Friday, April 11, 2014


A record RM 33,667.20 was raised last night at Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine near the USA Embassy on Jalan U Thant off Jalan Tun Razak.

Said Andre Shum, managing partner of Rama V, "This noteworthy event was also to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Rama V which opened in 1994 in this very same location. This fund raising event is Rama V's Corporate Social Responsibility gesture for 2014. In previous years, we sold tables with the net proceeds going to various charities. But this year we invited generous and kind hearted guests who donated whatever amount they wanted with every ringgit and sen collected going towards the charity of our choice this year---The Spastic Children's Association of Selangor and Federal Territory (SCAS&FT). On our part, we sponsored the food, soft drinks and venue. Glasses of wine donated by sponsors were sold at RM 10 per glass."

Rama V is a converted bungalow with large garden that flaunts 5 private, freestanding pavilions built in Thai architectural style facing a lotus pool. 

Guests were treated to delightful Thai starters and cocktails upon arrival. As this is still the Songkran Water Festival, each guest was splashed with water from head to toe, destroying make-up, coiffure and handphones!

OK so this did NOT happen! But every guest was gently sprinkled with a few drops of scented rosewater for luck as they entered the dining room.

There was free flow of fruit punch and Thai appetisers like minced chicken with Thai herbs, beef satay and vegetarian spring rolls. This was followed by Mekong Platter of dumplings, fish cake, paper rolls with duck and pomelo salad with prawns. Then came Thai roasted pumpkin soup, steamed codfish in lime juice and asparagus tips and mango with sticky rice.

Dinner started with Thai classical dances and entertainment was provided by stand-up comedian Andrew Netto who made the guests cracked up with laughter. He also conducted the auction of wine and crochet painting by the Centre's denizens.

Kudos to Rama V, Danny Jee and Andre Shum for their kindness and generosity and may they enjoy great karma like me!

To help or donate;  or or call 03-7958 2393

Rama V at 5 Jalan U Thant
I love the terracotta busts
This is the event
Andre Shum, managing partner of Rama V
Kee Hua Chee and Andre Shum
Kee Hua Chee and Marx King
Danny Jee and wife Audrey and Dato Dr Lam Peng Chong and VIPs
The VIPs of the night
Datin and Dato Lam Peng Chong
Dato Lam Peng Chong is a rare Royal Dato of Selangor so his wife is To'Puan
Danny and Audrey Jee
Danny and Audrey Jee
Andre Shum and Danny Jee, the owners of Rama V
Andre Shum and Danny Jee
Andre Shum and Thai dancers
Kee Hua Chee and Andre Shum and 2 lovelies
Beautiful Thai dancers
Lovely poses
Marx King towers over them
Prayers for peace
The back garden with Thai pavilions
Could be in Bangkok!
Pool of serenity!
Picturesque pool
The main pavilion and annexes
Marx King 
Such a verdant garden
Authentic ambiance
Rama V
Inside Rama V
Thai dancer
Exotic creature
Thai hors doeurves
Minced chicken with Thai herbs
Andre Shum welcomes guests
Thank you for coming!
Andre Shum
Danny Jee's table
Linda Lim of SCAS
Linda Lim, board member
Linda Lim of Spastic Children's Association of Selamgor and Federal Territory
Mekong Platter
Thai dancers

Thai roasted pumpkin soup
Andre Netto the stand up comedian

Wines were auctioned with all proceeds to charity. This rare Dionysus wine sold for RM 3,000 but is worth RM 10,000!
King Rama V
This Louis Philip 2010 Sauvignon sold for RM 1,200
This pretty floral crochet sold for RM 300
RM 500
RM 300
RM 800
Rama V RM 500 vouchers sold for RM 900 and RM 1,100
Andre Shum announcing total takings
Dato Dr Lam Peng Chong and Danny Jee with RM 33,667.20 cheque to Spastic Children's Association of Selangor and Federal Territory
Dato Lam plans to redevelop their current 54 year old building into a modern 9 storey building!

Dato Lam Peng Chong and Danny Jee
Dato Lam Peng Chong thanking kindhearted Malaysians. He will match the amount raised to double the sum! Thank you Dato Lam! You have great karma!
Our annual costs are RM 2 million
To help or donate, email or visit or 03-7958 2393

Dato Lam and Andre Shum

Dato Lam Peng Chong the force behind the Spastic Children's Association of Selangor and Federal Territory

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