Sunday, June 1, 2014


 They grow in Malaysia with no effort but DON'T ever bring the seeds home!
 Each packet of dadah seeds costs RM 26 but are illegal in Malaysia!
 Grow your own cannabis? Forget it! But it is legal in Holland!
Holland is liberal when it comes to drugs and sex!

Holland is world famous for its flowers and of course tulips. Mind you, the pragmatic Dutch was once so crazy over tulips in the 17th century the bulbs were traded like commodities and were worth more than gold. Housewives and household staff bought and sold the bulbs and when the bubble burst, well, you know the rest. Ironically tulips are NOT even native to Holland but came from outside Europe and the first batches were said to come from Turkey which continues to have the tulip and carnations as its floral symbols.

The Dutch have perfected the art of growing tulips to such perfection it has become its national flower and KLM just raised funds recently by selling tulips in Sungai Wang Plaza in KL, Malaysia two weeks ago!

Ditto for tropical plants found in Malaysia which grow naturally here or are native to our shore---these plants thrive in Netherlands inside greenhouses and are in such healthy, blooming health I feel ashamed to admit they don't look so good or flower so profusely as they do in the alien, adopted temperate climate of Holland!

I love pitcher plants and I bought a pot at between RM 60 and RM 80 at Cameron Highlands. Here in Amsterdam's Flower Market, a big pot with magnificent pitchers sell for RM 30! Ditto for bunga raya and bougainvillea that go for under RM 25 for a pot with flowers about to burst into bloom with samples of the extravagant flowers next to them.

As for orchids, suffice to say if I live in Amsterdam, my house will be a botanic garden as they are so cheap! A pot of white Moth Orchid so beloved of arty-farty types sell for nearly RM 100 in Bangsar Shopping Centre. Here in Holland it goes for as low as RM 25! 

Finding the Flower Market is simple---everyone knows where it is. Located next to Konigsplein and a canal but then almost every other shop or house is next to a canal so it is of not use. The Flower Market is also a quick stroll yo Rembrandt Square and is known as Bloemenmarkt which must mean Blooms Market which makes sense.

It is supposed to be 'the world's only floating flower market' but how it gets this name is beyond me as the flower shops are lined next to the canal and not floating on platforms on water! 

Try resist buying the tulip bulbs which sell for around RM 12 for half a dozen---they won't grow here!

Another temptation to resist AT ALL COSTS is the packet of marijuana seeds! These grow like weeds in Malaysia---now you know why they are also nicknamed 'weed'---but are strictly illegal and you will probably be hanged for producing cannabis, hemp or marijuana or ganja! 

All the shops look pretty much the same unless you are a Flower Power Lover and know the difference between a rose and rose hip. The market is geared for locals so prices are amazingly cheap. Many tourists buy beautiful cut flowers for their hotel rooms so come here upon arrival and transform your 3-star digs into a 5-star boudoir.

This shop ships your bulbs but they will not grow in Malaysia so don't bother!
The Flower Market is next to this historic building
Wonder if you can eat the bulbs once cooked
I never knew you could grow bonsai from seeds!
So tempting
Pretty in a mini pot
The world famous Black Tulip is no longer rare!
Blue tulips are also common now
Typical store
Lovely amaryllis 
Erotic and exotic
The flowers look like feather dusters
So pretty they look fake
Blue hydrangea 
I prefer pinks
Note the figurine
These can grow in our highlands
Cockscomb at RM 26
Stately amaryllises
See, 4 bonsai plants you can grow for RM 43
These can grow in Malaysia
Pitcher plants are so eye catching and unusual and costs only RM 34 for 3 pots!
Lemon tree
Pitcher plants from Sabah
Easy to grow it seems
You don't need to have green fingers
Bougainvillea plants that grow aplenty in Malaysia
Are those mini joss sticks?
I was curious to find out later
Flowery bags are in!
Pretty as a floral picture
Saw this in the shop opposite
Keep your willie warm
The flowers are fake OK!
But a few flowers are real
Pitcher plants
Impressive set up
Great decorations that last!
But you find them here
Very nice and reasonable, your own hothouse
Fab moth orchids are so cheap in Holland!
I was stunned---then was told the orchids have been sprayed blue! 
RM 22 per pot!
Grow your own weed and cannabis! But not in Malaysia where you go to jail or get hanged
Don't even think of it!
The Malaysian Minister of Agriculture will pass out at this sight in KL
Getting stoned in Holland is easy and legit!
Looks like an erotic, furry lan chiau
These Malaysian pitcher plants and Venus fly traps look so healthy in coldish Holland I could die
Carnivorous plants
Grow your own capsicum or chillies
Ooh so nice
Bromeliads from South America though they are now common in Malaysia
Looks like pineapple
The flowers are fake but the actual ones  look like these when they bloom
Cheese shop
Perennially blooming tulips on bedroom slippers
Grape vine in pot
I bought this tulip bag
Bunga Raya for RM 35
2 pots of Moth Orchids for only RM 76! In KL it costs at least RM 90 per pot!
We get these here 
Golden Shower orchids for RM 43 for 3 pots!
Nice combo
2 pots for only RM 43! Cheap!
Looks better than mine
Big pot
Luscious Bunga Raya
I love red Amaryllis
Santa in May?
Inside contain tulip bulbs
Fancy 100 tulip bulbs for only RM 35!
I have never heard of Buddha Palm!
Orange is the colour of Holland
So erotic like tongues
Unusual! No water, no soil needed! And well priced
Great for condo dwellers
Purple passion flowers 
Bags galore
The shops at right seem to float!


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I can buy amaryllis on this website?

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