Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Every visitor to Amsterdam, whether you are a sinner or saint like me, must visit the redlight district where pretty, sexy and alluring prostitutes sit inside windows waiting for customers!

I knocked on one window and asked how much. "50 euros" she said. 

What would I get?

"You can lick my cunt, I suck your cock and you fuck me," she replied nonchalantly.

How long?

"20 minutes. You should be able to cum by then!"

What about kissing?

"No kissing. But since you are so cute, I will kiss and lick you."


 This is one of the biggest Chinese restaurants
 Your new wardrobe
 Looks normal but this is the redlight district!
 You can legally buy cannabis or ganja seed here and grow marijuana plants! Of course you cannot bring the seeds home to KL! But in liberal Holland, it's legit! 
 Lookee at the pussee!
 I prefer a cock to a pussy don't you?
 Fancy shoving one of these into your vagina or asshole
 Exotic erotics---I dunno what this is for! Reminds me of CIMB's octopus mascots!
 Quirky tools for self pleasuring
 Sex show here
 Study drugs at Cannabis College
 Red red red
 Porn shows here
 2 euros for 2 minutes peep show
 Sex sex sex
 Sex shop
 Sex shop
 Prostitute inside window, this guy must be gay as he is not interested to even glance at her
 Red blooded men admiring the prostitutes!
 They don't allow photos so be careful you don't get thrown into the canal
 I telephotoed from across canal
 Spoilt for choices!
 Professional prostitutes!
 All sidelanes have them inside red windows
 Choose your flesh
 Flesh trade
 Safe and fun
 Take your pick of meat!
 Sex museum for 7 euros
 Me too
 me too
 Get stoned here
 Muslim food
 I enjoyed Rijstaffel in an Indonesian reastaurant

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