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No Sultan, Sultanahs or Ministers attended the wedding of Stacey Lee of Kuala Lumpur and Michael Hamman of Germany The King of Malaysia was also noticeably absent.

But over 300 family members, relatives and friends of the couple cheered, toasted and blessed the lucky couple as they wined and dined on champagne and sumptuous food at Signature on the Hill at The Roof on the 36th floor at First Avenue, Bandar Utama, next to OneUtama.

Very conveniently, The Roof and all the 5 outlets happen to be owned by the bride's family! Well, I find such things ever so convenient as you can do what you like on your wedding day without having to deal with cranky and unreasonable managers.

Of course Stacey Lee's family do not own The Roof 100% as they have partners Manfred Hamad and the 2 sexy hot Chindian brothers Roen Cian Nagapan and Buddy Cian Nagapan. As it was, I saw Manfred Hamad signing our humongous champagne bills at Play, the club where the young friends of Stacey and Michael Hamann congregated after downing litres of champagne at Stratosphere, the helipad and deluxe bar on the openair rooftop of First Avenue building!

This was where the wedding dinner was supposed to be held but it rained! Remember what man ponders, God splits asunder!

Of course a little water from heaven is a blessing and the dinner was adjourned to Signature on the Hill, the luxury, elite restaurant of The Roof. Like I said, luckily Stacey Lee's parents and big bro Dax co-owned the entire 36th floor so kicking out other diners was a no-brainer. No lah, the management had already factored in the rain and had closed the restaurant's booking 48 hours in advance!

We gathered at Malt & Leaf for cocktails and pre-dinner drinks before enjoying dinner at Signature on the Hill and then more drinks at Stratosphere in the openair rooftop as the rain had stopped after I petitioned Buddha and Jesus to clear the sky and haze. The lights blinking and winking below took everyone's breath away. And then those who were still standing went one floor down to Play the ultimate disco to party and drink the night away in the best uber-cool wedding of 2014!

John Lee Boon Hou, the father of bride Stacey Lee who was the Most Beautiful Bride in the  Universe on 20 September 2014!
The bride Stacey Lee wore a RM 15,000 Vera Wang gown
John Lee, bride of the year Stacey Lee, Manfred Hamad and wife Nora
Stacey Lee the Most Beautiful Bride on 20 September 2014
Stacey Hamann nee Lee
Kee Hua Chee outshone the bride again!
Or maybe not as Stacey Lee looked fabulously fantastic!
Guests at Mat & Leaf
Friends, not lovers
He looks a bit like the groom, blonde and all
James Ng Kun Tek and Stacey Lee
Both very de tall
Bride and Groom of the Year!
Handsome blonde German hunk Michael Hamann and beautiful Malaysian bride Stacey Lee
Their children are guaranteed to win all beauty titles and I have signed to be their manager and make tons of money from the Hamann kids
Dashing couple
Andre Shum, owner of Rama V and wife
Andre Shum and wifey
Guests at Malt & Leaf
Stacey Lee greeting guests
John Lee looking happy as he should be!
Kee Hua Chee with the bride's uncle and aunts
Kee Hua Chee's bag is also feathered
Mrs Jacqueline Yee, Stacey Lee and David Yee
Gosh they are very de tall!
Kee Hua Chee manages to be as tall as the ladies only
Stunning quartet; Kee Hua Chee, Jacqueline Yee, Stacey Lee and David Yee
Groom Michael Hamann and Kee Hua Chee
Michael Hamann and Kee Hua Chee
Pat Lee is Stacey Lee's mother
Family portrait---John Lee, his son in law Michael Hamann, daughter Stacey Lee and wife Pat Lee
John Lee, Michael Hamann, Stacey Lee and Pat Lee
Dax Lee, Michael Hamann, Mrs Hamann and Elena
Andre Shum, Mrs Shum, Mrs Jacqueline Yee and David Yee
Davoid Yee and Jacqueline Yee with Isabelle, Alexis and Chelsea
I should have brought my darling adopted French son Dedione too
Mrs Nagapan and Pat Lee---their children own and run The Roof
Sexy gal, Buddy, Dax and Roen
Family portrait---Mrs Nagapan, Buddy's gf, Roen Cian Nagapan, Dax Lee and Mr Nagapan
Happy family
Kee Hua Chee outshines them all
Mrs Nagapan, maybe Mrs Buddy, Kee Hua Chee and Roen Cian Nagapan
Carolyn Teh and Kee Hua Chee wore traditional red
Nora Hamad and Kee Hua Chee
Dare Koslow from New York, Michael Hamann from Germany and Sawada Wong from Hong Kong
Dare Koslow, Michael Hamann, Sawada Wong and Jimmy Shum
Jimmy Shum, Michael Hamann, Dominic Michael Chavo and Peter Laingangit
Dare Koslow, bride Stacey and groom Michael Hamann and Sawada Wong
One for the album
Glam slam set
Pat Lee, mother of the bride, joins us
Dominic Chavo tongues Peter Laingangit
Pat Lee, Dominic Chavo and Peter Laingangit
Live entertainment
Delicious food!
The waiter looks like he is in jail or behind bars
Master and slave
Live singer
Cake cutting ceremony of bride Stacey Lee and groom Michael Hamann!
Bet their tongues were busy flicking each other!
Deep tongueing over
Dax Lee, big bro of bride Stacey Lee, was emcee
Dax Lee thanking and welcoming all

Cheers to one and all!
May Michael and Stacey live long and happy!
The groom steps up to make speech
The bride by his side of course
Radiant couple

My beautiful bride, says the handsome groom

The bride's turn to make speech
Mrs Dieter Hamann, mother of the groom and John Lee, father of the bride
Stacey Lee says she might cry as she is so happy
And she does so!
Matthias and Dax
So happy
Pat Lee the mother of the bride comes on stage with her husband John Lee
Stacey Lee and her parents
John Lee welcoming and thanking guests
John Lee introducing the groom's mother Mrs Dieter Hamann
A toast to the couple!
All stand!

Sean and Dax Lee, the brothers of bride Stacey Lee
Maid of honour Veronica Grossman and best man Grossman who is her husband
Stacey was maid of honour at Veronica's wedding too!
Maid of honour and best man

Peter Laingangit and Kee Hua Chee
Peter Laingangit and Kee Hua Chee
Peter and Kee looking gorgeous
We went to Stratosphere on the openair rooftop and helipad to watch the fireworks!


Couple of the year Michael and Stacey Hamann
So gorgeous
Veronica Grossman, Grossman and Kee Hua Chee
Terrific 3some
Stratosphere bar high in the sky!
Andre Shum, wife and father
Kee Hua Chee relaxing at Stratosphere
The wider Kee opens his legs, the further he progresses
It's excellent feng shui to do this pose
Entrance to Stratosphere
Very de nice pose by Ng Jun Tek
Kee Hua Chee
With fan sumore
High... the sky Stratosphere
Ahhh the fresh air

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Really Amazing!! The Bride is looking stunning in that beautiful gown. I am also going to throw a pre wedding party for my friends and family at best rooftop bar nyc but not sure about decorations? What do you think will work best for me?