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Zeny Ladores and Lillian Tan


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Of course BML, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, did not discover Glutathione as it was discovered 30 years ago by American scientists. Glutathione is unusual as it is found in all human bodies as a naturally occurring compound whose production declines as you age---sad but true, like so many organs including your sex organs and even sex drive!

Anyway, let us not digress into sex as Glutathione does not help the libido though if you feel and look youthful, it might! But Glutathione is seldom used in cosmetics but tend to be injected directly into the body like insulin for diabetes sufferers.

Of course most are scared of injections, let alone inject Gluta yourself unless you are a drug addict in which case you would be an expert but then you would squander your money on drugs and not BML Gluta Series so it is irrelevant!

In its own natural state in our bodies, Glutathione is the most important and powerful anti-oxidant produced by all living cells which directly neutralises free radicals and reactive oxygen compounds while maintaining the strength of Vitamins C and E in their active forms. So if you take Vitamin C and E daily, Glutathione will preserve them in their active state so they can get to work faster and longer as Vitamin C has a tendency to disappear quite fast from your body under natural circumstances as some doctors believe taking Vitamin C is a waste of money! 

BML Gluta Series works directly on the skin and is non-invasive and is easy as pie to use. BML Gluta Series consists of just 4 products---soap, toner, moisturiser and body lotion. The entire set costs only RM 320 though if you are cheap and on a budget, you can just buy the moisturiser and body lotion! Some users tell  me they use the soap just on their face and not on rest of body! You can buy Lux or any soap from supermarket for your body but use BML Gluta soap for your precious face.

On the other hand, the more savvy use BML Gluta moisturiser ALL OVER THE BODY!

Says a Puan Sri (whose Tan Sri is obviously rich), "Normally, body lotions come in bigger bottles than moisturisers and are cheaper as slathering the cream all over the body will finish the bottle very fast. But I notice moisturisers work faster since they are more concentrated than body lotions. You wouldn't use body lotion on your face but you can certainly use face cream on your body!

"Since using BML Gluta Moisturiser on my body, it has become fairer and smoother in double quick time! Of course this is more expensive but what to do, my body is worth it!"

Zeny Ladores and Lillian Tan both agree. 

Zeny Ladores at 40
Zeny Ladores today at 72!
Zeny Ladores looking fabulous at 72 due to BML Gluta Series
No one can believe Zeny Ladores is all of 72!
Feeling great and looking lovely at 72 with BML Gluta Series
Still sexy and her skin is firmer now with BML Gluta Series!

Zeny Ladores is often seen at KL's top parties where she dances and socialises merrily. Looking at her, most assume she is in her 50s or maybe 60 maximum.

Can you believe how old she really is after using BML Gluta Series?

A shocking 72 years old!

Zeny Ladores is the best walking advertisement for BML Gluta Series as she looks so young compared to her real age of 72!

Born in Manila on 9 September 1940, Zeny Ladores studied Commercial Education at the University of the East. She worked only for a few months after graduation, not due to laziness or family wealth but marriage!

"I met my husband Albert Ladores and a mere 1 month later, he proposed and I accepted! So that was the end of my career!" chuckles Zeny Ladores, looking resplendent in low-cut dress and fur. "Back then the family in Philippines treated dating seriously and my parents did not allow me to go out on casual dates. After finishing working each day in Dole Philippines, I was expected to return home."

Not surprisingly, Zeny's future husband also worked at Dole as assistant personnel manager while she was a secretary. After all, she never had any chance to mingle with men outside her family or work. "I followed my husband to USA where he got his Ph D from Ohio State University and when we returned to Manila I ran a jeepney business as I owned 10 vehicles. 

"I was a 23 year old bride," she recalls. "I have 3 kids; Lalaine 45, Raquel 40 and Christopher 38. I am a grandmother of one. My husband was invited by the late Tunku Abdullah, brother of the late Ruler of Negeri Sembilan and Tunku Iskandar to join Melewar Group. My husband was a director and worked with Melewar for 28 years. Now he is a consultant to St John International Schools and president of IGLOO."

Zeny is blessed with good genes and always had good complexion. She met BML founder and MD Princess Dr Becky Leogardo at a Philippines Embassy function and was introduced to BML a dozen years ago.

