stage as well. Yes, I can sing and I love singing so much. The citizens in town always compliment about my sweet voice. Tee-hee… You should also attend our gathering as well. Ah, yes! I love organizing events and gatherings, so that we can meet more new friends from all around the world. Life is always more beautiful when friends are here with you.”

Yoyo, the wisdom owl
“Good day to you. I’m Yoyo, the best teacher and the Mr. Know-It-All in town. Knowledge and wisdom are both very important in our lives. Knowledge is learning the facts while wisdom is to understand what to do with the facts you know. Just like you know tomato is fruit, this is knowledge; and you understand that you can’t put a tomato into the fruit salad. Do you understand? Interesting? Yes, it is. Every detail of everything is important and interesting. Let’s be my student. I shall teach you everything patiently.”

Dede, the graceful deer
“Hello, I’m Dede. Do you like ballet? I love it very much. It’s always been my favourite activity to dance in the forest with my troops of dancers. It brings me the feeling of being young, wild and free. Eh? Is ballet something wild? No, it’s graceful and beautiful, and wonderful. And so am I? I’m glad that everyone including you see me this way and making me everyone’s favourite. Thank you very much.”

Nana, the magical cat
“Welcome to Duduland Carnival! Please allow me to welcome you with my amazing magic trick. Do I know magic? Of course I do. It is my profession. I like the surprised faces that all my audiences make during my performances. I’m entertaining the citizens of Duduland while they’re also entertaining me with their happy faces. What’s the secret of magic? Creativity, it is. You want to learn magic, too? Think out of the box and you’ll find the door of magic.”

 Mei Mei, the adventurous goat
“Ciao! I’m Mei Mei. Oh, please don’t mind my luggage bags. I’ve just returned from travel. Oh, I love travel. To travel around the world- this is my life goal. I want to see different things, different cultures and different people in the world. Call me curious baby, but there’s always an unanswered question in my mind- what is the taste of one’s local cuisine? And this is why I explore and still exploring.”

Qiqi, the social penguin
“Hello! I’m Qiqi, the social worker in town. As a social worker, social communication is very important and I enjoy having conversation with others. Through communication, we build teamwork and then, people around the world will be unified. They say I’m a social butterfly, but I’m a penguin. So, that makes me a social penguin! If you face any difficulties in life, please do not hesitate to talk to me. I’ll always be there for you.”


Established since 1974, BONIA, an international brand, has created a trademark legend in the leatherwear fashion, achieving many key milestones among the many accolades it receives. BONIA, the Italian Inspiration, has been building its identity consistently and constantly, by emphasizing its three main keys in the brand at all time:

Modern, Elegant and Contemporary.

BONIA products start from sourcing the best and finest quality leather, from Italy to the rest of Europe, where key management is personally immersed in each selection process.

Stringent sets of guidelines are followed for each and every batch of leather materials followed by our superior craftsmanship. Never a mere commercialized production; BONIA signature pieces require higher skills sets to produce the best quality products. Yet, BONIA has always delivered the elegant fashion style to its customers without failed.



From modest beginnings in Singapore in 1974, Bonia Corporation Berhad (BONIA) has grown to be one of Asia’s leading fashion retailers  -  designing, producing and distributing luxury leather goods, accessories, and footwear made with European styling, quality and craftsmanship. 

With a network of over 1100 sales outlets and 140 standalone boutiques throughout the world including countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Brunei and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Group continues to develop its global presence by forging strong networks with key partners around the world.

In addition to its flagship fashion label, BONIA, the Group is also behind successful brands such as Sembonia and Carlo Rino. 

Besides co-owned the brand Braun Buffel, it also holds the license to distribute international labels such as Valentino Rudy, The Savile Row Company, Enrico Coveri, Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club, Renoma Paris, Renoma Café Gallery, Jeep, Austin Reed and Pierre Cardin.

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