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The next Master Practitioner's Course conducted by Lillian Too will be from 22 to 27 September 2014 in Lillian Too's headquarters in MidValley Kuala Lumpur. Contact fr details!

Lillian Too's Master Practitioner Course in Feng Shui
Message from Lillian Too Lillian Too Conducting her Class Case Study Lillian's Home Partying with Lillian Too Releasing Balloons
LILLIAN'S MPC COURSE in KUALA LUMPUR lets you feel her energy and dynamic presence; enables you to experience and see for yourself just how she pulls all three dimensions of fengshui together to get superlative results Great Good health; plenty of Happiness in all her relationships and continued prosperity & expansions - all brought together through her practice of SPACE, TIME & the SPIRITUAL dimensions of fengshui. The MPC in Kuala Lumpur is a tightly packed exciting program of lectures, case discussions and plenty of interaction with Lillian herself … it is a Master Course so special, the experience here will forever change the way you look at luck and practice fengshui..
Being here in Kuala Lumpur - the world's best kept secret destination where everyone speaks English and everything is modern and peaceful, you will have a whole week of face-to-face time with Lillian, visiting her home and feeling its pure sheng chi energy and interacting with our resident fengshui experts as you review yourown plans in class! You will visit an apartment, a link house, a bungalow and also a building site to learn how to translate fengshui formulas into practical applications. And you can ask all your most difficult fengshui questions and get valuable tutorial coaching! And above all, you will have loads of fun meeting and bonding with new friends from around the world!

Course Date

22nd - 27th September 2014

How to register

Please email us at for the detailed course itinerary, courses fees, accommodation package and Course Registration Form.

Office Hours : Monday to Friday
9.00am - 6.00pm (Malaysian Time)

Spaces for each course are limited!

Anyone who has met Lillian in person is sure to be inspired and uplifted by her magnanimousattitude and hugely positive energy… Lillian believes that success comes from having the right attitude and perspective in life. Having lived life to the fullest, she doesnot just teachher students advanced fengshui, she also imparts sage advice on how to takethe right attitude and develop the correct motivation when coping with the stress andtackling difficult situations in life! Her style of teaching is unique, energetic, and incredibly engaging.


She peppers her lectures and tutorials with fabulous real life experiences as she shares anecdotes of her interactions with famous personalities drawn from her amazing corporate years. Every minute spent in her presence is a learning experience as she shares amazing fengshui moments with you - she will tell you how she made her millions and all the fengshui rituals and symbols she put in place to attract a good deal into her life, and how she won the support of bankers and investors; how it took her only 18 months to crystallize her corporate skills into making millions … all this and more, she will share with you ... No other fengshui master has Lillian's level of real life experiences…

Everyone who has ever attended Lillian Too's MPC in Kuala Lumpur has come back again and again for more of Lillian. Some have become lifelong friends, and severalhave even joined her on pilgrimage tours to exotic places such as Borobudur in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Kathmandu in Nepal and Burma!

When you make the decision to come to Kuala Lumpur you will be taking the first step on an amazing and very meaningful journey … and we will look after you from the moment you step off your plane… as we have been doing for the past twelve years! If you want to take this journey then email us at

No one else in the world has the same credentials as Lillian! Her experience in fengshui spans across 30 years, having learnt from many advanced masters in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan. She is the world's most successful writer on fengshui and to date she has authored more than 80 titles on fengshui, making bestsellers lists in New York. Having made publishing history by carving out her own shelf-space in the bookstores, her books have been translated into over 30 languages across Europe and Asia!

While her writing career speaks for itself, Lillian is the only fengshui expert in the world who has formerly held an unbeatable and illustrious corporate career to prove that her brand of fengshui works! With a prestigious MBA from Harvard Business School, Lillian Too is a formidable businesswoman, highly respected in commercial and financial circles. Lillian became the first woman in Malaysia to head a public-listed company and in 1982 she became the first woman in Asia to be appointed CEO of a Bank. When she left the banking sector, she packaged her own buyout of the Dragon Seed Group together with First Pacific Group and Prudential Asia, and cashed out millions by the age of 45!

