Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Many associate Amsterdam with sex and drugs and they are right!

Prostitutes sit inside red windows waiting for horny customers for 50 euros. I asked one for details. She said, "You can lick my cunt, fuck me and I suck your cock. 20 minutes as you should be able to cum by then. No kissing."

She looked at me and smiled, "Kissing is up to us. Since you are so cute, I will kiss you and lick you!"

There are sex shops piled high with gadgets, toys and weird objects whose functions are beyond me but the shop assistant will gladly explain in lurid detail. 

A spectacular sex museum is located right on the main avenue of Nieuwezijds that connects Amsterdam's Central Station and Dam Square where the Royal Palace is located. Not in a sleazy side lane but smack in the heart of the tourist belt!

As for drugs, there are special cafes selling weed or ganja! Plus cakes, cookies, biscuits, sweets, candies and drinks spiked with cannabis, hemp or marijuana!

Cannot afford to get high?

Then buy cannabis seeds and grow your own ganja plants at home! The Sensi Seeds chain sell quality seeds at RM 100 for 5 all the way to RM 800 for rare, potent seeds! 

"If you can grow tomatoes, you can grow marijuana!" grinned the shop keeper of Sensi Seeds. "Cannabis plants are strong and hardy and grow like weeds---that's why they are called by that name!"

But don't even think of bringing the illegal seeds to Malaysia!

 Start from Central Station and stroll all the way to Dam Square
 Foolish name for shop in Amsterdam!
 This is the best Sex  Museum in Holland!
 For once, these are real toys for kids
 A devil cowers before a saint
 Monolith building like in Gotham
 Cafe society
 I entered this side lane and landed in the fringe of the redlight district
Cafe society
Sex shop, one of many!
Looks innocent...
For your fetishes and fantasies!
Omigod! A motorised vibrator for hardcore cunts and rough, tough assholes!
Press and pump and pulsate and power on!
Ya, use my face as your toilet roll holder! What a good slave!
Looks like a hightech surgery but this is a sex shop---ask the staff what these are for! And be surprised
Bet you never realised you can use your face as a toilet bowl cleaner!
Sex toys hanging from the ceiling!
That takes care of ceiling decor then
I cannot recover from this ultimate, handheld, powerised vibrator but how when the batteries run out before you do?
I suppose kissing is out of the question
Even I wonder how to use this
Must be a vibrator then
Cold showers can become hot!
Is this a cunt or cock? I cannot tell!
Hot bod
Since this potted plant is sold in a redlight area, are the veggies for eating or masturbating?
Proton should make narrow cars like this!
You can park it on a pavement as it is half the size of a bike! Such a space saver
How to shove one of these into your vagina or asshole? 
Painful or pleasure
I love poodles
Such a darling
Not as perfect as Dedione my son but cute
Darling Dedione
Ready Betty's asshole and cunt!
Choose your colour
Oh! Just waiting for your hot rod to penetrate!
Wanking goes one step further
This one comes with legs for you to hold as you fuck yourself silly!
The red cock looks lethal
Fetish fun
Pretty pussy
I got all 3
Look at his muscles
The flag at right is Sensi Seeds selling cannabis seeds
Sex shop
Sex shop
Breather after so much sexy stuff
So scenic the redlight district
Nice turret, looks like erection
Amsterdam has more canals than Venice
Looks like Venice
Bronze man
Have a seat
Nice houses
Floating houses
What a good life
For funny people
Fun cafe
Ni Hao means 'Hope you are well'
Hot wheels
Yes, Jesus loves me!
Halal food
Over the top
3 tattooed men
They run, what else, a sex oriented store called Mr B
Blue in redlight area
Yup, stoned again
I never knew got so many grades of grass!
Yes, pigs can fly
De Bijenkorf is Amsterdam's grandest dept store
Getting married in August she said
The owner of this bike likes marijuana
Stoned bike
There is a museum on ganja!
I love this railing, looks like elongated cock
Live porn 
Only RM 9 for 2 minutes
Must wank fast
Can't sit on this chain
There you are
Another sex museum
She is hot


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