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Wild Yunnan Truffle & Mushroom Outcry
at ‘Bistro Du Vin’ & ‘Le Port Parfumé’

 Fresh wild mushrooms and truffles from Yunnan are on the menu for ‘Mushroom Month’ throughout July at Bistro du Vin in Kennedy Town and Le Port Parfumé in Kau U Fong Central.

In line with bistro culture, the rustic Bistro Du Vin and seafood-focused Le Port Parfumé extend the bistro philosophy of embracing fresh local and regional produce, to showcase four types of mushroom; truffle, girolle (chanterelle), cep (porcini) and morel which are handpicked from forests at around 2,000 metres in the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain peripherals of Lijiang in Yunnan China.Served exclusively this summer, the menu features six dishes created from these four‘natural treasures’ hand-harvested during peak season.

The seasonal offerings are:
  • Girolles and Asparagus with Caramelised Shallots             HK$200
  • Grilled Ceps with 60° Degree Egg                                        HK$190
  • Morels and Scrambled Eggs                                                 HK$180
  • Oxtail and Black Truffle Consomme                                    HK$120
  • Black Truffle Tart with Alsatian Bacon                                HK$210
  • Beef Tenderloin in Morel Cream Sauce                              HK$210

“We embrace the bistro culture by using the freshest of produce which is sourced regionally. Finding top quality wild mushrooms is an art form, we work with the most skilled harvesters who forage the forests and hunt through hills using techniques that have been honed over the years. 

"They know the places to look and why, such as well-drained, sandy soils for the best quality morels. Our fresh mushrooms travel to us carefully packed, to protect the delicate pieces, so we maintain optimum quality for our diners” stated Randy See, the owner of the two bistros.

As well as being low in fat, various health benefits are associated with wild mushrooms. Girolle(chanterelle) are high in Vitamin A and good for eye-sight and the digestive system. Aromatic truffle is not only a complex and intense culinary delicacy but also rich in protein with various vitamins and 18 types of amino acids. Nutty and earthy ceps (porcini) are high in dietary fibre and rich in iron. Morels are also a good source of fibre, rich in iron and vitamin D.

Bistro du Vin is a friendly neighbourhood bistro specialising in earthy, home-style provincial French cuisine with the homely décor and ambience of an authentic Parisian bistro.

Le Port Parfumé recreates the relaxed ambiance of a classic family seafood restaurant found in villages along France’s Mediterranean coast.It boasts freshly caught seafood sourced directly from local fishermen from the cool depths of the waters around Hong Kong.

Bistro du Vin
Address: Ground Floor, Shop 1D, Davis Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
Reservations: Tel: (852) 2824 3010
Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 12:00 to 22:00
Fridays, Saturdays & Public Holidays : 12:00 to closed
Credit Cards : Visa and Master (No AMEX)

Le Port Parfumé
Address: Shop C, 6-10 Kau U Fong, Central, Hong Kong
Reservations: Tel (852) 2824-3018
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, and Public Holidays 12:00 to 22:00
Credit Cards : Visa and Master (No AMEX)

Seasonal Cepswith 60 Degree Egg


The wild mushrooms are hand-picked by experienced harvestersat dawn in Yunnan and air-freighted twice a week to Hong Kong – enabling harvest to plate in only three days.

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Bistro du Vin

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Le Port Parfumé

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