Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kee Hua Chee with Playboy Bunnies Katya and Jamela. Don't call them waitresses OK!
Kee Hua Chee with Arianne
Me with Arianne and Bunny Supervisor Sarah O'Leary who is clad in demure black.
Casino Floor.JPG
Notice the world famous Playboy bunny logo---Playboy Club Macau is in the Penthouse of Sands Casino.
Casino Floor.JPG
Fun, fun, fun at Playboy Club Macau!
Casino Floor.JPG
Inside Playboy Club Macau!

If you come to Macau and never bother to play the slot machines or Blackjack or never say hello to the super-sexy Playboy Bunnies at Playboy Cub Macau at Sands Casino, then consider you never went to Macau at all!

At the peak of Playboy-mania in the Seventies, there were some 30 Playboy Clubs across the globe and 25 states in America. The first and original Playboy Club opened in 1960 in Chicago. In 1961 it entered history as the world's most famous, successful and busiest club with an average of 40,000 guests per month!

Newsweek dubbed Playboy Club as the 'Disneyland for Adults' and being seen inside a Playboy Club or reading Playboy magazine was a status symbol. There was even a Playboy Club in nearby Manila at Silahis hotel for Malaysians to enjoy.

In 1965 Playboy Club London opened in swanky Park Lane and flaunted a casino which grew to become the world's most profitable in 1981. Unfortunately its license was not renewed the following year which signed its death warrant.

By the late Eighties, Playboy was starting to lose its lustre and prestige and the fact owner and founder Hugh Hefner was then in his sixties did not improve Playboy's image.

The last Playboy Club in United States was at Hilton Hotel in Lansing, Michigan which closed in 1988 which was rather embarrassing as Playboy is as American as they come. The Playboy Club Manila at Silahis hotel struggled on and finally shuttered in 1991. The Manila club was so posh and lavish it was featured in Architectural Digest! From 1991 till 2006 there was no Playboy Club for men to live out their fantasies.

Playboy Clubs employed over 25,000 Bunnies through its history and the 30 Playboy Clubs had over a million members. Did you know Debbie Harry, the lead singer of Blondie was once a Playboy Bunny? Entertainers who performed in Playboy Cubs included Lisa Minelli of 'Cabaret' fame, Bette Midler, Bill Cosby, Sammy Davis Jr, Ray Charles, Bob Hope, Steve Martin and Sonny & Cher.

But fortune comes in cycles and Playboy Club was resurrected in 2006 at Palms Casino at, where else, Las Vegas. It took another 4 years before Playboy Macau opened in November 2010 followed by Playboy Club Cancun, Mexico. By the way, Cancun is spelled without the 't' at the end...

But fortune comes in cycles and now maybe it is time for Playboy to make a comeback for the new generation. On 4 June 2011 Playboy Club London reopened at Mayfair. I was unable to attend as I was busy flirting with the Bunnies at Playboy Club Macau.

Playboy Club London returned after an absence of 30 years with a vengeance. Annual membership is RM 6,000 plus a membership fee of RM 5,000. A lifelong membership is a staggering 75,000 while the Sazerac cocktail using original Sazerac cognacs is a shocking RM 10,000. Yes, there are 4 zeros. Not RM 100 which is bad enough nor RM 1,000 which is worse but RM 10,000 which is super jaw-dropping. Hugh Hefner opened the London club with new fiancee Crystal Harris who at 25 is young enough to be his granddaughter or even great granddaughter!
Jamela and Katya posing in front of world famous logo
Jamela (left) is 24 years, 51 kg, 5ft 6 inches and 34DD-24-36 and Katya is 26 years, 47 kg and 5 ft 3 inches
I know you cannot get enough of these two!
I liked the cushion with Playboy logo but alas, it cost RM 250!
Which view do you prefer to see?
Yes, the verdict is in---we ALL prefer to admire the well-stacked girls rather than the well-constructed edifices outside.
Playboy Bunnies Jamela and Katya with Bunny Supervisor Sarah O'Leary
The Great Legs Show! All 8 of them!
This advertisement which is inside the lift featured Malaysian Bunny Felixia Yeap who was a Bunny during opening night on 20 November 2010.
Just so you know where I went, it says here Playboy Club Sands Macao
These Bunnies really know how to pose!
Three Bunnies
Bunny Jamela's boobs looked like they were about to burst out but nothing happened to my great disappointment as they were well contained inside.
Katya had a red cocktail to match her outfit
The Bunnies were amazed and impressed at my portrait on my groin. Plus the portrait of myself on my shirt.
Arianne showing off her cottontail which was so adorable and cute it was all I could do stopping myself from stroking it!
Don't you love a top-heavy girl?
I gave Arianne my name card and she slipped it inside her bosom!
I know my name card is in good hands, I mean good boob!
One last look before we move on!
As a journalist I managed to lean on Arianne and found her very solid
Still at it

A seat made for two
These souvenirs are all for sale and make the perfect souvenir
The main lounge is on an elevated platform
Playboy Bar
Great views inside and outside
The deejay console and small dance floor
The famous Playboy logo is everywhere
The glamorous Playboy world
Plush, private area for VIPs
PBCSM 1.jpg
Same place but from a dramatic angle which shows the ceiling engraved with Playboy logo

This snappy, snazzy and sexy cushion is RM 250!
A cool necklace for your gf

The drinks at Playboy Club Macau starts from an affordable RM 25 for a beer and there is no cover charge or membership fees. Just walk right in guys!

