Sunday, April 27, 2014


Mr Planet Malaysia 2015 will be held sometime in July and the date and venue are still unconfirmed but here are the finalists. This is a very Malay affair as there is only 1 Chinese and 1 Indian as many Malay guys are more interested in this men only contest!

For many years, Malay women are forbidden to participate in beauty pageants but this does not apply to men so a manhunt contest like this offers the perfect outlet for hot Malay men to make it big as actor, singer, model or entertainer.

Mr Planet Malaysia will represent Malaysia next year in Madrid, Spain in 2015 to give the Malaysian winner ample time to be groomed and gain experience on stage and in public speaking. Usually the winner of Miss Malaysia and other male contests are given as short as 2 months to prepare themselves before the international finals in Europe or wherever which explains why Malaysians never win! How to win if you are a first timer with no stage flair or training and thrown into the deep end where you are expected to swim or sink? And of course you tend to sink!

The 16  finalists were announced at Istana Budaya adn I must say the standards are very high and I am rather impressed by the booty! Of the 16 I opine half deserve to win! 

So drool over these dishes!
 Eizaaz Farez, Mr Planet Malaysia 2014
 Eizaaz Farez the current Mr Planet Malaysia 2014 who will represent Malaysia at the world finals in Manila, Philippines in July 2014
 Azman Boris, national organiser of Mr Planet Malaysia
 Azman Boris
 Deviyah Daranee, Miss Malaysia Earth 2012
 Miss Malaysia Earth 2012 Deviyah Daranee
 The finalists getting ready backstage before being introduced
 Getting ready for their big moment
 The finalists of Mr Planet Malaysia 2015
 Hot hunks
 The 16 finalists
 Sexy guys
 Cool studs
 Hans, Eizaaz Farez the current Mr  Planet Malaysia 2014 and 2nd runner-up of Mr Planet Malaysia 2014 who was appointed Mr Malaysia United Nations 2014
 3 hot hunks
 Eizaaz, Kozz Serani, Dato Mohd Juhari Shaarani, eviyah Daranee and the new Mr Malaysia United Nations 2014
 The VIPs
 Syazwi, Eizaaz, Kozz Serani, Dato Juhari Shaarani, Azman Bosri, Deviyah Daranee and Mr Malaysia United Nations 2014
 Syazwi, Eizaaz Feraz and Kozz Serani
 Azman Bosri, Deviyah Daranee and newly appointed Mr Malaysia United Nations 2014
 Kozz Serani, Dato Juhari Shaarani the Director General of Istana Budaya and Azman Bosri the national organiser
 The current Mr Planet Malaysia Eizaaz Farez sashing the new Mr Malaysia United Nations 2014
 Eizaaz Farez is Mr Planet Malaysia 2014 who crowned Mr Malaysia United Nations 2014
 Eizaaz Farez giving a speech
 Mr Planet Malaysia is a great platform for young men 
 Eizaaz deserves the title!
 Syazwi and Eizaaz
 Eizaaz Farez is very tall at 192 cm
 Dreamy eyes
 Sexy eyes
 Deviyah Daranee is Miss Earth Malaysia 2012
 Deviyah Daranee
 Good  speaker
 Sultry bombshell
 Hot stuff
 Mr Malaysia United Nations 2014
 Tall, dark and handsome!
 Well spoken
 Dishy Mr Malaysia United Nations
 Mr Global Malaysia 2014 Syazwi and Eizaaz Farez Mr Planet Malaysia 2014
 Sexy hunks
 Syazwi is articulate
 Sexy smile
 2 hunks
Dato Juhari Shaarani sashing the finalists

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