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Smashing into the Exquisite “Beggar Chicken” Brings a Culinary Delicacy of Good Fortune to Shanghai Lo Customers

 Modernistic restaurant Shanghai Lo is celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with two traditional menus for tables of six or 12 at 1/F The Tonno, located in the heart of Wanchai.

Shanghai Lo relives the nostalgia of Shanghai cuisine in an opulent ambience of dark mahogany, traditional carved partitions and chandeliers, creating a sense of historic romanticism.

The extravagant feasts pay tribute to a bygone era when farmers thanked the moon god for bountiful harvests, offering a variety of specialties from the classic Beggar Chicken and Braised Pork Knuckle to Double-Boiled Aged Duck Soup and Mashed Taro Dumplings in Sweet Soup.

Originated from Jiang su, the stunning Beggar Chicken used to be the “haute cuisine” served at the Imperial Court.  The fresh, boneless chicken is stuffed with fragrant ingredients, hand-wrapped in a lotus leaf and covered in clay, then baked in a low-heat oven for several hours where the flavours develop and marry. Diners then use a hammer to break the clay open, making it a fun and interactive dish. The hammer-smashing action symbolizes the ending of poverty and the welcoming of good fortune.

Another unique dish served is the Braised Pork Knuckle in Dark Soy Sauce. Braised with Shao Xing wine, scallion and sugar for three hours, this method gives the pork enough time to absorb all the aromas, offering diners a tender dish with strong, concentrated flavours.

Priced starting from HK$1,988 for six or from HK$3,688 for twelve, the first option starts with an appetiser platter that includes the traditionalHuadiao Wine Marinated Chicken, Sliced Pork Terrine Served with Zhenjiang Black Vinegar, and Tea Leaf Smoked Egg.

The celebration of the first menu continues withan extensive list of tasty dishes, includingStir-fried River Shrimps withLongjing Tea,Double-Boiled Whelk, Tricholoma Matsutake & Chicken Soup, plus the Shanghainese classic, Braised Tianjin Cabbage & Ham. The menu is rounded up with a traditional Chinese dessert, Mashed Taro Dumplings in Sweet Soup, an item created to highlight the taro season.

Priced at HK$2,188 for six or HK$3,988 for twelve persons, the alternative, more decadent menu starts with the same appetiser, with the addition of the classic, refreshing Jelly Fish, Cucumber and Spring Onion Oil.

This menu’s main courses include Shanghai Lo Crispy Rice Cone with Goose Liver, Minced Chicken & Quail Egg, a nourishing Double-Boiled Aged Duck Soup with Chinese Herbs which is simmered for two hours,Braised Ham in Honey-Osamanthus Sauce Served with Shanghainese Buns, plus the rare but beloved Chinese dish, Beggar Chicken.

This menu also concludes with Steamed Pork Dumplings and Mashed Taro Dumplings in Sweet Soup.

Two different nine-course menus served from 1 August to 9 September cater to alternative tastes at the candlelit venue themed after Shanghai’s hey-day, amid karaoke and live music lounges on Tonnochy Road.

Guests who wish to enjoy these menus must order at least one day in advance.

Shanghai Lois at 1/F, The Tonno, 5 Tonnochy Road, Wanchai, HONG KONG
Reservations: 3125 3232

Shanghai Lo interior 2 low resShanghai Lo interior

RichChicken_02 low resBeggar Chicken

OldDuckSoup_02 Low ResDouble-boiled Aged Duck Soup with Chinese Herbs

PorkKnuckle_01 low resPork Knuckle in Dark Soy Sauce

Steamed Pork Dumplings low resSteamed Pork Dumplings

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