In her courses, Lillian shares all her intimate stories of how fengshui has helped her build her fortune and improve her most valued relationships in life. She shares with you how you can use these techniques to help yourself too!

Every student who comes to Malaysia looks forward to this part of the course! Being here means that you will get a chance to visit Lillian's private home where she personally explains all the fengshui features she has used to bring prosperity and happiness into her life. Students will see first-hand her famous Kuan Yin Carp pond, her Deep Blue Infinity Pool, Arowanaaquarium, Dzambhala Waterfall, Giant Prayer Wheel and plenty more features featured in her book "Living with Good FengShui"!

Like all powerful masters of this living skill, Lillian respects and adopts the "oral tradition" of transferring secret knowledgeverbally. While formulas can taught, there is no substitute for learning the subtle nuances in a classroom environment, where the teacher is able to express what she really means with tone emphasis and body language. The nuances in the interpretation of formulas are what make the practice of fengshui potent and powerful.

In her classes Lillian shares deep knowledge on the finer points of practising fengshui and reveals many complex and advanced formulas that cannot be adequately explained in her books. In addition Lillian has the permission to teach secrets of the art previously never shared by other masters or fengshui writers.

In her class you will learn all the authentic classical formulas, and how they can be applied in the modern world. Today's buildings are vastly different from structures built centuries ago, so Lillian uses the experience gained from working with highly respected masters during her Hong Kong days, to contemporize fengshui for the modern environment.

will be blown away by the depth and breadth of the content of what you will learn and revel in the amount of knowledge you will have after this course. Not only will you know a lot about fengshui, you will understand the key fundamentals of fengshui, and you yourself can improvise ways of this ancient science into modern life. For a detailed course outline, please email for details.

Theory is essential but Lillian believes that reallearning takes place when you are actually faced with the doing! Lillian uses the combination of the Harvard Case Method and Experiential Learning to teach all her classes. Her courses involve visits to actual sites and students will be given opportunities to evaluate real-life fengshui case studies and discuss them with our resident experts. Afternoon tutorial sessions allow students to ask questions and review the lessons taught in the morning. Discussion groups let students bounce ideas and learn from each other.

During all her courses students are allowed to bring in their own house plans as a learning guide and discuss them with our resident coaches! Lillian believes that this allows each student to personalise what they have learnt and see for themselves how fengshui is applied in both theoretical and real-life situations. Many of our students are filled with confident ideas on fengshui home improvement after finishing the course!

Each class brings people from more than 10 different countries together!Students are often broken into groups to perform discussion activities. The bonding experience throughout the entire course often result in many lasting friendships. Students from as far as 10 years back remember the first time they met each other and till today, stay in touch. Some have even gone into business partnerships together!

All our KL Courses end with a Graduation Ball where all participants dress up for the occasion! During the ceremony winners of the class competition is announced, and each person receivestheir prestigious certificate of attendance! This is normally an event that you will never forget as you will spend the entire evening eating, drinking and singing with Lillian and her family like never before! The end of every graduation is sealed with a Wish-Fulfilling Ceremony!

All course participants become eligible to participate in our Graduate Alumni Program. One of the benefits of doing so is that you will be publically recognized as a student of Lillian Too and receive plenty of incentives and bonus savings should you wish to attend more courses or obtain fengshui cures and enhancers for yourself. In addition to this you will also receive support from our fabulous team at World of FengShui and automatically receive tickets to Lillian Too's annual Extravaganzas!

Lillian's courses are held right next to Kuala Lumpur's third largest mall!Accommodation can be arranged for you at the hotel right within the mall, and students often take advantage of this and spend lots of great time shopping and visiting Kuala Lumpur together! With over 80 restaurants and all the top brand labels, the course will feel like a holiday!To top it all, course participants receive special discount prices on exclusive WOFS fengshui cures and enhancers throughout their time in KL!

