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Felixia Yeap is now Malaysia's hottest model, known as the first Malaysian Playboy Bunny and an ultra sexy model. She was hand picked to be Playboy Bunny during the grand opening of Playboy Club Macau, the only Playboy Club in Asia since the Playboy Club Manila at Silahis hotel closed in 1991.


Her original contract was for 1 month from 20 November to end December as Playboy Club Macao needed power Bunnies for the opening season. Being so pretty, sexy and articulate of course she was offered a fulltime job as Playboy Bunny but she gave it up for Malaysia! HOORAY!
Felixia Yeap is no longer a Playboy Bunny but Playboy Club Macao continues to use her lovely face in their advertisements and posters. This is in the lift of Sands Casino Hotel.
P1000612 (2).JPG
Felixia Yeap when she was working as Playboy Club Bunny in Macao
P1000612 (2).JPG
A hot kiss from cool honey bunny
P1000612 (2).JPG
Felixia looking cute as a bunny
P1000612 (2).JPG
This Bunny loves pussies as she was born in Year of Tiger
P1000612 (2).JPG
Felixia with fellow Bunnies
P1000612 (2).JPG
Bunnies galore!
P1000612 (2).JPG
Don't you love to be tickled by this honey-bunny?
P1000612 (2).JPG
The FHM cover that shot her to fame
P1000612 (2).JPG
Felixia brandishing the high end Panasonic Lumix camera on the cover of HD Video
P1000612 (2).JPG
Felixia on cover of T3 promoting Lumix

Felixia Yeap just wanted to be back home in Kuala Lumpur and work as a model rather than be grounded in the penthouse where Playboy Club Macao is located. So their loss is our gain!

I had lunch with her today at Madam Kwan, one of my favourite restaurants at KLCC. She arrived in a black sequined top with T that skimmed the surface of her skinny jeans and exposed her navel a bit. With tight jeans, high heels and dark blonde tresses reaching past her breasts, she turned heads as everyone stared in admiration and of course their eyes also descended upon me as I was the lucky chappy she was meeting!

I must say we looked stunning as a couple though she is now seeing someone but after what happened to Prince Charles and Princess Diana, I can safely predict nothing can be predicted!

So there we were, sitting on the terrace of Madam Kwan and knowing many eyes were on us. And why not? I was wearing my signature shirt, pants and shoes with my face painted on them and Felixia just looked drop dead gorgeous.

First her name.

When I was given her name in Macao by Jamela, one of Playboy Club's Bunnies, I assumed it was spelled Felicia Yap but luckily being so thorough, I asked for the spelling only to be told it is 'Felixia Yeap' and not Felicia Yap. I tried adding her in Facebook as friend but failed as there were too many! So I could not contact her via Facebook but being a investigative journalist, I asked fellow model Adrian Loh who contacted another male model Kit Wai who produced her handphone. It helps to have contacts!

I ask if she was trying to be different by spelling Felicia as Felixia.

"No, it is from the word 'Felix' as in the cartoon character 'Felix the Cat', the wonderful, wonderful cat, remember? I love cats and 'felix' refers to creatures from the feline family. I originally wanted to use 'Felix' as my Christian name but 'Felix Yeap' sounds so masculine so I turned it into the feminine version and that is how 'Felixia' came into being. I guess I have a natural affinity for cats and even big cats like lions as I was born in the Year of the Tiger!"

Since she loves pussies so much, how many does she have?

OK so I assume she would not be keeping a tiger, panther, leopard, cheetah. jaguar or lion as a pet so what breed is her cat? Some exotic Bengal, Siamese or Persian pussy perhaps?

"I don't have any cat!" she smiled teasingly. "I am renting a room so it is not convenient as I have to consider my housemates since I can't keep a cat locked up in my small room."

She was born in Kuala Lumpur but grew up in Ipoh where her parents remain. Back in her family home surely she kept cats?

"No, strangely enough, despite my love for cats, I never kept any! Mainly because my little brother has asthma so we couldn't keep furry animals. I don't mind not having my own cat. There were always plenty of stray cats living around our house in Ipoh so I used to play with them and feed them."

