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BP Healthcare celebrated its 32nd anniversary on 10 April 2014 at Majestic Hotel Grand Ballroom, one of KL's most expensive venues. 

The highlight of the Hawaiian themed night as the surprise appearance and short performance by Hong Kong's top actor and singer Kevin Cheng who stunned everyone by strolling into the ballroom casually. All the girls and quite a few boys screamed their heads off at the handsome 45 year old superstar who looked 25 as for sure he uses BP Healthcare products and services!

The host with most Dato Beh Chun Chuan greeting guests
BP Healthcare Annual Dinner
Long serving staff were given valuable presents
Kevin Cheng arrives!
Screaming fans
Hello all
Kevin Cheng thanks Dato Beh Chun Chuan for inviting him
Kevin Cheng live!

Come to me!

Kevin Cheng performs at the 32nd anniversary of BP Healthcare gala

Tall and handsome!
Kevin Cheng won Best Actor in Ghetto Justice 
Kevin Cheng was born in San Francisco but grew up in Hong Kong
Polygram released  his first album in 1993
Kevin Cheng won several Best New Artiste awards in 1994 which was his best year
He appeared in the 1999 Taiwanese TV series The Legendary Siblings
In 2004 Kevin Cheng played the lead role in the TV drama Hard Fate for the first time and he became rich and famous!
Plenty to smile about!
In 2006 he appeared in romantic drama Under the Canopy of Love which won him Best Actor award 
The 2007 crime drama The Ultimate Crime Fighter won Kevin Cheng critical reviews
Kevin Cheng was again nominated for Best Actor for 2008 TVB Anniversary Award but it went to Ha Yu
Kevin Cheng and Kee Hua Chee. Too bad Kevin Cheng did not follow the Hawaiian dress code
Kevin Cheng and Kee Hua Chee in action
Kevin Cheng and emcee banter
Kool Kevin!
All eyes on Kevin only
She points to me I think
Kevin Cheng later praised my costume
Nana who loves bananas and Kee Hua Chee who also loves bananas
Kevin Cheng watching the BP staff in action
Expensive gifts for BP Healthcare long serving staff and best dressed and those who came earliest!
Kevin Cheng sportingly poses with awardees 
All so excited see him
Dato Beh Chun Chuan, Kevin Cheng, Datin Poh Lay See and Lovy Beh
Smiles all round for the happy occasion
Lovy Beh thanking Kevin Cheng and guests
Cheers to another 32 years!
All together now
BP Healthcare 32nd Annual Dinner!
Look at Kevin Cheng making faces, so cute
Kevin Cheng toasts his hosts
Thanking each other!
Dato Beh shakes hands with Kevin Cheng
Dato Chevy Beh also looks like movie star as he is tall and handsome
One for the road
Cheers all round
One for the album
Big smiles
Thumbs up for BP Healthcare
Lovy Beh should marry Kevin Cheng
Kevin Cheng and Kee Hua Chee looking gorgeous
Kevin Cheng being swarmed by fans
All the ladies wanted a photo with Kevin Cheng
The girls forming a disciplined queue!
No need captions anymore!

Kevin Cheng with young fan

Kevin Cheng with adult fans
Nana and Kevin Cheng looking like wholesome 2some
Kevin Cheng looking good
I could hardly see any wrinkles
Smooth complexion
Nice features
Lucky gal
With Soo Shea Pin of Anya Hindmarch

Bet every woman wants to bed Kevin Cheng
A long queue formed!
The owners of Anya Hindmarch Malaysia
Kevin's fans

The long and short of it
Male fans 
Lovy Beh, Dato Beh Chun Chuan, Kevin Cheng and Datin Poh Lay See
Lovy Beh, Dato Beh Chun Chuan, Kevin Cheng and Datin Poh Lay See of BP Healthcare
Dato Beh Chun Chuan and Kee Hua Chee
Kee Hua Chee looks like flower girl
Datin and Dato Michael Chong
Datin and Dato Michael Chong
Kee Hua Chee and Dato Chevy Beh Yen San, group managing director of BP Healthcare who looks like a model or superstar actor rather than businessman
2 flower girls
Looking floral
Gosh he is tall
Datin Poh Lay See is a powerful and rich businesswoman in her own right

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