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A Toyota Innova from Swift Cab & Limousine
My trusty driver with his iron steed
I did not have to lift a finger
Efficient service
There is even Swift mineral water! What a nice, thoughtful touch!
The spacious Toyota Innova means my long legs enjoy legroom and my knees never scrape the seat in front!

Swift is barely 2 years old but has already proven it is up to the mark by offering sterling service and safety which has seen its fleet of cabs rise to 80 and limousines to ten.

Swift surely lives up to its name as it is swift, speedy and safe with superb service!

I usually take normal taxis as Swift is executive which means its entry rate is RM 6 instead of RM 3. A trip that usually costs RM 5 from my palatial pad at Palladium to KLCC costs RM 11.50 with Swift.

So what are the benefits?

Personally I like Swift because it owns ALL its vehicles and employs all the drivers under its payroll. 

I HATE companies that just so conveniently happens to own a few hundred taxi licences and simply rents out the taxis to poor, down-trodden and abused drivers who have to pay RM 50 a day to the company! This Ali Baba system of course reeks of corruption and stinks of illegal kickbacks as a taxi license is supposed to be issued to owner AND operator of the car!

It is immoral, dastardly and insanely wrong to issue hundreds of taxi licences to 1 person or 1 company which milks the poor, honest drivers who have to slave 12 to 18 hours a day just to make a little profit since the first RM 50 goes to the evil money-minting machine that sucks their blood dry daily!

Imagine if I own 300 taxi licenses! I rent the licenses out and makes RM 15,000 a day by doing precisely nothing! 

That is RM 450,000 a month! For doing nothing! After paying my staff like phone operators, rent and miscellaneous costs, I should get RM 400,000 a month. For doing nothing! That is RM 4.8 million a year!

I did not have to study 3 years in university or learn a trade or sweat under the hot sun like a labourer. All I needed was the right connection to work out, ahem, a fabulous deal and then go shopping in London! 

Of course there is the Sewa/Beli system which is  good as it allows the taxi driver to rent while paying for the vehicle which he will own after several years. 

Swift does not subscribe to this blood-sucking system as it is not a leech. It owns and operates  its fleet of cars and pays for their maintenance while their drivers get a decent salary.

First a call to book a Swift Executive cab is as good as done. Swift is not the cheapest radio-call cab so their wheels are always available. There is no surcharge or extra fee when booking and you pay what appears on the meter.

I used Swift to go from Palladium in Jalan Gurney 2 to LCCT and it cost RM 150, slightly doubled the usual rate of RM 70. It also costs RM 150 from Kl to KLIA.

Upon booking I received a confirmation with my driver's name. It came 10 minutes early and since I was ready, I was pleased to gain an extra 10 minutes since LCCT was bound to be full.

As I walked towards the car, the driver jumped out and opened the door for me! I only get this when I book hotel limousines!

He insisted on heaving my suitcase in the boot and even asked if I wanted my hand-carry to go into the boot.

Unlike the RM 3-as-you-enter taxi, a Swift cab is  in pristine, clean and immaculate condition! No luck involved with Swift! With the normal taxis, sometimes I get a clean and beautifully maintained cab. Sometimes I have to hold my breath and not inhale deeply as the driver suffers from body odour or the car's interior is so stale I have to open the window. 

As for safety, I have never encountered any. Anyway, with my heavy bling and mega-carat rings, no taxi driver will try rob me or get funny with me. 

My Swift driver even told me he had to take a slightly longer route as the usual one was closed due to a landslide! Thank Buddha, Jesus and Vishnu he had checked ahead or we might have gone all the way only to be forced to retreat for a detour!

Finally, there was a bottle of mineral water under the Swift label! How thoughtful and useful!

Swift uses Toyota Innova and Hyundai Sonata for cab and Toyota Alphard and BMW 7 Series for its limousine service. The BMW 7 Series costs RM 430 one way from KL to KLIA. Don't hold me to the rates but call Swift 03-5569 2888 for the latest rates or special offers.


A subsidiary of Swift Group, Swift Limousine & Cab is built on a vision of providing a safer alternative for personal transportation. Equipped with a business model that shies away from conventional taxi company, Swift Limousine & Cab is able to assume total control of all its assets and personnel. By doing so, the company hopes to appeal and provide a peace of mind to a growing market of travellers that do not chance on their safety.
While Swift Limousine & Cab is barely 2 years old in the market, the company already owns 80 units of executive taxis and 10 units of limousines that are servicing Klang Valley. A major expansion plan has been mapped out for the year of 2013 that sees the company aiming to double up its current fleet.
Additionally, the company also looks to be the pioneer in the industry with the introduction of a membership system that will provide passengers with the option to go cashless and receive added incentives.
Unlike conventional hire and rent taxi companies in Malaysia, Swift Limousine & Cab retains all responsibility of its vehicles. With a dedicated workshop and depot, vehicles undergo regular checks to ensure tip top conditions when on the road.
Not renting out these vehicles and licenses also means drivers of both limousines and taxis are hired under the company as full time employees. Drivers go through a detailed recruitment process that includes background checks and various competency tests.
All vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking that enables the command centre to continuously monitor the movement of these vehicles. Additionally, the company implements a pickup with bookings only policy to ensure that all arrangements are recorded.

Booking can be made, with no additional charges, via multiple platforms – call, website or phone application, whether iOS or Android, with the development of Blackberry application in the works. Confirmation and reminder SMSes containing details of vehicle and driver assigned are also sent to passengers. All taxis are fitted with a GPS-enable device with a program that automatically assigns any last minute bookings based on the proximity from the pickup to ensure minimal waiting time.
Having a unique business model, where the company has full control, translates to added benefits to passengers as Swift Limousine & Cab is able to provide promotions and incentives on a regular basis.
Swift Limousine & Cab upholds passenger satisfaction as its core indicator of its success. Feedbacks are always encouraged and are taken seriously. These comments are handled by a dedicated team that ensures internal or external follow ups are made to guarantee that the company keeps up to its high standard of delivery.

03; 5569 2888


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Roshan RK said...

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