Felixia Yeap looks pretty as a picture with feminine, delicate features, slim body and graceful movements but as a child she was quite a tomboy and adventurous. Not just climbing trees and swimming in rivers or climbing the limestone hills of Ipoh but she was into spider fighting!

Yup, spider fighting of all things!

How does one get 2 spiders to fight in the first place?

Giggled Felixia, "Easy, just get 2 male spiders and put them into a transparent container! And they will fight! It amused me when I was a kid but no spider ever died so I am not guilty!"

Er, how did she know a spider is male or female? I would not be able to tell a spider's sex unless I am Spiderman and I am not Spiderman! I mean, checking a pussy to tell if it is male or female is easy-peesy but a spider? Thank God it was not a poisonous Tarantula! Or Bird-Eating Spider! Or some venomous spider from outer space!

"Oh I could always tell as a child if a spider is male or not," she said nonchalantly. "Male spiders have smaller abdomen and I was always able to find spiders. I am not afraid of creepy-crawlies. Oh I also caught tadpoles, butterflies and chameleons! Yes I know most people find that weird but I am in tune with nature and just loved exploring the wilderness and 'belukar' outside Ipoh. I am all for nature!"

Tadpoles! Urgh! I love bitches, by which I mean female dogs. What about her?

For the first time, Felixia Yeap hesitated. She said slowly, "Er, I do like dogs but somehow, I don't think dogs like me!"

Maybe the male dogs will lick her, not the bitches. I am sure my darling poodle puppy Dedione will adore her so let's see what happens when she visits my palace.

Of course we all need to know her vital stats so here you go; 32C--24.5--34.5 which is precisely the measurements of her assets which are down to decimal points!

I point out this is not very big as indeed she is not that top heavy!

"Yes, this is true. My breasts were among the smallest when I was Playboy Bunny in Macao," she said nonplussed. "You don't need humunguous boobs to be a Playboy Bunny but you need to be proportionate and have a nice, feminine figure."

The rest of her biodata; 24 years old, 49 kg and 173 cm tall. With heels she is catwalk model height!

Felixia Yeap started modelling at 19 when she arrived in Kuala Lumpur for that reason. Unfortunately she met a guy who became her boyfriend who insisted she stopped modelling for obvious reasons---fear he might lose her to others!

Of course if had the confidence like me, he should have allowed her to continue modelling. Sighed Felixia, "I gave up modelling for 2 years. I was young, innocent, unsure of my footing and so I followed his wish. He didn't like me to model and asked me to stop. I was obedient so I stopped and became a kindergarten teacher in Bangsar. The pay was poor and I was continually asked to model and take part in beauty contests but I said no due to my boyfriend.

"Then he dumped me for another girl! Can you believe? I was upset but life went on. I learned a lesson and now I am independent and know my own mind. It was a blessing in disguise as God had a plan for me. Mind you, now I am more a free thinker though as a kid I went to Catholic church."

She is seeing someone again in KL. "He is fine with my modelling so everything is cool."

At 21 she started modelling again. FHM was running their Girl Next Door campaign and she sent in her photo. Of the hundreds of hopefuls, she was chosen to be on the cover with 3 girls. "The rest is history!" she grinned.

Did she send in her photos when applying to be a Playboy Bunny?

" I was selected and did not even go for any audition so I was lucky!" she recalled. "I was approached by Playboy Club through Facebook. I was handpicked and sent to Macao to be trained. My Bunny Mother (higher rank than Bunny Supervisor presumably) Tiffany DeLeon flew in from Las Vegas to train us. I underwent 2 weeks of intensive coaching on modelling, walking, service, fitting my costume etc. I was trained on performing 2 maneuvers that are Playboy Club's trademarks---the Bunny Dip and Bunny Perch.

"The Bunny Dip involves bending down with back straight and supported by my leg while serving drinks. The lower the table the more difficult as we are not allowed to bend our backs while serving drinks like normal waitresses."

This is for a good reason as founder Hugh Hefner did not impose this rule just to break the backs of his Bunnies.

"This posture is necessary due to our outfit which is a one piece corset. To main enhance our hourglass figure, the corset contains 'bones' which are quite stiff and inflexible. If we bend forward our breasts may burst out!" grinned Felixia.

