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One of 20 Coffret sold at RM 500 each to raise RM 10,000

To celebrate Lampe Berger's first year foray into retail, Julie Lim on behalf of Lampe Berger Malaysia donated RM 10,000 to Breast Cancer Support Initiative.

From 8 July 2013 till 8 July 2014 next year, Lampe Berger will donate RM 10 for every lamp sold and RM 1 for every bottle of essential oil sold to Breast Cancer Support Initiative so your environs can smell divine while you are directly contributing to a good cause!

Buddha, Kuan Yin, Jesus and Mother Mary will bless you for this!

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Sharan Valiram of Valiram Group, Steven Yeam, Francois Matraire, Julie Lim, Ranjit and Winnie Lim
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Guest of Honour Francois Matraire enjoying the scent of success
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Julie Lim, CEO of Lampe Berger Malaysia showing her RM 6,888 limited edition Monkey Lamp by renowned artist Hilton McConnicco
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The pop-up Lampe Berger stall at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
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Sharan Valiram, Ranjit, Julie Lim and Francois Matraire Winnie, Dato Eddy & Datin Jennifer.JPG
Datin Yong Maylene, Florence Cho, CEO of Lampe Berger Malaysia Julie Lim, Doreen Tan, Nadia Abdullah and Siew Ling
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Florence Cho, Steven Yeam and Datin Yong Maylene
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Gina, Lucy Ng, Yenti Lou, Winnie Lim, Michelle Hee, Angie Lim and Puan Sri Li Ling
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Datin Gina Gan and Julie Lim
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Winnie, Dato Eddy & Datin Jennifer.JPG
Sharan Valiram and guest
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Showtime by Kelly Siew ala Lampe Berger!

Since Julie Lim of Jubilant Prestige Sdn Bhd was awarded the master franchise of Lampe Berger for Malaysia and Brunei, she has worked indefatigably to resurrect the Lampe Berger business in Malaysia which was practically at death's door after a hugely successful run some 15 years ago when Lampe Berger was a massive hit in Malaysia.

The good news for Lampe Berger fans and curious wanna-try people is that the lamps and oils are much CHEAPER than before!

A spiffy, nice lamp starts from around RM 200 while a 1-litre bottle of essential oil is only RM 138. Previously you would be looking at around RM 400 for a basic bottle and over RM 200 for the same 1-litre bottle of rpecious essential oil! And there are 43 scents to choose from so I know you will go gaga like me deciding which ones so do like me---buy 10 different bottles at one go! They last forever so there is no 'Use By' time limit and you will be cocooned in fragranced safety and comfort during these crazy, dazy, hazy days! So stay indoors with Lampe Berger and listen to jazzy music as the haze outside knocks the rest off their feet!

To know where to get your Lampe Berger and oils, visit

I stock up at Lampe Berger's main store at Tatiana boutique on Jalan Maarof, Bangsar as Lampe Berger is housed into Tatiana, Malaysia's most successful and famous boutique selling affordable yet highly glamorous French gowns, dresses, frocks, caftans and day/casual wear!

Below is the speech by Julie Lim, CEO of Lampe Berge Malaysia on 12 July 2013 at the Lampe Berger Soiree to celebrate its 1st anniversary.
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Winnie, Dato Eddy & Datin Jennifer.JPG
Julie Lim and Adeline Khoo
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Lucy Ng, Angie Lim, Michelle Hee and Yenti Lou hamming it up
Winnie, Dato Eddy & Datin Jennifer.JPG
Lucy Ng, Gina and Ranjit
Winnie, Dato Eddy & Datin Jennifer.JPG
Sharan Valiram, Steven Yeam, Francois Matraire, Julie Lim, Ranjit, Winnie Lim
Winnie, Dato Eddy & Datin Jennifer.JPG
Sharan Valiram, Ranjit, Julie Lim and Francois Matraire
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Azlyn, Madam Chong and Cynthia Rodrigo Miss Malaysia 1982
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Nadia Abdullah and Amy
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Ranjit, Winnie, Julie Lim, Michelle Hee, Angie Lim, Datin Maylene, Puan Sri Li Ling and Florence Cho
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Winnie Lim, Dato Eddie Choon and Datin Jeniffer Choon of Poh Kong Jewellers
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Angie Yu, Winnie Lim, Yvonne Chow and Christina Teh
Datin Gina Gan Julie Lim (2).jpeg
The RM 500 Coffret that sold for RM 500 each to raise RM 10,000
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Datin Lim and Amy Tan
Datin Margaret  Betsy Poh.jpeg
Datin Margaret and Betsy Poh

Welcome to Lampe Berger soiree at Time Kulture.

First and foremost, I would like to thank the Trade Commissioner of France in Malaysia,  Monsieur Fran├žois Matraire for gracing this event and also the Valiram Group for organising Time Kulture.

As Lampe Berger Malaysia celebrates our 1st anniversary in retail, I took this opportunity to bring all of you to this wonderful soiree. 

Like the distinguished time pieces you see here this evening, Lampe Berger is also very much a product of luxury and style.

Lampe Berger Paris is a hundred and fifteen year old French company that has worked with the world’s greatest glass artisans including Lalique, Barracat and Daum in the creation of its lamps. Today, some of these pieces have become collectors’ items and even art pieces at the Christie’s auction house.

Though Lampe Berger was originally created for use in the French hospitals mainly to kill bacteria, germs and viruses. It is today more than just an advanced form of aromatheraphy. Lampe Berger continues to work with renowned designers to create special edition and signature pieces for collectors around the world.

