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Hong Kong’s first Burger Art
At Galley Café & Dining
Celebrate summer with a fun burger jamming session with your friends and family! Design your very own burger and win a sweet treat!

At Galley Café & Dining it is all about the burger this summer. During the months of July and August,Hong Kong's favorite modern restaurant will be serving a special Galley Burger Bonanza menu asking guests to offer up their own creations in an online competition using Galley Café & Dining’s burger fun design tools.

Enjoy the summer months in the fantastic light filled setting of Galley Café & Dining’s traditional heritage setting, with its chic alfresco area and spectacular panoramic views of Kowloon, the Colonial building is the perfect place for friends and family to kick-back, relax and savor the latest offerings of the Galley Burger Bonanza menu.

Using the freshest of ingredients to create classic yet innovative taste combinations for the best burgers in town, the all-new burger menu includes a Thai Sirloin Steak Burger, which is a twist on an original served with green papaya salad and sweet chili sauce on a soft ciabatta roll with potato wedges, priced at $158 + 10% service charge. 

With something for everyone, vegetarians will love the Vegetarian Portobello Burger, grilled Portobello Caps with red onion, arugula, roasted red peppers topped with goat cheese and garlic mayo served on a Scotch bap roll with potato wedges and insalata, priced at $128 + 10% charge.

For those who like something classic, the menu features a Blue Cheese Bacon Burger topped with caramelized onions, bacon strips, blue cheese and garlic mayo on a poppy seed bun and galley fries, priced at $HK138 + 10% service charge. 

Meat eaters will also relish the Zesty Lime Chicken Burger topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, homemade guacamole and chipotle mayo served on a sesame seed bun with galley fries and insalata, priced at $HK128 + 10% service charge.

Galley Café & Dining are inviting guests to have some foodie fun by taking a burger picture of their own creative burger designed with the restaurant’s burger design tools and post the picture on Galley Café & Dining’s Facebook page to enter to win a free dessert or more! Fun foodie design tools will be provided to creatively inspire participants! 

The sky is the limit when it comes to your design, animal faces, fun shapes, colorful floral gardens,countryside landscapes, abound, it is all in the “Foodie” imagination.  Join us!

Be sure to use Galley Café & Dining’s Facebook and Instagram hashtag: #galleyburgerart to get as much “likes” as possible!

For reservations, please call Galley Café & Dining at (852) 2604 1881.
Address: Unit 208, L2, 1881 Heritage, 2A Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

About Galley Café & Dining
Galley Café & Dining is a contemporary innovative restaurant serving international cuisine encompassing some of the best gastronomic dishes from around the world. Classic Italian dishes are served alongside Asian fusion and other cosmopolitan dishes. Guests can enjoy a stylish alfresco area with panoramic views overlooking Kowloon.

Situated in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, Galley Café & Dining is set in 1881 Heritage, the historical site that housed the former Marine Police Headquarters from the 1880's to 1996. 1881 Heritage, which features a shopping mall, heritage hotel, and an exhibition hall, is a blend of Victorian colonial and neo-classical architectural design. 

Steeped in history, photos of colonial Hong Kong adorn the restaurants walls and a unique twist on old and new allows contemporary décor to seamlessly blend past and present.


Galley Blue Cheese Bacon Burger - 1MB
Zesty Chicken, Avocado, Bacon Burger - 1MB
Galley Blue Cheese Bacon Burger
Zesty Chicken, Avocado, Bacon Burger
Vegetarian Burger - 1MB
Green Papaya Steak Burger - 1MB
Vegetarian Burger
Green Papaya Steak Burger
Galley Café & Dining Burger Jamming Session
Burger Art by Blogger Ivan Ng
Galley Café & Dining Burger Jamming Session
Burger Art by Blogger Food Diary
Galley Café & Dining’s Patio Area
Galley Café & Dining’s interior

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