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I flew into Amsterdam, Holland around 6.15 am with Princess Dr Becky Leogardo who as usual is financing the entire 12 day trip and her children Daniel Mantz,6, Gloria,3, her nanny Linda and Michael Mantz.

From Amsterdam airport Michael Mantz hired a Mercedes Vito to take us and 10 suitcases excluding hand-carry Louis Vuittons to his house in The Hague.

After lunch we went to The Hague's main shopping centre and then to Albert Heijn supermarket where she spent 145 euros (RM 600 something) on groceries. That should last us a few days...

Avant garde architecture of modern The Hague

Denneweg is one of the main shopping streets of The Hague

This is one of the best hotels in The Hague

Stately avenue lined with trees and modern sculptures

This mannequin in front of Mody Mary has become an icon of The Hague's main shopping artery

The sign says Do Not Sit but this man prepares to do just that

Inside Mody Mary, the best and most glamorous boutique in The Hague and we were offered wine and Perrier

Daniel Mantz checks out Mody Mary
I am fascinated by this fake looking plant but it is real

This is the view of the famous bench outside Mody Mary where Daniel and his sister Gloria were having fun being photographed

You can tell Daniel Mantz is bound to be a heart breaker when he grows up

This is the main shopping street of The Hague called Hoogstraat which is a pedestrian street with no cars allowed so folks can sit outside and watch the world go by. The one holding Hermes umbrella is Princess Dr Becky Leogardo

Linda, Daniel, Princess Dr Becky Leogardo and Gloria Mantz. Daniel is pointing towards a big dog

Inside Escada boutique. Princess Dr Becky Leogardo is wearing Christian Dior
The crowned lights were put up to celebrate the coronation of the new King and Queen of  Holland

Mobile musical cart from olden days

Halstraat is a popular meeting point for locals and tourists as it joins Hoogstraat

Bonneterie is the best department store in The Hague

This iconic building done in mosaic is The Hague's most talked about

Watching the world and Kee Hua Chee passing by
Inside Bonneterie dept store. A floor below are Linda and Gloria

Daniel Mantz poses like a pro

View from Bonneterie on second floor

One can never be too careful from the sun's harmful rays
Daniel and Gloria Mantz having fun inside a shoe shop

Princess Dr Becky Leogardo was the most beautiful and well dressed and glamorous shopper, mother, wife and tourist in The Hague and all of Holland!

Daniel Mantz the street dancer

Kee Hua Chee also stopped traffic in sedate The Hague with his red ensemble

This statue is opposite the Royal Palace in The Hague

Nice horse

Though rich, the Dutch are thrifty and enjoy cycling for fun and exercise. Most bicycles are run of mill but these are exceptional. See more examples below and these bicycles were parked outside Albert Heijn supermarket!

I love this bike! Look at its pedals located way up front beyond the handles!


Albert Heijn supermarket uses hamsters to advertise their sales pitch since hamsters are famous for storing food in their mouth pouches and hidey holes

Gloria Mantz is storing up food too

Driving through The Hague

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