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Three on Canton at Gateway Hotel
Presents Exquisite Afternoon Tea Delights
Hong Kong, September 2014 – It’s always difficult to say “No” to delightful desserts. 

Three on Canton is proud to present five exquisite afternoon tea patisseries to pamper your sweet tooth from 1 September to 30 November 2014.

Located at Harbour City, the largest shopping complex in Hong Kong, Three on Canton is the best place to relax after crazy shopping. Five delicately-made patisseries, including Sache Delight, Angel Charm, Domino, Love in Heaven and Creamy Queen, will be rolled out for you to enjoy with your friends in the afternoon

Sache Delight is originated from the royal cake, Sache Torte from Vienna, Austria. In the 17th century, Austrian Prince requested his royal pastry chef to design an exceptional cake for his guests, however the chef was sick and this task was taken over by his 16-year-old apprentice, Sache. 

Sache brilliantly created Sache Torte, which surprised all guests. The cake was then named after him and become a world-renowned patisserie. 

Pastry chefs at Three on Canton especially bring this luxury cake to guests by using the finest cocoa to bake the fluffy chocolate cake, filling the cake with two layers of apricot jam, and topping it with rich chocolate sauce and garnishing with fresh raspberry and gold foils to make the cake a little extravagant. It is a real temptation to all chocolate lovers.

With its pink and shiny outlook, Angel Charm (Raspberry and mango mousse cake) would definitely catch ladies’ attention. Chefs use fresh raspberries from France to make the butter cake, filling with homemade mango puree and layering with a crispy hazelnut chocolate base. 

Soft and fluffy mousse cake and crispy hazelnut base are the perfect accompaniment, providing you double enjoyment.

The idea of Domino (Almond egg white “marzipan” cake) comes from a famous traditional British cake, Battenberg cake, which was created to commemorate the royal wedding of Princess Victoria to German Prince Louis of Battenberg. 

It is designed with contrasting grid pattern and in a rectangular shape. Pastry chefs make the cake with vanilla and chocolate flavoured sponge cakes, and bond them with coffee liqueur so as to form a distinct grid pattern. 

Coffee liqueur is used to replace the traditional use of apricot jam, and that makes it healthier. The elegant Domino is dressed up with a tasteful marzipan painted in pearl, is simply irresistible.

Another must-try dessert is Love in Heaven (Chestnut and lemon meringue tart). Crispy chocolate meringue tart base matches with smooth and sweet lemon-flavoured light cream, and homemade soft chestnut puree. 

Fresh berries and chocolate are also added to sweeten your day. With its meticulous design and well-balanced texture and taste, it satisfies your craving for quality sweet.

Another innovation is Creamy Queen, which is a combination of chunky crumble and creamy cheesecake. Chefs apply his secret recipe to bake the cheesecake, which fresh yoghurt is used to make it extra creamy. 

With skillful techniques and top-notch ingredients, chefs prepare the cookies and then fragment them into pieces of crumble and put them on the cake, offering guests a crunchy surprise.

The five afternoon tea cakes are priced at $45 per piece, and available from 1 September to 30 November at Three on Canton. Come with your beloved girls and experience a noble and relaxing afternoon!

*Available from 3pm to 5pm (Monday to Friday)
*All prices are subject to a 10% service charge
*Complimentary Wi-Fi 

About Gateway Hotel
Gateway Hotel lies at the junction of Canton Road and Haiphong Road in Tsim Sha Tsui and is a short walk from the bus terminal, Star Ferry and MTR subway station (Exit A). Housed in Harbour City – Hong Kong's largest shopping complex – Gateway Hotel is the ultimate place for modern comfort accommodation and a truly memorable shopping experience.

This newly renovated business hotel provides the ideal balance of understated elegance, laid-back comfort and full attentive services in all its 400 guestrooms and suites, all equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi Internet service. 

Guests of The Continental Club can enjoy full access and exclusive benefits of the Club Lounge, including complimentary daily breakfast, afternoon refreshments, evening cocktails and butler service.

Three on Canton is the ultimate gourmet destination where your lifestyle is celebrated with a trilogy. Dine, wine and be all you can be at Three on Canton. 

Experience the tempting selection of the world's most popular cuisines, charge up a hip night at the lounge and bar, unwind at Be on Canton - the al fresco terrace with a stylish urban edge, or bring your private parties to the wine room or one of our exclusive function rooms.

The hotel is part of Marco Polo Hotels, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Wharf (Holdings) Ltd, a Hong Kong - listed company with core business interests in property and investments in communications and container-terminal operations. 

Other Marco Polo Hotels properties include the Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel and the Prince in Hong Kong, as well as hotels in mainland China and the Philippines. The hotel is also a member of Global Hotel Alliance (GHA), the world’s largest alliance of independent luxury hotel brands and offer of the industry’s best hotel loyalty and reward programmes.

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