Monday, June 16, 2014


Monday 16 June 2014 was our last day in Taipei and we enjoyed our last breakfast with Achim von Hake,  the General Manager of The Sherwood, the finest hotel in Taipei. 

We left The Sherwood at 11.15 am and arrived at Taipei Airport around noon. Princess Dr Becky Leogardo went to claim her VAT but we were  rather early and waited till Malaysia Airlines' counters opened at 12.55 pm.

We arrived at KLIA around 8 pm and so, this is the last post on Taipei! 

Achim von Hake, Princess Dr Becky Leogardo and her handsome 6 year old son Daniel 
 That's Raphael
 Gloria, Achim von Hake, Raphael, Daniel and glam-mum Princess Dr Becky Leogardo
 Daniel strikes a pose
 Chatting with the boss of Sherwood
 Princess Dr Becky Leogardo by World Cup's scorecard
 Nice ensemble in purple
 One for the road
 Female power
 Looks blue but the trolley bag is purple!
 Love the flowers
 Checking the 9 suitcases and 6 Louis Vuitton trolley bags!
 Daniel took charge
 Look at all the Louis Vuitton trolley bags!
 Linda, Achim von Hake, Princess Dr Becky Leogardo, Gloria, Raphael, Daniel and Lutchit
 Kee Hua Chee joins in
 Achim von Hake is 190 cm!
 Entering our luxury coach
Goodbye taipei and The Sherwood!

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