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Instead of flaunting some simpering pretty boys or vacuous blonde Japanese girls in ponytails, Umeken shows photos of the entire Japanese Imperial Family!

No individual, let alone a huge company like Umeken (it means Plum Study in Japanese!) would dare dream of using images of their revered Imperial Family to hawk their products unless explicit, written permission has been given. An honour no amount of money can buy. 

For the Japanese Imperial Family to consent to their family portraits being used to promote commercial products, the goods in question must have passed their personal stringent tests. Not just the approval of the current family members but of the past 2 generations!

In Malaysia, no company is allowed to feature the images of the Agong, Sultan, Yamtuan or Raja ie Malay Rulers. 

So it is a huge accolade for Umeken to succeed in being granted the singular honour of linking their health products to the Japanese Imperial Family.

In Malaysia, Umeken's range of health products and supplements are distributed by Sheju Sdn Bhd controlled by Dato Eddie Teo or Watchshoppe fame.

Background of Sheju
Sheju (M) Sdn Bhd was founded by its Chairman Dato’ Eddie Teo. He accidentally came across it i when he visited one of his good friends in Singapore. When he was there, his friend’s wife accidentally pricked her fingers while gardening in the evening. She thought nothing much of it and applied some household lotion and soothing balm. Instead of subsiding, within hours her whole arm swelled while rashes formed, causing them to itch uncontrollably. She started to scratch and thus aggravated the pain even more. A classic case of being caught between the devil and deep blue sea!

The couple were horrified and rushed to the family doctor for immediate treatment. The doctor introduced her “Biogenics.” He had just returned from Japan from a medical seminar and was thoroughly impressed with this product which appears to be a relatively well kept secret among the elite.

The Singapore doctor assured the victim. "This is very effective and may even appear miraculous.  I will charge you more this time but I guarantee the rashes will start diminishing by the end of today. You just need to consume 5 pills every 6 hours. I stand by my word  or else I will return your money!" 

The husband and wife were bemused at their doctor's enthusiasm and also noted he seemed to be enjoying a new lease of life as he was more energetic and lively than before.  The husband and wife  paid S$ 500 (RM 1,250) for their pack of “Biogenics” which was expensive since there was no surgery involved as it was not a serious matter.
To their amazement, the rashes and itchiness started to subside quickly 5 hours after consuming “Biogenics.

"The rashes were gone the next morning when she got up.  The doctor’s prescription was miraculous! The effect was immediate.  Both Dato’ Eddie and the husband were surprised and went back to the doctor to purchase Biogenics for their daily consumption as health supplements.

Dato Eddie Teo, boss of the hugely successful Watchshoppe chain in Malaysia is very health conscious and so is his wife Datin Lee Nai Yee. Says Dato Teo, "Having tried an endless array of health supplements and vitamin pills and all sorts of so-called miracle cures from various companies throughout the years, I can vouch“Biogenics” to be the most effective and almost miraculous. I feel like I have been given a new lease of life!

"After taking Umeken's Biogenics for a few weeks and seeing my wife and myself becoming visibly youthful and more energetic, I flew to Japan to negotiate the distributorship of Biogenics with Umeken for Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Macau."

Initially Umeken hesitated as they could barely keep up with demand in Japan but Dato Eddie Teo is famous for his tenacity and integrity and persuaded Umeken to increase production by building a new factory and investing in farms.

History of Umeken® Co
During the prime of the Edo period, also known as the Tokugawa period (1615 -1868) a young man in Toyama prefecture perfected the use of natural herbs and ingredients to produce “Medicine Balls” that were portable and efficacious which greatly increased the quality of life of his customers.

It was a time where the arts, health and longevity dominated the upper classes of the nobility, samurai and merchnats. The 'Medicine Balls' proved highly efficacious and were in great demand by the elite. A new marketing system of “Baiyaku-san” that emphasized personal service grew and expanded in the Toyama region as the network allowed the medicine balls to be sold throughout the country.

It was from the Edo period that the foundations of Japanese Traditional medicine were slowly perfected. The formulations and secret recipes were guarded secretly within a few families. The skills of making the “Medicine Balls” had been passed down through the centuries and a descendant of such a family, Inagaki Shouichi, opened a small pharmaceutical company called Daido in 1947.

Holding steadfast to the traditions of his forefathers in hand- pressing every Medicine Ball and using only the best ingredients, the company grew steadily. In 1978 it was incorporated as Umeken® Co. which in Japanese means “the Study of the Plum” signifying freshness and healthy benefits derived from natural, organic ingredients.

Umeken ® Co - Today
Umeken® is a trusted name for many Japanese households and a consistent supplier to the Imperial Household of the Japanese Imperial Family. Its rich 200-year old history of producing premium, organic health supplements are testimony of its success and only Umeken has received Japan's Imperial Family seal of approval for their products! 

Manufactured to the highest of standards and using only the finest ingredients, Umeken today sells over 200 tons and 1 billion of its patented balls per year. It boasts two state-of-the art manufacturing plants in Toyama, a raw ingredient plant in Itakura and Japan’s only Spirulina Farm in Okinawa. Its  main offices are in Osaka and Tokyo.

The factories house the latest in Japanese Manufacturing and Extraction Technology and are managed by an experienced team of scientists, biologists, doctors and researchers who are constantly pushing the frontiers of the Japanese health industry. All their facilities are GMP certified  and hold several patents as well as JAS (Japanese Agriculture Standards) andUSDA Organic certifications.

Umeken® has been a trusted name for many welathy Japanese households and has supplied their products to the Japanese Imperial Family for generations. In 2001, Umeken® was presented with the highest Japanese award for Health Achievement.

UMEKEN is A Journey That Took Over 200 Years……
·         Trusted name for many Japanese households and a consistent supplier to the Japanese Imperial Royal Family for generations.
·         The World’s first and leading award – winning synbiotic that employs a traditional 100% natural 7 years fermentation process using 17 strains of Friendly Bacteria uniquely from Japan
·         Umeken’s Patented Balls ensure the highest level in nutrient absorption and efficacy.
·         200 Umeken® balls are consumed worldwide every minute!

Biogenics md Gold Edition  –Super Immune Booster and for Optimum Gastrointestinal Health
Imperial J 301 -Super Cells Rejuvenator and for Optimum Energy Flow
Imperial J302 -Anti-aging and for Optimum Blood Flow

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