You will be happy to know you do not need to be a member to enter Playboy Club Macau at Sands hotel. Just walk right in babe! I checked the Drinks Menu which came in crocodile cover and am delighted and relieved to announce a beer at Playboy Club Macau costs RM 25! Even I can afford to drink there after losing a ton of money at Galaxy Casino.

On top of these already affordable prices there are more happy news! There is Happy Hour everyday from 6 pm to 10 pm with 'Buy 1 Drink, Get 1 Free'. If you come on Tuesday you can continue drowning yourself in liquor as you also get 1 drink free for every drink you buy from 10 pm till 3 am so you can come at 6 pm and leave at 3 am with nonstop Happy Hours! And would you believe there is Ladies Night every Thursday where the female sex get free drinks from 10pm till 3 am? I almost fell off my chair upon hearing this but of course it is also a marketing ploy---where there are women, there are bound to be men! Women can go for a free night out while men coming here save money by not having to buy their new lady friends any drinks!

Located on the penthouse atop the gold-draped Sands Casino Macau, Playboy Club Macau opened in November last year and has been going great guns since.

The doors open at 6 pm and closes at 3am. At 12,000 sq ft, the club is not monstrously huge but big enough to impress yet manages to retain a cosy, luxurious ambiance with several private nooks, crannies and alcoves. It can accomodate 400 comfortably.
PBCSM 2.jpg
Why these Bunnies are holding their noses I don't know!


Of course the Playboy Bunnies at Playboy Club Macau live up to your every expectation! They are different nationalities though when I was a kid, I always assume all Bunnies would be blue eyed, blonde and white.

The two I met were Jamela from Philippines and Katya from Russia. The Bunnies are ALL beautiful, shapely and lovely to a fault. Of course apart from their pretty faces I had to stare at their breasts so I could report to you my dear reader.

YES their boobs were big and impressive. And since I am an expert on women's bodies as I have always been asked to judge Miss Malaysia World, Miss Malaysia Universe, Miss Malaysia International Tourism etc I can tell from a hundred paces if the boobs have been implanted with silicon.

Bunnies and big boobs are synonymous so obviously each Bunny has to be well endowed since breasts are an obsession with the men who hightail to the club. So I can inform you with authority every Bunny has an hourglass figure which is of course very top heavy. Then there is the flat stomach, small waspish waist and long legs that seem to stretch forever, especially when you admire them sprawling from your sofa. Clad in bowtie, cuffs, one-piece swimsuit and trademark fishnet stockings, the Bunnies are really deadly sexy.

Oh, their ears, their ears!

Each Bunny wears the perky and cutey ears that stand, ahem, erect like your baby brother straining to get out of your pants...

Actually the ears stand like an erection but the tips curve inwards slightly as apparently, if the ears are pointed straight up, they give the Bunny a startled look like when a rabbit is caught in your headlights at night and we want sexy, not dazed look ok?


Very, VERY sadly, you can see but cannot touch the Bunnies!

Yup, each Bunny is sacrosanct. Like a religious statue but this comparison is unfair as many religious statues are meant to be touched for luck and blessing!

OK, whatever the case, there is no Touchy-Feely OK?

"Photography with us is allowed and encouraged! That is part of our job!" beamed Jamela whose boobs looked like they were on the verge of popping out. Then again, all the Bunnies looked as if their boobs were about to pop out and escape from the cruel confines of their corsets. "We are more than happy to pose for photos with our customers and we do spend a good portion of our work time taking pictures with customers."

So you are not supposed to wrap your itchy arms around Jamela or Katya's waist, or rest your hand on their shoulders or hold their hands. But what if you do? I asked the duo, "There are no signboards announcing patrons can take photos with Bunnies but cannot touch them. If I am unaware of such rules, surely I will put my arm round your waist like I always do with pretty girls. Are you going to slap me and kick me in the groin where it hurts?"

Grinned the ever affable Jamela, "No, no, no violence allowed! I will tell you politely this is not possible. Usually the guests will apologise and stop."

If not?

"If not we call Security," explained Jamela, pointing to several burly guards eyeing me with slight distaste already. "They are well trained and will handle everything properly."

Gosh, cannot touch anything let alone grope and fondle the Bunnies!

Sarah O'Leary, a tall, slim and pretty former dancer from United Kingdom is the Bunny Supervisor who looked after the Macau Bunnies. In the olden days she would have been called 'Bunny Mummy' but now it is Bunny Supervisor though I guess those from Hong Kong and Macau might refer to her as Bunny Mamasan which is incorrect as the Bunnies are not for hire or available for nefarious activities. Sarah O'Leary told me, "The guests cannot even touch the bunny ears."