After you've spent six life-changing days with Lillian, you may decide that a career in fengshui could offer you a profitable source of income. Talk to us and learnhow you can develop a real business through fengshui! From being a part-time fengshui consultant to owning your very own World of FengShui boutique, this opportunity is ONLY open to students of Lillian's FengShui Institute.

Fine-Tuning the Nuances of Feng Shui Practice requires Knowledge, Experience and above all a Skillful Teacher

Group Photo of MPC October 2012

There is a graduated method to becoming a “master of feng shui” practice; to become learned in the theory and practice of the three dimensions of this powerful body of knowledge. Feng shui promises prosperity, harmonious relationships, success and good health and anyone aspiring to acquire a broad-based foundation can do so by immersing themselves in good books on the subject. But there is much more to feng shui than are contained in the books. Many things cannot be taught via books alone. It really helps to have face-to-face interactions with someone who can share all the nuances and secrets of the practice that lead to fast and effective results.

Anyone can learn feng shui, but to get stable and continuing results requires practical experience as well as good motivation. This is the guiding philosophy behind Lillian’s very successful MPC and MCC Courses... where Lillian expertly imparts not just her knowledge but also precious advice on how to be, that the true practice of feng shui begins from one’s inner intentions.

Those aspiring to capture the real kung fu of the three dimensions - space, time and spiritual dimensions of feng shui - can benefit from being in the presence of modern masters of the lineage, someone who not only possesses feng shui expertise but someone who is incredibly skillful in imparting the knowledge.

With her mesmerizing stories and charismatic style of teaching, Lillian blends this with the case study and experiential learning methods gleaned from her Harvard B school days - resulting in a highly effective curriculum that is comprehensive and deep, yet so easy to assimilate for even the most novice of practitioners. All the five senses are stimulated and engaged to give the student a 360 degree approach to absorbing and applying theory to practice.

In Lillian’s Master Practitioner Course (MPC), every single day is filled with learning! It starts with lectures to give students a good foundation on the theory, then site visits to gain confidence on using expert tools like the Luo Pan, and tutorial sessions to answer all the difficult questions that arise from applying feng shui in real life. The MPC is a steep but enjoyable learning curve – covering four powerful formulas of landscape and compass feng shui within a week! Lillian zooms in on all nuances… what cannot be easily taught in her books; all the subtle interpretations between direction and location, facing and sitting and the priorities of using the many compass formulas!

There is simply no substitute to advanced learning than being right here! In response to numerous requests from her readers and fans, Lillian introduced her MPC online course in 2010 and this has been met with overwhelming success! Many of her online MPC students have sent in thank-you letters and many eventually make their way here for the more advanced Master Consultants Course, which is held only once a year. The MCC can only be taught in a classroom environment as it is the face-to-face dynamic that promotes final and complete learning.

The curriculum itself focuses on applying feng shui techniques to all the unconventional scenarios that the modern architecture presents! Here, Lillian brings in two additional highly advanced feng shui formulas, and explains the secrets behind the Castle Gate Door.

MPC ONLINE students who attended our MCC describe being here as invaluable! For all of them, this is the very first time they are brought to actual site investigations under the gentle guiding hand of Lillian’s teaching team. Here is also where all their most pressing questions get answered in great detail.

Says Inder Preet our MPC Online student who recently graduated from MCC:

“You have to understand I’ve been learning feng shui from Lillian through her MPC online and it was TRULY AMAZING. But still I wasn’t 100% sure I had applied her teachings to my house correctly! But now that I’m here talking with her, discussing it with the teaching assistants and confirming all my assumptions, taking directions and using the luo pan for the first time… it’s definitely been worth my while to come all the way here to Malaysia to clarify everything and confirm what I was doing!”

Inder, a pilot living in Dubai, did really well – graduating with DISTINCTION in our MCC Class, even though this was his first time here! In every MPC and MCC class, a diverse mix of students from all around the world come together to create a very special atmosphere of learning that is different for every class. Dedicating a special week away from the humdrum of life to be immersed in a class full of like-minded individuals - people who share a common passion for feng shui - this in itself is an enriching experience. Special bonds develop naturally in a relaxed and stress-free environment of goodwill, good fun and plenty of robust discussion!

