Sunday, June 15, 2014


It's true time flies like supersonic speed when you are having a good time and it crawls when you are suffering great tortures, very similar to Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity! When we first arrived at Taipei and checked into The Sherwood, Taipei's finest hotel, we felt as if a week was like forever.

Well, that was 6 days ago on 10 June and now it is 16 June and at 11 am we will be departing The Sherwood hotel for Taipei Airport and back to Kuala Lumpur! But I do miss my adopted French son Dedione Kee so am looking forward to hug and kiss the darling! He will be waiting for me as usual behind the door.

Our flight is 3pm but we always go early so there is no mad rush or last minute panic. Anyway Princess Dr Becky Leogardo has bought half of Taipei and needs to do her VAT.

Last night Princess Dr Becky Leogardo hosted a farewell Chinese dinner at Yi Yuan restaurant for Achim von Hake the general manager of The Sherwood.

 Princess Dr Becky Leogardo in stunning fuchsia pink gown by Michael Ong
 Daniel looks spiffy
 Grand chandelier above lobby
 Looks like big sister and little brother
 Princess Dr Becky Leogardo strikes a leg pose
 Kee Hua Chee opens his legs as usual 
 Kee Hua Chee wears Dolce & Gabbana pants he bought in Osaka
 Love the florals
 Peking duck
 Mushroom soup
 Daniel and Achim von Hake
 Checking my blog 
 Admiring my photos of them in my blog!
 Achim von Hake and Princess Dr Becky Leogardo
 Daniel and Achim von Hake reading Kee Hua Chee's blog
 Daniel, Achim von Hake, Princess Dr Becky Leogardo and Kee Hua Chee
 Daniel sits on Achim von Hake's lap for better view
 Last breakfast just now on morning of 16 June 2014
 Achim von Hake, Princess Dr Becky Leogardo and Daniel
 Yummy breakfast
 Gloria, Achim von Hake, Raphael, Princess Dr Becky Leogardo and Daniel
 Daniel is a top model
 Chatting with Achim von Hake
 Princess Dr Becky Leogardo checks the latest results of World Cup
 Looking purplish in Paul Smith, Escada and Hermes Birkin crocodiel bag worth RM 172,000 in Malaysia!
 Wall hanging is symbol of female power!
Princess Dr Becky Leogardo is Feminine Power! 

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