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The savvy marketeers at TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) has craftily used their natural charm and culture to the max and is now exploiting their one-of-a-kind arsenal---the art of being Thai!

What is being Thai?

Thailand is not called Land of Smiles for nothing. The natives are forever smiling and in a good mood. Their hospitality and natural friendliness are legendary and Thais are always ready to party and get on well with visitors who they treat as guests or friends in the making rather than an innocent victim primed for slaughter!

I must say TAT is one of the world's most active and smartest tourism promoters and I take my hat off to them for making Thailand one of the most visited places on earth.

Mind you, Malaysia is doing well too as we are #9 in the Most Visited Countries Index!

Perhaps it is time we too play up our one-off 'Malaysian-ness'!

 A broad-based destination image research study
> conducted across 14 countries by the Tourism Authority of Thailand has
> provided clear pointers on ways to sharpen the imagery and message of the
> country's upcoming "Thainess" tourism campaigns.
> Approved at the TAT's annual Action Plan meeting in July 2012, the
> "Thainess" campaigns will highlight unique selling propositions such as Thai
> boxing, Thai cuisine, Thai health & wellness, Thai culture and heritage and
> many other such characteristics of the country's identity.
> Thailand has a broad range of products in each of these categories
> nationwide, and the TAT feels that they need to be given greater prominence
> as part of the marketing mix.
> Because all the categories of the "Thainess" campaigns lend themselves to
> powerful imagery, the research study was designed to identify the "trigger
> points" that will convince the potential visitors to move from "looking" to
> "booking."
> The countries included Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, U.S., United Arab
> Emirates, Australia, China, South Korea, India, Russia, Germany, Sweden, and
> Italy. A total sample of 3,000 were surveyed including both those who were
> first time or repeat visitors.
> The study used secondary and primary data and both quantitative and
> qualitative surveys. Interviews conducted included a broad cross-section of
> stakeholders, including Thais and foreigners, working both in and out of the
> industry.
> Said TAT Governor Suraphon Svetasreni, "The most important factor in the
> advertising message always has been the quality of the imagery. But with the
> many changes taking place these days, both the content and means of delivery
> of those images had to be re-examined within the context of our "Thainess"
> campaign strategies."
> He noted that some target groups felt attracted by a "story-telling"
> strategy. Others favoured a more static approach or responded to powerful
> images delivered via mobile devices. In all instances, the response differed
> depending on such factors as gender, age, location and the number of times
> the potential customers had visited Thailand.
> "We found that some of the traditional perceptions of Thailand were still
> strong, such as those related to fun, excitement, good service,
> hospitality," Mr. Suraphon said. "This works well when trying to attract the
> family market, for example. Other images may need to be reinforced in other
> ways."
> He added, "Altogether, it has been an interesting and challenging exercise.
> We became much more aware of how the world is changing and the constant need
> to keep up with these changes in order to maintain visitor flows."
Festival 087.JPG
Releasing hundreds of lanterns at certain festivals and ceremonies is a dazzling sight which bring good luck as well as photo opportunities!
Festival 087.JPG
Getting wet and soaked are part of Songkran the world famous water festival where throwing water on each other is the best way of cooling off during the hot months. Just leave your handphone at home or wrapped in plastic!
Festival 087.JPG
Muay Thai or Thai boxing is synonymous with kick boxing and this form of martial art is as Thai as Thai can get! 


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