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The Musical Fireworks Competition is a series of pyro-musical displays given by renowned fireworks manufacturers, each representing a different country.
The Countries are:

Team South Africa         - 28 April 2015
Team Vietnam               - 28 April 2015
Team USA                      - 28 April 2015
Team Australia              - 29 April 2015
Team Poland                 - 29 April 2015

Each fireworks show lasts a minimum of 20 - 22 minutes.

After each competitor’s show, a jury of local personalities assesses and marks the performance, the winner is announced and trophy awarded.


Pyro-musical synchronization is an art form that can only be mastered through experience. The teams that participate in the Competition possess the skills required to distinguish themselves at the summit of the Pyro-Musical Arts. The fireworks makers who design the 20-minute pyro-musical displays are more than just Pyro-Technicians; they are Artistic Innovators.

The designers use music as a starting point for the creation of the displays to be presented in Danang, Vietnam. The choice of music determines the rhythm and the meaning that the artist wants to give to the presentation. Then, the crucial step consists of selecting the pyrotechnics according to their esthetical and technical characteristics.

It is essential to take into account the timing, the seconds or fractions of second between the time a piece is launched and its release in the sky. Developing a plan for 20 minutes' worth of launches requires months and months of painstaking effort and work


·         Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2015 will be one of the biggest International Musical Fireworks Competition in this region.

·         “One of the biggest” because the number of fireworks shows (20 -22 minutes per show will be launched on the basis of 5 show displays on 2 nights

·         “International” because it will feature fireworks from many different countries plus the teams invited for DIFC are leading firework companies who have won many awards in previous world competitions.

·         “Musical” because the fireworks will be synchronised to inspiring music, like marionettes that actually dance to music before the public’s very eyes.

·         “Competition” because the participating countries will go all out to win the special city of Da Nang Trophy

·         Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2015 - an international fireworks championship where the World’s best will display their Artistic show choreography


DIFC 2015 is organized for the 7th time beginning with DIFC 2008 held in March. This year’s organiser and host of DIFC Da Nang People Committee and the producer and consultant are Global2000 International Limited.  Global2000 works very closely with DOFA for all the support and logistics.

DIFC 2013 saw a total of 500 thousand visitors during 2 nights of events, or approximately 250,000 visitors on each of its performance nights. Now DIFC is the largest and most elaborate fireworks competition of its kind in the Southeast Asian region.

Performance dates and profiles of the participating teams for DIFC 2015 are as follows:

28 April       -        Team South Africa presenting
                             (Fireworks for Africa)

Started in 1996, Fireworks for Africa has steadily grown with the demand for quality fireworks and pyrotechnics shows in South Africa. Once we were established on our home soil, we began to receive enquiries from the rest of Africa, before branching out to a worldwide audience. 

We have mastered our trade and pride ourselves on helping our clients to decide on a display strategy, while we design an event to dazzle them (whether large or small) and execute their performances efficiently and within budget.

28 April       -        Team USA presenting
                             (Pyrotecnico Inc)

In 1889 Constantino Vitale started his fireworks company in Pietramelara, Italy. In 1920 he immigrated to the United States through Ellis Island making a home for his family and company in New Castle, Pennsylvania - a small town between Pittsburgh and Cleveland that would become known as "The Fireworks Capital of America." Constantino brought with him centuries of fireworks expertise which he taught to his apprentices his children and grandchildren. 

The Vitale family developed a reputation for grand and dramatic fireworks displays and the business grew rapidly in the United States. We've built hundreds of decades-long relationships by helping our clients stay unruffled while we dazzle their audiences. More than 2,000 times a year, we guide events producers confidently through every step of every show, from consultation all the way through to cleanup.

28 April       -        Team Vietnam presenting
                             (Team Da Nang, Vietnam)

Founded in August 2008, Team Da Nang-Viet Nam was the first Vietnamese pyrotechnic team to participate in international fireworks competitions using modern firing equipment.  

Their team members train abroad and often enhance their skills in pyro-musical choreography.  People in Da Nang and friends abroad have enjoyed sparkling fireworks displays by Team Da Nang-Viet Nam in various competitions and national celebrations.  pyrotechnic shows with high professionalism, modern equipment and delightful fireworks compositions.

29 April       -        Team Australia presenting
                             (Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics Display Pty. Ltd.)

This famous Australian fireworks family found its spark back in 1922 with Sydney Howard snr, who followed his keen interest in the art of pyrotechnics by manufacturing small quantities of fireworks in Newcastle, New South Wales. As word passed around of Mr Howard’s extraordinary skill, demand for his services increased. 

Harry Howard soon joined his father at their new Sydney factory, where they worked together to produce Roman Candles, Mines, Fountains and Aerial Shells. Howard & Sons was commissioned to produce dazzling fireworks displays for many of Australia’s major festivals.  Harry’s sons, Les and Syd Howard, were the next generation to join the Howard & Sons team. 

His perfectionism won the company the prestigious contract to supply Disneyland and Disneyworld in the US, the largest daily users of the fireworks in the world.

29 April       -        Team Poland presenting
                             (Surex Firma Rodzinna)

In 2008 our first pyrotechnic festival took place. In cooperation with the municipality council of Szczecin, in the second week of August we created the "Pyromagic" International Fireworks Festival that had the audience of nearly 60000 people. As a follow up of this success in 2009 we organized together with the municipality council of our home town, Bielsko-Biała, another festival, called the "Masters of Fire" Barbeque and Fireworks Festival. 

The first edition organized during the last weekend of May was viewed by the large audience of 50000 people. Such results show that the festival competitions are able to interest and attract large audiences.  

Our competitive advantage includes not only the selection of the generally available pyrotechnic product range, but thanks to our own imports from China, Italy, Germany and Spain, we can offer a diverse, tailor-made products. Each of the product we use is EN certified for sale within the EC and has the ADR certificate - the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, allowing for the transportation.


Fireworks use black powder, also known as gunpowder. They are classed as low explosives in contrast to the infinitely more powerful high explosives such as TNT and dynamite. In pyrotechnics an oxidizer and a fuel react together to produce light.

Bombs and mortars - The central tool in fireworks is the shell or "bomb". A bomb is usually round or cylindrical in shape and is covered with a casing of cardboard and/or plastic and twine - with a lift-charge beneath it made from black powder.

The formulas - There are only about 100 top fireworks manufacturers in the world. Each company's formulas are closely-guarded secrets. The chemical and powder recipes are often handed down through generations of families. The colour, animation, sound and flight pattern of each shell depends on its design and on the blend of its chemical ingredients.

The colours - In fireworks there are six common colours, made by adding a specific chemical compound – White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue & Orange. Deep blue and purple are the most difficult fireworks colours to create because they have a very narrow band on the colour spectrum, requiring the chemical reaction to be absolutely perfect. 

In fact, the creation of a deep blue flame remains one of the great unsolved challenges to pyrotechnicians. However, blue and green are considered the most dangerous colours to produce.




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