Students often tell Lillian that they learn in one hour what other teachers take months to teach!

“I just want to tell you THANK YOU for making clear in one hour what I took 1 week to learn from another master… which got me so confused too. Thank you for making it clear!” says our Portugese student Madalena just after Lillian completed her lecture on Flying Star Feng Shui.

Lillian’s unique ability to extract the essence of feng shui practice, and communicate it clearly in a form that is modern and digestible is what sets her apart from her contemporaries. For example, Lillian takes a bold departure from tradition to renaming the Twenty-Four Mountains as North 1, North 2, North 3 and so forth…instead of keeping to Chinese names such as ping, wu, ting, etc. It may be non-traditional, but it gets the point across, cutting through any mental block instantly. Even students who have never read a single book of feng shui find themselves speaking the lingo and discussing floor plans by Day Two… it really is the ONLY way to learn advanced feng shui in a fun and easy way!

Feedbacks from Students
 Wanda Vorachit, San Diego To my mentor, Lillian Too, thank you for teaching me through your actions the values of passion, integrity and unwavering commitment to help the world through Feng Shui. Your love of life fills me up every day. I feel extremely fortunate to have taken the MPC in Malaysia!
 Veronique Smith, Tahiti Every day I can see my life change for the better and now I can’t live without feng shui! Thank you Mrs Lillian Too for the books and for making our lives so happy!
 Maria Kristina Munoz-Ramirez, Philippines I am very happy that finally I got to know the important things and formulas about Feng Shui and I’m very thankful that I got to know these things from a very special teacher who is also my “ally”. I will try my very best to practice and apply all the things that I’ve learned andmaybe somehow I would be able to help lots of people.
 Mirtala Bazan, USA I like the interaction with so many cultures and also how easy Lillian makes feng shui! I believe this course is extremely crucial to the practice of Feng Shui, as there are many important formulas that need to be explained in person by Lillian!
 Julijana Daskalor, Macedonia
This course has been wonderful, busy with a great amount of sharing of information and knowledge. Lillian really opened our eyes! The MPC is like being back at school. What you hear in the classroom, you need time to refer back to the books and to study hard, and then it all clicks and it becomes so simple! Thank you World of Feng Shui (WOFS) for everything!
 Melissa Mace, Australia
This course has been an amazing wealth of knowledge! I’ve learnt all the aspects of feng shui and how they all come together – very inspiring! Lillian is a Brilliant Teacher – we enjoyed all her knowledge and her amazing stories very much! Revision sessions were very helpful. Loved it! Loved it!!
 Tan Ngiap Teck, Singapore I enjoyed Lillian’s lectures very much because she has not only enhanced my feng shui knowledge, but also shown me a better way of handling my life. She is very generous and kind. She really teaches with all her heart. The revision and test sections each day helped me to understand everything better after each one of Lillian’s lectures. I really appreciate Lillian and her team for planning and executing a good course for us. I really enjoyed and learnt a lot from it. It is above my expectation; I like her “Blue Ocean” approach in her business and personal life. I also very appreciate the patience from Stanley. He is such a great guy helping us in understanding more from Lillian’s lectures. Thank you!
 Vivian Ling, Singapore I like the subjects taught in the class, very interesting and amazing information!
I love Lillian’s way of teaching and presenting the subject. It is so simplified for us to understand. This is the fundamental basis of feng shui which everyone has to have before doing anything. Lillian is superb. Her approach is realistic, and at the same time flexible and creative. I am most interested in the spiritual side to feng shui and would very much like to see more of that incorporated in the lectures/lessons. Last of all, I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Lillian Too for sharing and teaching me so much in just a week’s course. I will be back for more! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU Lillian and also Thank You Stanley and everyone here. I truly enjoyed myself throughout the course.
 Priya Rajagopalan, India The MPC has been an extremely great experience! The structure has been laid out extremely well. Would love to come back for the MCC. The staff have also been so helpful, making us feel very comfortable. Look forward to coming back.
