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Acting British High Commissioner HE Ray Kyles and Kee Hua Chee

Mr and Mrs Ray Kyles, Acting British High Commissioner, hosted a grand party to celebrate the 88th birthday of Her Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the British High Commissioner Residence at Jalan Langgak Golf in one of KL's poshest residential repcints.

Around 450 were there to toast the Queen of England although her actual birthday is on 21 April but her official birthday is always celebrated on the first Saturday in June. This practise started with her grandfather whose birthday was in November.

Then it was the norm to celebrate the monarch's birthday on the actual date but alas, British weather in November tends to be dark, gloomy and rainy! Not very conducive for tiaras, ball gowns, top hats and black ties. So it was decided the official birthday should be held in June when the weather is more predictable and sunnier.

The guest of honour was YB Senator Dato Sri Abdul Wahid Omar, Minister in the Prime Minister's department who did not make a speech but simply toasted HM Queen Elizabeth II and the British people on behalf of the Malaysian Government and people of Malaysia.

In turn the Acting British High Commissioner Ray Kyles toasted the health of His Majesty the King of Malaysia, DYMM YAng DiPertuan Agong and the people of Malaysia.

The Acting High Commissioner made a speech which he said would be under 5 minutes but ut was over 7 minutes!

HE Ray Kyles commented our former colonial master is envious of our projected annual growth of 5% as Britain's growth is expected to be only 3%.

Last July, both the British and Malaysian Prime Ministers attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the iconic Battersea Power Station redevelopment which is worth RM 44 billion.

And Indians have bought RM 5.5 billion worth of properties in Mayfair so it seems there is now a reversal of role!

Ray Kyles also praised the former British High Commissioner Simon Featherstone who had just left Malaysia for London for cancer treatment in London. We wish him a speedy recovery.

London also hosted World Islamic Economic Forum last October, the first time it was held in a non-Muslim country.

Said Kyles, "As a Scots and Glaswegian, I must mention Glasgow will host the Commonwealth Games in July and the President of Commonwealth Games Federation is a Malaysian---Tunku Imran Tuanku Jaafar.

"In September, the people of Scotland will decide in a referendum whether they want to remain in the UK or vote for Independence.

"My own prediction is that the Scots will take great delight in again tweaking the English tail but the majority will do what Scots do best---make the right choice and continue to enjoy a wee dram."

This was greeted with applause but I could scarcely believe Kyles did not specifically mention Scotland should vote to be in United Kingdom! Or else his country will be forced to change the name to Disunited Kingdom!

I cornered him and accused him of secretly supporting Scottish independence. I asked politely as is my custom since I am so diplomatic and opaque in my queries, "Isn't that treason and shouldn't that involve beheading in the Tower of London?"

Grinned Kyles, "I said what has to be said as the British Government's view is very clear---Scotland is stronger as part of the Union and the Union is richer by having Scotland as a component part."

I think England should not only insist Scotland remain in United Kingdom but also take back the republic of Ireland as Ireland used to be part of Britain what. And since we are at it, England should also annex half of France since it used to belong to England anyway and Brittany is named after Britain...or maybe not. Come to think of it, why not take over all of Europe short of Russia so it can be United Kingdom of Europe? Don't accuse me of being an Anglophile!

Kyles also congratulated 3 recipients of awards in Her Majesty The Queen's Birthday Honours list, all of whom were in attendance. 

"An OBE (Order of British Empire) for Nikesh Mehta our Foreign Policy and Security Counsellor for services to  British foreign policy. An MBE also for Helen Paterson, Head of Corporate Services at the High Commission and a BEM to Molly Jackson who illustrated 'Mr Monty's Treat'  written by Gail Featherstone."

To the day I die and even after I get reborn, I can never recover from the ghastly shock that my name was not included after all I have done, practically sacrificing limb and life for United Kingdom just as I do for Malaysia.

Sponsors; Lord's Tailor, Cold Storage, Jasons Food Hall, MHD, Harrods, Tesco, GAB, Shell and Debenhams

Princess Dr Becky Leogardo and Brit friends
Same same
Nikesh Mehta MBE, Princess Dr Becky Leogardo and Mrs Mehta
Paul Stretch, Princess Dr Becky Leogardo and Simon Thompson from 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards
The 2 Coldstream Guards were quite the stars
Height is not a requirement
Kee Hua Chee can also make it into Coldstream Guards
These 3 ensured the British High Commissioner's Residence was safe as houses
Princess Dr Becky Leogardo, Kenny Loh the MD of Lord's Tailor and Jenny Loh
The Best Dressed Man will win a suit from Lord's Tailor. I was not allowed to participate as I always win so Lord's Tailor will make a suit for me as compensation
Kenny Loh holding the framed contest with wifey
Mr and Mrs Kenny Loh from Lord's Tailor, the best in Malaysia
Princess Dr Becky Leogardo and Union Jack flag fan
Fancy fan

YB Senator Dato Sri Abdul Wahid Omar, Minister in Prime Minister's Office 
Acting British High Commissioner HE Ray Kyles

A toast to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

A toast to the King of Malaysia, DYMM Yang DiPertuan Agong

HE Ray Kyles, Molly Jackson and Dato Sri Abdul Wahid Omar

Rani and Kulvinder Birring of Watsons

HE Ray Kyles and Kee Hua Chee
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