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BP Healthcare is Malaysia's best and most cost-effective, private supplier of health products and services, from medicines, face masks when the haze became worse, to specialist centres and pharmacies.

However big and well respected BP Healthcare is, there is another BP bigger, more powerful and richer.

When I mentioned to my friends I was attending BP's annual dinner, they said they were unaware BP was also in health care.

They asked, "Wa, now BP has expanded from petroleum into healthcare also ar?"

Well, that is of course BP as in British Petroleum or Beyond Petroleum when they tried to be clever.

Owner of BP Healthcare Dato Beh Chun Chuan and Datin Poh Lay See did not steal British Petroleum's famous initials when they started BP Healthcare in 1982. In their case, BP stands for Beh and Poh!

Around 800 guests wined and dined at BP Healthcare's 32nd anniversary party and the star of the night was the surprise appearance of top Hong Kong superstar Kevin Cheng!

I almost fainted when the emcee announced the arrival of Kevin Cheng who strolled in to rapturous applause!

He sang 2 songs on stage and presented awards to BP's long serving staff.

Kevin Cheng, unlike lesser stars, was kind enough to pose for half an hour with his legion of fans! I was very impressed Kevin Cheng was so sweet, agreeable and affable! This is the way stars should behave! I am sure ALL the female guests queued patiently to have their photos taken with the handsome superstar who is 45 but after using BP Healthcare's products and services, looked 30!

The dress code was Tropical Hawaiian as MD Lovey Beh visited Big Island in Hawaii 2 years ago and fell in love with it and agreed with her committee members to have this fun dress code though guests were reminded no singlets, shorts, bikinis and slippers were allowed!

Syed Budriz, nephew of Sultan of Selangor and Kee Hua Chee, Son of Heaven
Kee Hua Chee won Best Dressed as he had every colour of the rainbow, making the 2 girls fade into insignificance as none notices the girls when Kee Hua Chee is around
2 hot and sexy ladies from BP Healthcare
Kee Hua Chee was the sexiest and hottest
Lovely tudung ladies
I love the florals on their tudung
All ready to party!
Joevy Beh, Lovy Beh and Kee Hua Chee
Joevy Beh, Lovy Beh and Kee Hua Chee in tropical gear
Joevy Beh, Lovy Beh and Kee Hua Chee
Notice the crystal seahorse necklace on Kee Hua Chee!
Kee Hua Chee is ready to cruise
Aloha and all set to party!
4 hot chicks; Chia Shin, Loke Khee, Nana (not Banana) and Justina
4 sex goddesses
More sex goddesses but since they are sexier and have bigger boobs than your wife and gf, they must be boys!
These are the famous paperdolls!
Big boss of BP Healthcare and host with most Dato Beh Chin Chian and Syed Budriz, nephew of Sultan of Selangor
Dato Beh Chun Chuan and Syed Budriz Putra Syed Amir Zainal Abidin 
Kee Hua Chee demonstrates Flower Power!
Kee Hua Chee was also the most beautiful guest as no other woman dared challenge 
The Indian comedian with big hair donned wig on sporting victim
Big hair does a magic trick
That's a long one as many think Indians have long ones
They don't have anymore, short or long
Indian dance
Very sexy
Looks like Anita Sarawak and she mimics her too
Sequinned hula skirts
Dato Beh Chun Chuan came to my table to say Hello to the ladies
BP Healthcare 32nd Anniversary Dinner
Lovey Beh making her speech
Awards to long serving staff of 23 years!
Kevin Cheng arrives! The guests were stunned speechless as no one knew he was coming! This was to avoid thousands of fans gate crashing!
The girls squealed and screamed and shivered from sexual arousement and quite a few men too!
Kevin Cheng is 45 and looks 25 as he uses BP Healthcare products and services I bet
Such a gorgeous hunk
Tall and slim and sexy
Kevin Cheng sings!
He congratulates BP Healthcare for 32 glorious years
Looking hot and sexy
Kevin Cheng live at BP Healthcare annual dinner
What a blast!
Big deal to get him here
Only BP Healthcare could do this to please its guests
Kevin Cheng is Hong Kong actor and singer signed to TVB 
Kevin Cheng rose to fame in 2004 playing the lead role of 'Hard Fate'

Kevin Cheng is famous for his role in Ghetto Justice
In Ghetto Justice, he played Law Lik Ah
Nice profile
Great complexion like mine
Ghetto Justice won Kevin Cheng TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actor!
Fans snapping away!

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