 Elizabeth Evans, AustraliaLillian is a shining light and I pray she is given the energy to continue for a long time. Every day I have given thanks for this amazing opportunity. I feel that as long as this course operates, it will continue to be a meeting place for like-minded people who find their energies attaching to this knowledge. To see how amazing this universal energy is, I have met a lady who lives close by to me and we want to take this knowledge to people in underprivileged areas to help their self-empowerment. We had to fly to Malaysia to meet. It has been an honour and a privilege to be here.
 John Koh, Singapore
I like Master Lillian’s style in class and her sharing of her experience with us. Her approach is very good. I was a previous trainer myself. Her teaching is browse the Feng shui books prior to the course. In the course, Master Lillian’s style of “Back to Basics” is very good because later if we go through the books we have a much more thorough understanding. Next is the enhancement of the knowledge with practical exposure. Not even a slightest regret attending this course. Master Lillian’s course is very unique in the teaching of Feng Shui. I was interested in horoscopes in my younger days (I am 57 now) and later on in feng shui. Lillian’s course (MPC) and the Luo Pan is unique in their kind; other courses offered by other people just don’t compare. I have retired from the working scene two years ago at 55 (while our retirement age is 62 nationally). I have the intention to go into something which can help myself as well as others. I am a catholic and all the while I believe and understood that Feng Shui is not a religious as believed by some people.
 Trang Nguyen, USA I like the motivation I received and anything is possible to achieve if I do it with the right intentions. I believe everything has its own energy. The practice of feng shui is important because I learned how to use energies to enhance my life and loved ones. Lillian approaches this subject with passion, positive outcomes, and enthusiasm.
 Junger Sophie, France
I love the energy of Lillian Too! It is impossible to say that you are a feng shui consultant if you have never taken this course or met Lillian Too. She is a true Master for me and it is an honour to be with her. I thank Lillian Too a lot and wish her and her family the very best.
 Jeaneve R.Chong, Philippines I love all the things that I learn everyday in the class. This course is very crucial to me because I just started to learn more and to go deeper in Feng Shui. Lillian Too is very humarious; she’s very funny delivering her jokes. My compassion leads the way to study and understand Feng Shui. I was very impressed with Lillian Too. She speaks fluently that you can easily understand her teaching. In this class I have learned more and I find a very strong motivation in bringing this knowledge to people in order to improve their lives. If you persist you’ll see positive result but don’t lose heart in doing good.
 Grizel S.Co, Philippines
Lillian makes the subject easy to understand and her stories and words of advice inspire you to be the best you can in whatever you pursue. Lillian is a very good teacher and speaker; never a boring moment! She can also be a very effective life coach!
 Angelita Reyes, SwitzerlandI like everything about the class, the rooms, the lectures, the snacks. With diligent practice and review at home, this course is good enough to practice thorough and effective feng shui. The whole course is so well done. I have learnt so many things. The presentations and lectures are very good. The pamphlets are a great help. It has been a wonderful and successful time for me.
 Elena Dordjievq, Russia
This has been a very powerful course. Lillian’s teachings are clear and easy to understand. She makes everything so interesting, relating actual experiences and I think it really works! Best wishes and thanks a lot to Lillian Too and all her team for doing this wonderful job!! 
 Andrew Low, Singapore
Lillian is a first class trainer. The pace she went through the teaching was fast but good. One just needs to listen to absorb information from her.
 Noriyuki Kandyama, JapanI’ve gained knowledge, tips and secrets which are not found in the books. This course gave me a rational way to understand feng shui. I’m really impressed and amazed the way Lillian taught us. So passionate and energetic! Superb!! I got so much energy from her. Thank You!!

Want to learn Feng Shui directly from Lillian?

Come and enroll for her MPC course in September 2014.
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