Monday, June 2, 2014


When it comes to sex and drugs, Amsterdam is heaven on earth. The prostitutes sitting inside their red (now you know why such dens of iniquity are called red and not yellow or green) windows are for your picking and you are spoilt for choice.

I knocked on the window of a very pretty and sexy girl under 25 and asked how much. She opened the door and smiled ever so seductively, "50 euros" which is RM 220 which even poverty stricken peasants from the Third World can afford.

"What do I get?" I inquired.

"I suck your cock and you fuck me," the darling replied.

"How long?" I queried.

"20 minutes. Normal men should be able to cum by then. I will make sure!" she giggled.

"Can I kiss you?" I stared at her red, pouty and certainly luscious lips and nice teeth.

"No, but only suck and fuck but since you are so cute, I will kiss you and lick you!" she beamed.


But for 7 euros (around RM 30) you get to enter 4 floors of Erotic Museum which is also fun! You can easily get a hard on and wank yourself silly looking at the exhibits as I was practically alone most of the time! 

 Entrance to Erotic Museum. RM 30 entry fee
 I like this nextdoor building which is a bar
 Here I go!
 Very welcoming and friendly and SAFE!
 Tits and cunt! This poster greeted me upon entry which shocked the life out of me as I am very religious, conservative and shy
 More cunt and tits
 Chinese snuff boxes
 Japanese bone netsuke
 Tree of Life!!!!
 I need get one!
 Nut crackers! Put the walnut inbetween her legs
 Lan Chaiu galore
 Erotic vases
 Japanese sex positions
 Blow jobs
 Bet your gf can't do this position
 Indian sex
 I love this carving as the folds remind me of a chibai not that I have ever seen a real one as I am virgin
 Cock lovers
 Yummy, finger licking good like KFC
 Just sit and enjoy
 Hot rod
 I like this position
 The folds on this plate look like vagina!
 Room with magic mushroom stools
 Snow White corrupted!
 Prince is charmed by Snow White tits and cock turrets 
 Sex, sex, sex!
 Tribal sex
 Big cocks
 Indians do it like this under moonlight
 Indian sex
 1970s sex
 Early days were like these
 Cunt licker
 The good old days
 Sex manual
 Objets d'art
 These erotic paintings are original and for sale, quite cheap too as most are under RM 3,000
 I like big cocks but this is taller than me
 Bad feng shui or not? Woman over my head  peeing!
 You can see her pee coming out from her chibai
 I am standing underneath the transparent aquarium
 The other side
 Pee on me!
 I never knew women can pee so far
 S and M
 Mannequins behind bars in sex positions and gear
 Big cock to suck
 I dunno whats happening here
 Upside down also can
 Big dick
 Mine not this big, just a bit smaller
 Why use fake dick when real ones are around

 This is the girl peeing!
 Madonna in her book 'Sex' which I bought at her launch in London at her party where I met her
 What the devil is doing to Madonna
 Madonna shocked the world with this  book
 Nice tongue
 Teach us!
 Big, very de big cock
 Put your head here
 Sit on this sex chair
 Pose with her
 Sex pix
 What a waist
Empty room!

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