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I thought Burgertory would be at street level since fast food joints need plenty of traffic and walk-in customers. So I was  amazed to discover Burgertory is on the first floor and I had to climb a flight of steps.

Explained owner/conceptor/chef Colin Yeo who is all of 31, "Burgertory food speaks for itself and no one minds climbing some steps. Of course the main reason is rent! Up here on the first floor is much cheaper, half the price of street level! I want my burgers to be more affordable because our current prices are around RM 15 per burger which cannot be compared with international fast food chains. If I have to pay higher rent then the burger prices will have to increase which is bad news."

As it is, business was booming when I was there and due to Buddha's blessings, I was able to share a high table without waiting. But a long queue was already at the cashier/order counter. 

There are no individual menus at tables so diners order from the giant menu on adjoining wall. Most seem to know what to do and I was probably one of the few first timers.

I congratulated Colin Yeo on the high number of customers. He shook his head sadly, "Now Burgertory may appear to be full house due to slowing economy it cannot be compared to business last year---the queue stretched all the way from cashier counter all the way outside to the staircase! 

"We can only seat 80 but at any one time, we had 150 diners! But we could cope as the experienced staff have 5 to 6 years of experience. Now things have slowed a lot but we are not complaining though!"

I thought Burgertory is a play on 'purgatory' but I thought far too deeply!

Grinned Colin Yeo, "I dunno what is the meaning of purgatory! Burgertory is a word from Burger Factory! That's all as I am not fancy writer like you!"

This is patently true as I am the bestestest writer in observable universe just as Burgertory offers the best couture burgers in this side of the universe.

Noted Colin Yeo, "Our main appeal is we actually use real Wagyu beef! Yes, is true. I mean, not the best Wagyu cuts but still Wagyu beef all the same so you get quality beef. 

"Waiting time is minimum 15 minutes to 35 minutes depending on the queue. This is not fast food and nothing is pre-cooked and re-heated so you need give us time to cook like you would at home."

As proof Burgertory is best burger in Malaysia, they are doing so well they can afford to be 'action'. Burgertory is closed on Mondays! 

If anyone had told me Burgertory closes on Monday I would have bet my bottom dollar (not worthless ringgit) and lost my fortune inherited from my billionaire grandparents. 

Worse, had anyone bet with me Burgertory closes for lunch I would have lost my soul! 

I asked Colin Yeo if he is Chinese as no chinaman would dream of closing for lunch 6 days a week and completely close the restaurant on Monday!

"There is no outsourcing you see, as everything is done inhouse right here at the back." said the owner, "We have no factory or production outlet. All ingredients are bought daily and delivered fresh. The preparation takes time and we cannot finish in time to open for lunch. Everything is done by hand, including weighing the ingredients and meat."

I asked if Burgertory opens at 10pm and closes at 11pm, giving us only 1 hour.

Colin Yeo laughed, "We open from 6 pm to 11 pm, giving you 5 hours!"

Walao! Super act! Just like me.

 Main menu

 My favorite and best-seller!
 Decor is industrial chic
 The wooden seats and tables are of solid wood 

 The stool at left is incredibly heavy!

 Cheesy bacon bits with fries. RM 13. Excellent starter
 Porky Nest RM 15
 Big Fry Belly RM 16
 Incredibly delicious. Thinking about it makes me orgasmic
 Big Fry Pork Belly and Porky Nest
 Colin Yeo is 31 and chef-ed at Sheraton, JW Marriott and OneWorld Hotel before opening Burgertory

 Dato Kee Hua Chee and Colin Yeo

 My all time favorite---I ate 2 and cost me RM 32
 Pig Meat Nest Burger RM 15
 Killer hot---Habanero Hot Lips RM 18
 You supposed to eat cornetto style using wrapper to hold
 Fiery and delicious
 Masala Chicken Burger RM 16
Indian touch

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