Hmmm, personally I think touching the bunny ears should be fine since technically the ears are not part of the human anatomy and this should compensate for not able to caress the soft, flawless skin of a Bunny.

Can I request a Bunny, any Bunny to sit on my lap? This is after all every red-blooded man's dream when entering a Playboy Club?

"Heaven forbid, no!" squealed Jamela and Katya in unison as Sarah O'Leary looked like she was about to call Security. Explained Jamela, "We are not GROs! We look after all our guests but you cannot pay us by the hour to sit next to you! Oh yes, we can chit chat with you and explain what the Club is all about, our facilities and services like drinks, bookings for private parties and events etc."

I persisted, "As a paying guest, I would like to talk to you all night long so how?"

Sighed Sarah O'Leary, "We try to have a limit of around 15 minutes. We have around 10 Bunnies per night so every guest gets a chance to talk to the girls if they wish. The Bunnies need to circulate and attend to other tables and surely you might like to meet the rest of the Bunnies and not monopolise just one?"

True, very true. "But I have a delicate neck. If a Bunny cannot sit on my lap or next to me, it is very painful to have to look up at her all the time. I will suffer from neck cramp!"

Grinned O'Leary. "I knew that was coming. A Bunny is allowed to perch on the armrest of the sofa. Or she can sit at the edge of the stool or chair but not occupy the entire chair as she is on duty."

Katya added, "We do suffer from a misconception but here we have a wholesome image and we make friends with our customers. Yes, we get tipsy or very drunk customers but the Security people look after us all the time! If guests persist in being naughty or keep trying to fondle us, the Security staff will remove them from the Club. Usually they will return and apologise! Isnt't that nice? I love this job."

Ahem, what about improper suggestions? Do they get proposals for sex and hanky-panky business?

Laughed Jamela, "Haha, I get 10 to 100 offers every night! Guests ask if they could take me out or back to their hotel or could I come to their room upstairs and how much would I cost? Usually they enquire very discreetly and seemingly innocently but sometimes they just go straight to the point. I tell them politely I am not going anywhere so don't even think about it! I can pose with them for photos, that is all."

Continued Katya, "Some men bring their wives or girlfriends who don't feel threatened as their men cannot even touch us. We make friends with lady guests too. Around 30% of our guests are women."

I asked almost every question I could think of, including their vital statistics. What does it take to be a Playboy Bunny in case any of my readers decide to become one?

Explained Jamela, "You must be slim, pretty, attractive and speak well. Once you are fitted into your costume which is made to measure just for your body, you are not allowed to change so your weight cannot fluctuate."

"There are no hard and fast rules," added Sarah O'Leary. "A Bunny is not expected to have a specific size or shape as men all have different tastes. You don't need to be spectacularly endowed but obviously you cannot be flat chested either."

Naturally you must be made for the job.

"Yes, yes," concurred Jamela. "This job is not hard for me as I enjoy working as a Playboy Bunny so it doesn't feel like work at all. You are selected for this job based on your nature and personality. I am happy, friendly and personable all the time and I think that apply to all Bunnies. You must be able to take pressure and rise above it. You can't be grumpy haha or this job is not for you! You must be easy to work with, be a fun person and be able to make people laugh."

Sounds like she was referring to me!

"Yes, you would make an excellent Bunny if only you were a girl!" chirruped both Jamela and Katya as Sarah O'Leary nodded.

The Bunnies wear black high heels with no ornamentation. "The shoes are our own and everything else is our uniform. Our costumes come in 3 colours----red, black and gold" said Katya. "Most of us have long hair that reach our chest. We did have one girl with short hair but even so her hair touched her shoulders. It is not sexy to have short cropped hair like a boy."

According to Jamela, "We cannot wear earrings, hair clips or fancy jewellery. We can wear a small watch but it must be hidden from view under one of our cuffs."

I asked Jamela what she liked best about her job. There are no waitresses so they are the ones who serve drinks. It was on the tip of my tongue to ask if they were nothing more than glorified waitresses but being the polite sort, I refrained.

"This is my dream job. Playboy is a global brand and the environment is very exciting as I meet like-minded, fun people like you!" she gushed, proving she was superbly trained as I melted under such flattery. "I like the publicity as we are ambassadors of Playboy and its Clubs. Oh, another perk is that we get to meet celebrities all the time which is great."

As for Katya, she said, "We are the face of Playboy brand and I feel it is an honour to be a Playboy Bunny."

What did she dislike about her job then?

Smiled Katya demurely, "There is nothing I don't like about my job!"

Well said, girls.

What would they do in the daytime? Could we go for lunch or movies?

"We sleep!" replied Jamela. "By the time I get home, it is around 4am and I need 8 hours of sleep."

Again I wanted to ask who she slept with but decided not to as the beefy Security guards were still hanging around.
Casino Floor.JPG
Your room at Sands Casino and Hotel may be fabulous but don't even think about inviting a Playboy Bunny into your domain...
Casino Floor.JPG
Unless you made a killing at Sands casino!


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