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Since Amsterdam is world notorious for sex as proven by the scores of pretty, alluring prostitutes sitting inside red windows waiting for customers, when I tell my friends I love cruising in the Dutch capital, everyone assumes I was looking for sex and said it was high time I lose my virginity.

But this time, I was really cruising and did it in the way it was originally meant to be---on a boat, on water and traversing Amsterdam's many canals! 

The weather was fantastic with blue sky interspersed with fluffy white clouds with the city bathed in a brilliant, sunshiny glow that brought out the colours of this lovely city. Amsterdam is much better maintained than London as all the buildings are well maintained with seemingly new coats of paint and everything in perfect order with no grime, stain, cracked balustrades, chipped carvings or broken railings.The buildings, pavements, trams and facades of public/private buildings are beautifully kept and exquisitely presented. Most if not all buildings blend beautifully with each other and are in original, pristine condition. There are few ghastly 1960s or 1970s boring blocks with square windows and characterless frontages.

So a cruise on Amsterdam's many canals was in order and I think the 8.50 euros or RM 38 was the best purchase ever! 

The cruises start from the canals in front of Amsterdam Central Railway Station. Just take your pick from any operators and they cost about the same for 1 hour on the glass boat that takes you into the harbour and along the picturesque canals that are Amsterdam's signature and former life lines.  

Not all passengers are tourists and many are Hollanders from out of town. The running commentary is in Dutch, English, German and French.

When in Amsterdam, go cruising for a truly fascinating, enjoyable and unforgettable 60 minutes! It will be the best RM 38 you ever spent!

 Start from here
 That is Amsterdam Central Station
 So pretty
 Off we go!
 Look at the pattern
 This station was built on a manmade island
 This pretty pink darling sat in front of me
 2 pinkies!

 Old ships

 Such a galleon used to ply the seven seas and brought the Dutch to our shores
 Such ships were used to bring spices back to Europe by VOC the Dutch East India company
 Former port master HQ

 I love this ship
 Well preserved
 Cool statues
 Ahoy there
 Dutch flag flying high

 We made a U turn

 Pleasure boat
 Dutch architects are famous

 No this is not Hong Kong's Jumbo Floating restaurant

 A smaller version of HK's Jumbo restaurant 
 Serves Chinese food of course
 Tourist attraction

Looks like the Jumbo Floating restaurant in Hong Kong but this is Amsterdam! 
 We now enter our first canal!
 Houseboat living appeals to me~!
 This guy enjoying tea and relaxing in style on his houseboat!
 I love it
 Enjoying a lazy afternoon
 Folly Tower
 Looks like a windmill of sorts
 Another house boat
 They have electricity, running water and sewage system like any other home
 Cosy and comfy!
 Canal living
 My lovely lassie
 She will be Miss Holland
 Pleasure boats

 Easy living

 Big one
 It has everything including balcony

 These houses are so majestic
 My boat!
 My boat offers views all round

 Enjoying life
 Paddlers out and about

 That's an elephant at the base!
 Unusual to have an elephant!

 Another similar cruiser

 Lovely lassie

 Historic buildings

 This is the life
 Simple fun
 I did this  too

 Simple pleasures
 Narrow canal!
 Bit crowded

 Twin facades
 Stately building
 One family used to live in each building in the old days but now some buildings contained several apartments
 In the old days, the master, mistress and family lived in the ground, first and second floors while servants lived on the top floors as there were no lifts!
 So grand
 I love admiring the different facades as each is unique and not identical


Lonesome 3some?
This pyramidal roof is very stylish
Old and new

Sit and snooze!
This is the good, worry free life!

The hooks are used to carry furniture as the steps are too narrow and steep!

Enjoying fresh air


My boat's top was open so I took this unusual photo!
Expensive neighbourhood

Afternoon snooze
Nice siesta but don't roll over to the right!
Sweet dreams!
Bicycles galore

These buildings are amazing and so well kept!

There are more than 800,000 bicycles in Amsterdam, more than the population!
Getting back

Central Station---where we started the cruise!

Central Station
Bike City

Central Station

I took this cruise!

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