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Princess Dr Becky Leogardo hosted a birthday party for around a hundred guests at Raintree Club ballroom on 7 June 2014 to celebrate the 4th birthday of her darling twins Gloria who is the most beautiful 4 year old girl in entire universe and her charming brother Raphael who is the cutest 4 year old in entire universe as confirmed by Jesus Christ and Buddha.

The party, being a kids' bash, was held in the afternoon from 2 pm till 5 pm and everyone was asked to come dressed in children-inspired clothes.

Of course I won Best Dressed as I wore an Adidas Limited Edition jacket with 2 teddy bears hand sewn onto the sleeves to become an inherent part of the sleeves and not merely stitched on! I wore matching shoes with teddy bears on each designed by Jeremy Scott plus an Adidas matching green T-shirt.

I caused a sensation from Palladium condo as I walked into Princess Dr Becky Leogardo's new Rolls-Royce as my security guards almost passed out from amazement though of course they see me daily in haute couture attire but my Jeremy Scott ensemble was something else!

The star of the show was a sterling performance by Gloria who sang 'Let It Go' from the movie 'Frozen' with such flair and gusto everyone agreed she would be the next Lady Gaga or a movie star or both! Her mother and I plan to exploit Gloria so we can make millions out of her as a child wonder and then teenage star and then Miss Philippines and Miss Holland and then conquer Hollywood before marrying her to a Crown Prince so she will be Queen of an European nation as she is half white anyway so there will be no protests. So her future is already planned and settled! Such a lucky girl!

 Gloria in action singing 'Let It Go' from 'Frozen'
 Her blonde wig really stunned the crowd

Gloria threw off her shawl dramatically in 'Let I Go'! 

 The Hollywood Mum at right encourages her together with emcee Kee Hua Chee

 Gloria the Glorious!
 Such a darling angel
 The prettiest 4 year old in observable universe!

 Look at her hand gestures!
 Now her brothers Daniel and Raphael join in
 The Terrific 3some!
 Born to the stage
 Maybe we will turn them into a band and call them 'Glorious'

 The 3 darlings!
 Princess Dr Becky Leogardo encouraging her children

 That is not one of the family

Such talent! 
 Look at Gloria

 Raphael, Daniel and Gloria are the best!
 Born to be rich and famous
 Look to the left, look to the right---Gloria did just that!

 Birthday cake

 This is for Raphael or Raff Raff
 The 2 cakes
 Raintree Club Ballroom

 Amee Philips and Andrew Philips from Amee Philips Fine Jewellery
 She is from Penang and he from Scotland
 Dance time!

 Daniel and bro Raphael
 Gloria and Raphael lead the way

 Doing the Gangnam Style!
 Florence Cho, Angie Lim, her daughter and Datin Joneser Choi

 Datin Joneser Choi's sisters and family
 Datin Joneser Choi's family
 That is handsome Nick Choi at back
 Filming for posterity

Led by Daniel, Gloria and Raphael, the children took over the stage and danced nonstop!

In this game, the kids had to freeze when the music stopped and Gloria was the best freezer! 

Gloria and Raphael froze over!
Look at Gloria!

As usual, Princess Dr Becky Leogardo had gifts for lucky draws and every guest was given a door gift so all had a present!

Teddy bears galore

Gift from Keith Kee the best designer in Malaysia!

Princess Dr Becky Leogardo and Lim Meng Hong
Angie Lim and Gloria and some kiddo

Dishy and handsome Nick Choi and cousin
Nick Choi wears a t shirt with his photo when he was a kiddo
The game is Standing on Newspaper which gets folded each  round and becomes smaller! No feet is allowed to touch the floor outside the paper!

First round is easy! 

Grazias Ambra does it in high heels!

The high heels come off

That's clever

Enjoying the fun

We did it!

Almost every child got a present!

Contest for best dancer among parents!

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