"Meeting Princess Dr Becky Leogardo was a blessing as I had always admired her from afar for her business acumen and charity work. So when we became friends, I was more than eager to try her skincare as the timing was perfect.

"I noticed my skin was beginning to age as no one can escape the ravages of time. At first I started with the original BML collection as Gluta Series was not yet introduced. I started with BML Facial Soap, MB Lotion, MB Toner and MB Cream. And also MB Sunblock which I carried in my handbag.

"BML worked and I regained my earlier look. Then came BML Gluta which is supposed to be BOTH anti-ageing and skin-whitening! Of course I tried BML Gluta and found it works better and faster! 

"I use all BML Gluta soap, toner, moisturiser and body lotion. My freckles vanished and the occasional pimples that plagued me never returned! 

"I love BML Gluta Body Lotion! It makes my skin so smooth and flawless my friends thought I was wearing stockings when I wasn't! My legs are that smooth and sexy! Since using Gluta, my complexion and body surface are now lovelier and I notice the natural glow has made me more attractive since I get more compliments now than I ever did in my entire life! And I have been appearing in magazines more often than I ever imagined!

"I like telling people my real age as I enjoy looking at their faces that show disbelief! No one ever guesses I am 72. Also my skin is now firmer than ever.

"I use Gluta Soap only for my face as I think it is too precious to use for washing my body. The face cream is excellent and I love applying it nightly. It also acts as a sunscreen during daytime but I apply lightly in day and heavier at night. 

"I use the body lotion all the time as it works so well I just want to continue the good job! I finish a bottle a month. The toner lasts me 2 months and RM 320 is the best monthly investment I am making as its returns are amazing!"


Lillian Tan certainly looks younger than 61!
Lillian Tan knows a good skincare product when she sees one!
Lillian Tan's husband Errol Tan was CEO of Martha Tilaar of Indonesia for 8 years so she is very experienced when using quality skincare

Look how lovely this 61 year old is!
Lillian Tan is now selling BML Gluta to her friends as a part time business!

Born on 6 August 1951, Lillian Tan studied accounting at Ateneo University and worked 12 years with Metro Drug as accountant. 

Unlike Zeny Ladores, Lillian eloped with her husband Errol Tan! 

She laughs, "We eloped to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah where he worked with Proctor & Gamble for 17 years. We were in Jakarta for 8 years, Hong Kong for 6 years, Singapore for 1 year before coming back to Malaysia in 2005 where he was CEO of Fraser & Neave (F & N). My husband is now retired so we are enjoying Malaysia."

Errol Tan was CEO of Martha Tilaar skincare and cosmetics, one of Indonesia's leading beauty companies for 8 years. Martha Tilaar is a household name in Indonesia and famous for its skincare products and herbal mixtures called jamu which are supposed to enhance and preserve youthfulness. Her range includes the wellknown SariAyu brand and features make-up, skincare, spa products, hair treatments and the herbal jamu.

"Since my husband was CEO of Martha Tilaar, of course I used her products and also Shiseido. I am exposed to the beauty industry and know a good skincare product when I see one! So when I heard about BML using Gluta in its skincare, I was intrigued as I thought it was a great idea and wondered why no other cosmetic companies had thought of it.

"I tried them and was amazed at the effect! BML Gluta really works! I have been using Martha Tilaar all this time but now I am converted to BML Gluta! I am very experienced when it comes to good skincare products since my husband was in this industry so I can truly vouch for BML Gluta. Martha Tilaar is not easily available in KL which is just as well as I am now advocating BML Gluta. I am very experienced in various types of skincare and can tell if they are working or not. I can truly say BML Gluta is different from the rest due to Glutathione.

"I could see the effects within days and after one month I really looked so much better! I use all 4 products, soap, toner, face cream and body lotion for maximum effect and that's all. Some brands keep coming up with new products every 3 months but I like the fact BML Gluta sticks to its core products which are sensible and practical. Users are not bombarded with new must-try products every few months which is just a marketing gimmick!

"I look much better today than I did 5 years ago so I am very happy with the results. My friends are also ordering BML Gluta from me so I am now making money from selling BML Gluta!"

What a Win Win situation!

BML HOTLINE; 03-2166 5862
3 beauties! Zeny Ladores, Kee Hua Chee and Lillian Tan
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but everyone must agree these terrific threesome look divine!

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