Monday, June 2, 2014



It costs 7 euros or RM 30 to enter Erotic Museum in the heart of Amsterdam's world famous redlight district. A prostitute inside the window costs 50 euros or RM 215 for 20 minutes. I asked one and she said for that money, I could fuck her and lick her chibai and she would suck my cock but kissing depends on her. So if you are fat, short, old and ugly, forget about putting your lascivious tongue inside her mouth. But in my case she said I was so cute she would kiss and also lick me! Yummy!

 Very de big cock
 I fainted when I saw this bog cock as I am very religious, conservative and shy 
 Red latex suit wins
 Very erotic and cock arousing though she is fully dressed!
 I like red latex suit
 Dita von Teese or should that be Tease since she is a cock teaser
 I love her
 And she also
 Whip trip
 I dunno what they are for
 Sex behind bars can be very erotic and exotic
 This silver adult Cupid shoots from the ceiling
 Great bod
 Big dick
 Looks like mine
 Oh so nice
 Is your bf hung like this?
 Shoot me
 Limp but already big
 Cock shooter
 Peeing lady
 Slutty but I like
 See how she is peeing above you? So nice. Try it sometime
 Win with  urine
 Win with urine
 Erotic or what
 Pee job
 Jack the  Beanstalk
 Kee Hua Chee sits on big cock
 Kee Hua Chee has a fixation
 Kee Hua Chee gets cocky
 Kee Hua Chee's cocky and noti
 Kee Hua Chee's alter ego
 Opening your legs get you everywhere
 Kee Hua Chee gets hand cuffed
 These 2 women are real!
 I thought they were dummies!
 I joined them later
 French dressing as you never knew it
 Finally gay sex though I walked around with my eyes closed as I very de shy
 Text books or not
 Nice read
 Books like these never bore
 Common but nice
 Pablo Picasso drew this
 Typical room
 Sexy sculptures
 Looks like your ass or cunt but this is a real coconut!
 This is a Coco de Mer and they caused a sensation in Victorian times when they were discovered in Seychelles. We should grow them here!
 Balinese birds with cocks
 Big birds!
  I dunno what this is
 Porcelain plates of instruction
 Clambering over cocks
 Cocks and cunts
 Squatter with  big red cock
 Containers with surprises!
 Exquisite works of miniature Japanese art
 Open and close cases!
 Gosh, see what lurks inside
 Vibrators cum works of art
 Maharaja entering Maharani
 Nice vessel
 Spend ages checking them out
 Japanese manual on sex positions
 This is a vibrator from 19th century!!!!!
 Killer vibrator!
 The world's first vibrator!
 Looks deadly and lethal
 Cock protectors
 Legs up
 So sweet the darlings
 Frog with green cock
 Brothel tokens for sex
 Coins used in whorehouses!
 Do it like this
 Or this
 This also very de nice
 Just do it!
 Erotic Museum
 A canal runs through redlight district
 Safe and enjoyable
 Redlight district looks like any other rows of stately homes
 Erotic Museum
 They used a hook to lift cans of beer up!
 The steps are too narrow
 This is faster but looks scary, what if rope snaps?
 Life is a blur sometimes
 Redlight district of Amsterdam!
 Fun and sex!
 Sit and relax
 Life's a breeze
This is Moulin Rouge Amsterdam and not the famous one in Paris! But moulin rouge means red windmill in French and Holland is all about windmills! 

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