Tonight, you will see some of the latest collection displayed at the respective watch galleries with more at our pop-up kiosk right above these stairs at the Pavilion KL entrance. And you will also be delighted to know the air that you are breathing here tonight is clean as we are diffusing the amber fragrance for your benefit. 

Lampe Berger was a huge commercial success in Malaysia for over a decade under multi-level marketing but it faded over time and only made a comeback last year when Jubilant Prestige took over the distributorship in Malaysia. We managed to open 12 retail stores in major malls throughout Malaysia within a year with more to come in the next few months. I must thank my distributors, as we could not have achieved this without their support. 

Before I became a distributor, I was an ardent collector and user of Lampe Berger products. And because it is such a wonderful product, my aim is to make it easily available to the public who can benefit much from its use. Like in the recent case of the haze hazard, many could benefit from the use of Lampe Berger where its catalytic combustion burner has a unique diffusion ability to breakdown molecules and purify the air around us. 
This evening as we celebrate our 1st anniversary in retail, I am pleased to announce a roadshow that will take Lampe Berger products on a nationwide tour to many more major shopping malls to promote and educate the public about this product.

I am also pleased to announce Lampe Berger Malaysia’s pledge to support the breast cancer initiative in Malaysia, through a one year fund raising effort. A portion of our sales of lamps and oils will be channelled towards this cause. Many lives, especially women, can be saved from early detection and action. I especially applaud the good work done by breast cancer support groups spearheaded by people like Puan Sri Akmal Saleh and Ms Ranjit Pritam. I am most pleased that we at Jubilant Prestige are able to play a part in helping these groups. 

Today, we are pleased to donate our initial RM10,000 collected through the pre-sale of our Carat Premium Coffret lamps and essential oils. I would like to thank those who had kindly supported this initiative and I encourage more to come forward and support this cause.  
In closing, I wish all of you a good evening and please enjoy yourself.


Speech for Monsieur Fran├žois Matraire, Trade Commissionner - Commercial Counsellor of the French Trade Commission - UBIFRANCE Malaysia on the occasion of the Lampe Berger’s 1st anniversary in retail at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Friday, 12 July 2013
Good evening, distinguished guests and members of the media,
I would like to start by thanking my gracious host, Ms Julie Lim, CEO of Jubilant Prestige Sdn Bhd for the opportunity to share in this joyous and auspicious occasion in celebration of Lampe Berger Malaysia’s 1st anniversary in retail.

It is indeed an honour to attend this wonderful event that is held in such high esteem by Malaysian high society as well as Malaysian and French commercial and trade partners.

The French Ambassador to Malaysia, Her Excellency Madame Martine Dorance herself was present at the launch of Lampe Berger Malaysia at the House of Tatiana a year ago. Regretfully she is unable to attend today due to a prior engagement.

France has always been a country steeped in age-old cultural traditions and we revel in our scientific and artistic creations that have made waves internationally and have pride of place in buildings and homes worldwide.
Lampe Berger is proudly Parisian and I am happy to note that this accolades and multi prestigious prize winning creation initially formulated by Maurice Berger to purify and cleanse hospital environments in 1898 has since gone on to beautify and purify the air and homes of many an art collector as a decorative item.

In fact, the unique diffuser lamp is fast making its way across the world as is evident in Malaysia whereby 12 retail stores are already offering this exclusive French product in major malls across the country, including one outlet in The Mall, Brunei. And if I understand Ms Lim’s plans correctly, by mid-2014, Lampe Berger will have 20 stores in Malaysia, which will effectively promote the interest and acceptance of yet another French brand on these shores.

Naturally, we are proud to support our own in any given environment and what better way to promote our European heritage and culture than through trade.
France and Malaysia have long established a strong bilateral trade partnership.  Malaysia is now France’s second trade partner in Asean, with exports totalling 2.2 billion euros. Electronics and computer components are primary exports at 1.2 billion euros.

Other sectors include mineral and rubber products, with the highest growth sectors coming from petroleum products at 63 million euros and palm oil at 35 million euros.

France's exports to Malaysia have also touched a record level of 1.8 billion euros, mainly from aeronautics and mechanical, electrical and electronics equipment. Other interest sectors include automotive equipment, cosmetics and food products.

Last year, trade exchange between the two nations valued at 4 billion euros, an equivalent of RM16 billion.

The number of French companies that have established businesses here in Malaysia mainly in the oil and gas, aeronautics and transport sectors has increased significantly over the past few years.

As a direct result of this, we have seen an increase in the number of French expatriates in Malaysia. We have on record, close to 3,000 French citizens residing in this country with 85% living in Kuala Lumpur and surrounding areas.
The number of French tourists visiting Malaysia has also surged in recent years, touching 110,000 last year.

In sum, bilateral trade relations between Malaysia and France are strengthening year by year and we are very positive of the outlook for both countries.
And whilst trade is important, the French Embassy is also passionate in supporting causes which benefit the local community. In the race to find a cure for cancer, creating awareness of early detection and intervention is the first line of defence in the fight against this relentless, devastating disease.

We laud the work of Breast Cancer Support Centres in Malaysia and around the world and commend Jubilant Prestige Sdn Bhd and Lampe Berger Malaysia for their fund raising initiative and support of a very worthy cause which aims to curb the number of breast cancer-related deaths and alleviate the impact of the disease on society.

We sincerely hope the Breast Cancer Support Initiative by Lampe Berger Malaysia will make a difference in the lives of women battling breast cancer and those at risk of the disease.

On that note, I declare Lampe Berger Malaysia’s 1st anniversary in retail pop-up kiosk and nationwide tour launched!

Merci Beaucoup / Thank you.

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