This is great news for patrons of Playboy Clubs the world over who must be praying such an accident happens each time they visit.

"Well, allowing our breasts to pop out of our corset is forbidden and we have to be graceful when lowering ourselves in the process of serving or removing empty glasses from the tables," continued the ex-Bunny. "The corset is made to keep our top torso straight which in turn improves our posture and give us that cute, adorable, perky stance! Due to this posture, we could not wear high heels as it will be painful or uncomfortable as we had to do this Bunny Dip countless times each night. So our heels are not that high, maybe 2 inches max."

Then there is the Bunny Perch.

"We are allowed to rest now and then or when we chat with guests at their tables. We were not allowed to sit the normal way but have to perch elegantly on the side of a chair, sofa armrest or stool." explained Felixia who proceeded to demonstrate to the surprise of other appreciative diners.

She sat on the edge of her chair and crossed one leg with the other thigh completely suspended in midair outside the chair. So she is balancing one leg with the other.

"I am sitting only one leg which supports the other leg which is totally away from the chair. First reason is that we were still on duty so we could not slouch or lean back with entire body on chair. The more important reason is our famous bunny tail! The white cottontail which is one of our trademarks together with the bunny ears is our white bob tail. We could not squash it so we could not sit right back but at the edge of the seat. The tail is not sewn onto the corset but is clipped on using press studs.

"This is another reason no guest is allowed to touch us as many like to pull our tails! Even so, when drunk, some men would try to touch or grab at our tails. We had to tell them we are no-go zones and our security guards are always around to maintain order. Same for our ears. We were told of cases when men pulled out our ears which are just hairbands so they could wear them on their heads while tipsy! This is the reason as some guests say they should be able to touch our bunny ears since the ears are not part of our anatomy. But shaking hands when guests were leaving was allowed!"

Bunnies are forbidden from bringing back their costumes including cuffs, bowtie and stockings. "We return them each night to be cleaned and laundered. Anyway we would not wish to take them back to our rooms as we would have to bring them to work again. When I left, I could not take my costume with me. That would be a fantastic souvenir!"

She worked at Sands Hotel but stayed in grand style at The Venetian, the all suite hotel which is also owned by the same group Sands Holdings which also owns the Plaza Casino. "I was lucky to be able to stay at The Venetian and though shared with another Bunny the suite was so huge there was plenty of space. But now I think the Bunnies stay in apartments so I was lucky to be able to stay for 1 month at the incredible Venetian!"

Today though she has left, the official posters, signboards and advertisements continue to feature her with two other Bunnies. "I was asked to remain as a fulltime Bunny but I decided to come back to KL. That period was a fantastic time and one of the highlights of my life but I prefer living in Malaysia.

"I plan to branch into acting and singing but for the non-Chinese market as my Cantonese and Mandarin are OK but I can't read Chinese. I am Hakka."

As for her striking blonde hair...

"I just like this colour though it is not blonde-blonde but dark blonde. It is a bit bleached now as I have been swimming lately. I dyed it blonde for the simple reason life is short so I want to do what I like as long as it is legal."

Speaking of which, she followed all the rules at Playboy Club Macao.

"No funny business. No sleeping around!' she said firmly. "I obeyed all the rules. Like, we were not allowed to have any outside contact with customers nor was I allowed to give my phone number etc. To me, work is work. I never went out with customers. This is the way I was brought up by my mum."

Would she appear in Playboy magazine?

"No! No way! My mother will faint. When I got the Bunny job, Dad didn't say much and my brother was neutral but Mum was very supportive. So I will never show my breasts in photos.: said Felixia adamantly.

So there goes our hope...

In 2010 she was the ambassador of Panasonic Lumix cameras. Since her contract ended, the new ambassador is Nathalie Dekker the current Miss Tourism International. She has however been appointed as new ambassador for Malaysia for Maxim contact lenses, South Korea's most famous brand. "The South Korean international ambassador is Lee Dong Hae, lead singer of Super Junior so I am in good company!" she laughed.
P1000612 (2).JPG
Felixia was first Malaysian to be Panasonic Lumix camera ambassador

No wonder her eyes change colours so often!



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