Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I went to view Night Watch, one of the world's most famous paintings with accountant David Lim who paid for my entry ticket of 15 euros (RM 66). The museums all charge the same rate but it is worth it for Rijks Museum as you can spend ALL day here and still cannot finish seeing the masterpieces. The Vincent Van Gogh museum nearby (5 minutes walk) also charges 15 euros to see Sunflowers, Irises and his self portraits but an unknown museum nextdoor also charges 15 euros which is a waste of money! 

Photography is allowed here unlike Van Gogh museum. I can never understand to the day I die why photography is banned in some museums since all the images are available online and visitors cannot make money by selling them as who in their right mind will buy when all the images are free with a click of your mouse?

 David Lim in front of Rijks Museum

 It cost RM 2 billion and 4 years to renovate Rijks Museum!

 David Lim
 David Lim and Kee Hua Chee who caused a sensation with his outfit by Keith Kee Kouture. Many visitors thought he was an exhibit and took photos of him and with him.
 Kee Hua Chee's suit could be a modern take on a Renaissance costume replete with feather, floral motifs and tassels! Some tourists asked Kee Hua Chee if he was promoting a fashion exhibition somewhere in Rijks
 David Lim with The Night Watch behind 
 Kee Hua Chee with The Night Watch by Rembrandt van Rijn
 The Night Watch is the most famous and valuable painting in Holland, painted in 1642
 That's Captain Frans Banning Cocq (I love the surname!) and his Lieutenant Willem van Ruytenburch in yellow with white sash
 The huge size, sense of movement and interplay of light and shadow make The Night Watch a priceless masterpiece
 Selfie; Notice how Kee Hua Chee's cavalier outfit by Keith Kee matches the elaborate costumes of the people in The Night Watch! 
 This painting hangs on the right wall to The Night Watch
 This painting also by Rembrandt hangs on the left  wall and forms the tripartite
 The Night Watch is not as famous as Mona Lisa in Louvre Paris but it is monumental and huge
 See how big it is
 The painting at right
 The painting was slashed in 1911 and again in 1975 but was restored. The deranged guy was never charged and committed suicide in 1976 in a mental hospital. In 1990 a man sprayed acid but guards quickly splashed water on the canvas which was totally restored
 Majestic postures
 I love the costumes!
 The ruffs and laces are super cool and worn by men!
 2 guards make sure no one tries anything funny
 High and mighty
 This half hidden face is Rembrandt himself! He included himself in the painting as a joke!
 We should all  dress like this today
 I thought it was a huge dick but it was a sword
 From a distance I could see The Night Watch
 Feisty swan
 On the way out I also admired these paintings
 Greedy girl
 Dog at deathbed
 Sleeping beauty
 That is The Night Watch at the end
 Natural light streams in
 This table fits my decor
 Big urn
 Daybed so glam
 Delft porcelain
 Ornate porcelain perfumiers
 This porcelain guitar cannot be played
 Looks good
 Fits into any corner!
 My bed
 Doll house
 I love the frame!
 Cherubs galore
 So Comme de Garcons
 3 sisters
 Model of galleon
 VOC ship
 Never trust politicians, trust writers like me
David Lim outside Rijks Museum

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